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01/15/2021 Junior Resource Stocks Shine Brightest
01/08/2021 Gold Price Reaction: Miners Look Good
01/01/2021 Key Metal Stocks In Play Now
12/25/2020 Resource Stocks: Juniors Have Leadership
12/18/2020 Gold & Silver: Candlesticks Are Positive
12/11/2020 XME Miners ETF: A Winner For Investors
12/04/2020 Silver & Junior Miners: Impressive Action
11/27/2020 Gold & Oil: Key Trades Now
11/20/2020 XME Miners Lead. Will Others Follow?
11/13/2020 Gold Correction: Junior Miners Are Strong
11/06/2020 Gold Stocks: "New Leg Higher"
10/30/2020 Gold Stocks: It's Time To Buy
10/23/2020 Food Inflation & Mining Stock Plays
10/16/2020 Gold Market: Short Term Tactics
10/09/2020 Harami Candlesticks: Good News For Gold
10/02/2020 Gold Miners: More Volume Is Needed
09/25/2020 Junior Miners: Bullish Advance Decline Line
09/18/2020 Gold Stocks: Key Breakout Levels To Watch
09/11/2020 Miners Consolidate & Dollar Trendline Snaps
09/04/2020 Stock Market Danger With Metals Resilient
08/28/2020 Bull Candlesticks For Gold: Will They Hold?
08/21/2020 Junior Miners: Weekly Chart Bull Flags
08/14/2020 Gold Stocks: Filling A Key Price Gap
08/07/2020 Gold Stock Uptrends Are Intact
07/31/2020 Gold Stock Uptrends Get Tested
07/24/2020 Bull Flags On The Miners: Investor Tactics
07/17/2020 Gold Stocks: Cups & Handles
07/10/2020 Significant Breakouts For The Miners
07/03/2020 GDX Cup & Handle: Higher Prices Ahead
06/26/2020 Key Mining Stocks Roar To New Highs
06/19/2020 Key Junior Miners Keep Rallying
06/12/2020 Gold & Stock Market: Current Tactics
06/05/2020 Gold Stocks: Tactics For The Pullback
05/29/2020 Gold Price Dip: Key Miners To Buy
05/22/2020 Gold Stocks: This Rally Isn't Done
05/15/2020 Gold: Upside Breakout In Play
05/08/2020 Gold Miners Rally Resumes: Key Tactics
05/01/2020 Gold Gets Hit: Profit Booking Is Wise
04/24/2020 Massive Gold Stock Breakouts
04/17/2020 Gold Stocks: Book Profits Now
04/10/2020 Newmont Leads The Upside Parade
04/03/2020 Gold & Stk Mkt: Key Candlestick Action
03/27/2020 Gold Stocks: Book Some Profits Now
03/20/2020 GDX: A Morning Star Offers Hope
03/13/2020 Gold Stocks: Put Option Protection
03/06/2020 Gold & The Miners: Fabulous Technical Action
02/28/2020 Precious Metals: Candlesticks Of Pain
02/21/2020 Gold Stock Breakouts: Superb Volume
02/14/2020 Gold Consolidates & Key Juniors Surge
02/07/2020 Gold Stocks & Bitcoin: Key Signals In Play
01/31/2020 Gold Stocks: It's Time To Buy
01/24/2020 ETF Frustration While Key Miners Surge
01/17/2020 Gold Stocks: Bull Candlesticks Now
01/10/2020 Gold Stocks: ETFs Or Individual Miners?
01/03/2020 Gold Rally Intensifies: Key Tactics Now
12/27/2019 Gold: Massive Bull Flag Breakout
12/20/2019 Fresh Trades For Gold & Stock Market
12/13/2019 Gold Miners Soar While Bullion Struggles
12/06/2019 Junior Gold Stocks: Impressive Action
11/29/2019 Gold Stocks: Morning Stars In Play
11/22/2019 US Stock Market: Dark Cloud Danger
11/15/2019 Gold Stock Candlesticks: Bullish Action
11/08/2019 Bullion Slammed But Miners Look Decent
11/01/2019 Gold: Bull Candlesticks Are The Boss
10/25/2019 Gold Stocks: Upside Breakouts Gain Traction
10/18/2019 Key Junior Gold Stocks: Upside Breakout?
10/11/2019 Gold: The Consolidation Continues
10/04/2019 Gold: Key Juniors Surge While ETFs Struggle
09/27/2019 Gold Stocks: An Evening Star Kills The Rally
09/20/2019 Gold & Silver: Bull Candlesticks Now In Play
09/13/2019 Gold Stocks: Negative Candlesticks In Play
09/06/2019 Gold Explorers Will Lead The Next Rally
08/30/2019 Gold Stocks: An Evening Star In Play
08/23/2019 Gold Stocks: Morning Stars In Play
08/16/2019 Gold Stocks: Black Candles But Bulls Are Boss
08/09/2019 Gold $1500: Black Candles But Uptrend Intact
08/02/2019 Gold: Bullish Engulfing Candlestick Action
07/26/2019 Gold & Silver Stocks: Book Profits Now
07/19/2019 A Bright Morning Star For The Miners
07/12/2019 Gold Stocks: Breaking Through A Double Top
07/05/2019 Gold: Bullish candlesticks but overbought
06/28/2019 Gold Stocks: The Rally Is Ready To Accelerate
06/21/2019 Gold Stocks: More Bull Flags Are Coming
06/14/2019 Gold stocks: bull flag breakouts are confirmed
06/07/2019 Gold Stocks: Bull Flags In Play
05/31/2019 Short The Stock Market & Buy Gold
05/24/2019 Gold Stocks: Key Moving Averages In Play
05/17/2019 CDNX Junior Miners Index: Positive Action
05/10/2019 Gold Bullion Strong But Junior Miners Swoon
05/03/2019 Gold Stocks: No Buy Signal Yet
04/26/2019 Gold Stock ETFs: I See Green Shoots!
