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Gates and Fauci Belong in Prison for Murder

Bob Moriarty

Aug 14, 2020

Depending on which liars you listen to, we have had the Wuhan/Covid 19 flu for about 9 months. In that time we should have learned a lot. The quality of our data should be better now than it was back in February/March. Alas I think the opposite is true. We are being lied to more and more every day.

There is some kind of flu that probably came from Wuhan that may or may not have been deliberately released. If you are in the narrow band of people susceptible to it, it can and does kill.

Bill Gates and his punk, Dr. Fauci are going all in on a vaccine. Since the virus has RNA rather than DNA the vaccines I have seen discussed all permanently change the DNA of every cell in the person taking the jab. According the Fauci it would take 15 months to do a proper professional study on HCQ even though the drug has been around for 65 years and medical people know all the side effects of the drug. The pills cost $.35 in quantity. But they can test a vaccine in a few months. Yea, right.

That’s why Gates and Fauci are doing everything in their power to push vaccines. HCQ is cheap and Big Pharma needs more and more money. A vaccine successful or not would result in profit of billions of dollars. This is literally the last rape of the US Treasury before the whole edifice collapses and the banking system shuts down.

There are two giant problems.

The virus is shape shifting. That is to say the virus of today will be a different virus six months from now. Even Bill Gates admits, "People could need multiple doses of a potential coronavirus vaccine to immunize themselves."

There is no successful vaccine for HIV. There is no successful vaccine for the common cold and we change the flu vaccine every year. The government is spending billions of dollars on hundreds of millions of vaccine shots when the vaccines are untested; permanently change the DNA of the person and it’s highly likely that they won’t work anyway.

Should we fear the vaccine? Only if you want to live.

In 1976 Big Pharma had a boogieman in the Swine Flu. So everyone had to take the vaccine. Alas they vastly overstated the danger of the flu and the vaccine killed more people than the flu. Do you really think that won’t happen again? The US government is forking out billions and not a single person has been tested with a vaccine yet. That is a recipe for total disaster. There is too much money involved for it not to be totally corrupt.

Attorney Alan Derschowitz says the government might be legally allowed to require vaccine shots. Of course he is a professional liar for a living. He got caught with his pants down in the Jeffery Epstein case. Big Pharma and the Deep State now own him, they have him on video and he’s going to say whatever they demand he say.

The testing for Covid and counting the deaths is utter fiction. Fauci knows it, Bill Gates knows it. The tests are not testing for Covid 19; they are testing for any corona virus including the flu and the common cold. Of course the numbers are going off the chart. But counting the “deaths” from Covid 19 is far more fictional. The government pays hospitals for any uninsured person the hospital reports as being Covid positive.

So someone gets shot and died. Count him as Covid and pick up your check.

So a preemie is born at 22 weeks without a chance of survival. Count it as Covid and pick up your check.

A guy dies in a motorcycle accident. Covid.

Automobile accident. Covid.

Someone drinks themselves to death. Covid.

A member of the city council in San Diego looked through a list of over 200 “Covid” deaths. 6 of them were from the virus, not 200.

I’ve seen estimates that in the US the Covid reported death rates are ten times higher than the actual deaths. Mathematically it would be nearly impossible for the US to have 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the Covid cases. That’s bullshit.

What you haven’t seen is any discussion of alternatives. Let’s argue for the moment that the government, CDC, WHO and NHS aren’t lying through their teeth.

That would be a fucking change.

What if the lockdown kills people?

It does, of course it does.

Not only divorces, but murders, drug overdoses, alcohol deaths, premature strokes and heart attacks, spousal abuse, child abuses are all soaring. Why do you think so many people are rioting with unrest in over 400 US cities?

People are pissed. But no one at any level of government is even discussing the unintended consequences of the lockdown. If they pretend it doesn’t exist, who would notice?

In The Big Short the writer suggested that for every 1% increase in unemployment 40,000 people would die prematurely. That would be about 1 million deaths that could be prevented if the government hadn’t shut down the economy overnight. Now I have called for a depression for years but even I didn’t anticipate how much damage the government would do deliberately.

There is an inexpensive tested medicine that has been used by hundreds of doctors and they insist it works. It is a prophylactic and should be applied as soon as symptoms show up but the people on the front line of the fight against the virus insist it works. Of course that’s HCQ.

Fauci is so political that he refuses to allow experienced doctors to prescribe something they know works. How political is Fauci? Well, now he’s actually whining that not only do people need to social distance, they have to wear masks (the same ones he said were unnecessary in the spring), go into lockdown and now says people should also wear goggles.

Except for rioters. Rioters have a right to unlawfully loot and pillage without masks, social distancing or facemasks because it’s all in a good cause. Of course when Fauci is charged with murder or manslaughter he can always plead insanity and has a great chance of beating the charge. He is shithouse rat crazy.

The Covid 19 fiasco is the last ditch effort of Big Pharma, Bill Gates and Fauci to raid the treasury before it all falls apart. Gates wants to tag and bag everyone in the world and he will monitor. When you are as rich as Gates, money has lost its power to motivate. Is $100 billion twice as much as $50 billion when you can’t spend it all anyway?

Gates wants power. And if you tag everyone in the world, you own them. You can refuse them access to food or a job or shelter or their own money. You are their master and they do what you demand. Gates makes no bones about it. He wants everyone to be vaccinated and he wants to reduce the population.

You might want to think about that last sentence before you stand in line for your jab.

Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have decided that they alone can determine what the serfs think. If 100 doctors get together and create a website showing that HCQ works under proper use, the social media giants will shut off access to the website and try to get the doctors fired. You may want to think about that as well. If those companies are taking government money and they all are, that makes them a utility. We have a real problem in this country when the FBI and DOJ pick the president and social media tells us what we can and can’t think or read.

Revolutions happen when the divide between the rich and the poor grows too wide and when people are refused the right to express their opinion. I don’t care how rich Bill Gates is or how connected Big Pharma and Fauci are; the US is a country with 395 million guns. Government should be very careful with what they do. The PTB no longer control all of the narrative. And at some point people will wake up to the crimes taking place daily.

All those who die in the US who could have been saved with the use of HCQ have literally been murdered and someone needs to be held responsible.

Granted for every article that gets posted by a frontline doctor showing that HCQ does work there are a dozen or more attacks by the media and those part and parcel of Big Pharma. Who to believe?

Well, a Mexican Billionaire named Hugo Salinas Price did a study. It shows the countries with lower death rates and those with higher death rates. It is compelling. If the facts won’t convince you, nothing will. Take your jab and good luck.

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Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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