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West Kirkland to Fast Track Gold Production

Bob Moriarty

May 8, 2015

West Kirkland announced good news today (May 8th) from the BLM. As I talked about in my piece of May 4, the company had applied to the Bureau of Land Management [BLM] to fast track the Three Hills Gold project into production by requesting an EA instead of an EIS.

What that means is that under an EA (Environmental Assessment) they can get a mining permit in a far shorter time than under an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement). The EA time frame can be as little as 6-9 months compared to 20 months or more for an EIS.

Obviously the shorter route to production is good for WKM because cash flow starts sooner than under an EIS. With an EIS, the clock would keep ticking and salaries keep getting paid without income. I don’t need to remind readers that investor money is hard to find at present. And the cost of an EIS is a lot higher than for an EA.

I would expect WKM to start coming up with some harder time lines for production and as production gets closer, the market will begin to start giving more value to the shares. That’s really good news for West Kirkland and for investors.

The next big news from West Kirkland will be when they release the results of their Pre-Feasibility due out this month. The company has done a lot to de-risk the project and investors will have some hard numbers to digest soon.

I am biased. I own shares and warrants and West Kirkland is an advertiser. Do your own due diligence.

FYI Potential investors in West Kirkland should pay attention to the Canadian Insider reports for the WKM.WT warrants. The warrants are good for another four years and can be exercised for $.30. A major insider investor, Sun Valley Gold LLC, has been selling warrants cheaply so they can buy shares in the open market and still keep their position under 20%. Look for those sales at give-away prices to continue as long as the price of the stock stays low. They still have more or less 8 million warrants. When they are out the door, expect the price of the warrants to climb.

West Kirkland Mining
WKM-V $.07 (May 7, 2015) 
WKLDF-OTCBB 294.1 million shares
WKM.WT $.01 220.9 million warrants at $.30 until April 2019
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Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold

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