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Buy Cheep, Sell Deer
A Cup for True Contrarians

Bob Moriarty

Nov 22, 2018

Someone contacted me recently who flogs coffee cups. I had read a bit about him on Incakola back in September. That page about him and what he is doing sparked my interest and I share the sentiment of IK that it’s a good idea.

So the guy contacted me and offered the same deal, he would share the revenue with me if I helped him. I think it’s the kind of stuff I want to see young people doing and I also turned down the offer. He asked me if I had a suggestion for a cup. I did so he added it.

Investing at a profit isn’t much more than buying things when they are cheap and unloved and selling them when they are dear and everyone loves them. So to keep people focused on the concept, I suggested Buy Cheep, Sell Deer. If you do that you will profit.

And if you buy cups from Ebitbrah he will profit but he has generously added a discount code for 321gold readers. It’s gold321 which almost got it right and it’s good for a 15% discount.

So if there is anyone you care for that needs a reminder of how to invest, think about getting them a nice cup this year. Here is the link to the page with the 321gold special cup.

Cheers and safe holidays.


Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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