04/19/2019 Gold Stocks: Oversold But No Buy Signal
04/12/2019 Gold Gets Bombed But Miners Look Good
04/05/2019 Gold Stocks: A Key Reversal Day
03/29/2019 Gold Stocks: Key Candlesticks In Play
03/22/2019 Gold Stocks: Is CDNX The New Leader?
03/15/2019 Gold Stocks: Boss Candlesticks In Play
03/08/2019 Gold Rally Begins At Fibonacci Support
03/01/2019 The Gold Price Correction: Key Tactics
02/22/2019 Gold Pulls Back But The Miners Stay Strong
02/15/2019 Gold Stocks: Upside Breakout Is Imminent
02/08/2019 Gold Stock Correction To Be Mild
02/01/2019 A Turbocharged Rally Accelerates
01/25/2019 Key Gold Stocks Are Staging Breakouts
01/18/2019 Gold Stocks: Key Buy & Sell Zones
01/11/2019 Gold Stocks: "Next Rally Is Imminent"
01/04/2019 Gold: Core Position & Trading Tactics
12/28/2018 CDNX & Key Miners: Technical Breakouts Now
12/21/2018 Gold Stocks: Key Head & Shoulder Patterns
12/14/2018 Senior Gold Stocks: The Rally Accelerates
12/07/2018 Gold Price Rally: Key Charts & Signals
11/30/2018 G20 & Gold: Key Chart Signals
11/23/2018 Gold Stocks: Key Charts, Signals & Analysis
11/16/2018 Key Gold Market Signals & Analysis
11/09/2018 Key Buy & Sell Alerts For Gold Stocks
11/02/2018 Metal & Mining Stocks: Buy Signals Now
10/26/2018 GDX, Nasdaq, & Gold Stock Trade Tactics
10/12/2018 Stock Market & Gold Stock Trading Tactics
09/28/2018 Gold Stocks: Base Patterns In Play
09/14/2018 Gold Stocks: Morning Star Buy Signals
08/31/2018 Gold: Good Candlesticks & Moving Averages
08/17/2018 Gold Stocks: Buy The Pain
08/03/2018 Silver Holds Its Low & Novo Gets Interesting
07/20/2018 Gold Stocks: The Winners Build Wealth
07/13/2018 Mining Stocks: Key Tactics For Investors
06/29/2018 Gold & Silver: Big Picture Charts
06/22/2018 Precious Metals: Key Tactics Now
06/15/2018 Silver Stocks: The Rally Gets Serious
06/08/2018 Key Gold & Silver Stocks Look Perky
06/01/2018 Gold & Tech Stocks Rally Together
05/25/2018 Summer Gold Price Rally Begins Now
05/18/2018 Junior Miners Leapfrog Over Bullion
05/11/2018 Gold Stocks Rally & Silver Stocks Soar
05/04/2018 Gold Explorers: A Major Rally Begins
04/27/2018 Barrick Signals Higher Prices For Miners
04/20/2018 Silver Breakout On Impressive Volume
04/13/2018 Gold Stocks Rally Accelerates
04/06/2018 Key Junior Miners Look Impressive
03/30/2018 Gold Stocks: Impressive Technical Action
03/23/2018 Gold Breakout & Stock Market Crash
03/16/2018 Gold Swoons But Novo Blasts Higher
03/09/2018 Metal Stocks: Triangle Breakouts Begin
03/02/2018 Gold Stocks: Double Bottoms In Play
02/23/2018 Gold: Put Options Kill The Pain
02/16/2018 Gold Stocks Rally: Key Upside Targets
02/09/2018 Gold Stocks Decline: Key Tactics
02/02/2018 Gold Stock Consolidation Continues
01/26/2018 Gold Stocks Put Options Protect Profits
01/19/2018 Gold: Is The Consolidation Over?
01/12/2018 Massive Gold Market Breakout Now
01/05/2018 Gold Rally: Harami Candlesticks Suggest Pause
12/29/2017 Precious Metals: Breakout In Play?
12/22/2017 Gold Stocks Rally Intensifies
12/15/2017 Gold Stocks Blastoff In Play
12/08/2017 Gold Stocks: Core Position Focus
12/01/2017 Key Gold Stocks In Launchpad Mode
11/24/2017 The GDXJ Breakout: Is It Real?
11/17/2017 Gold Consolidates & Uranium Blasts Higher
11/10/2017 Gold Proxy GLD: Double Bottom Pattern?
11/03/2017 Tactics For Stocks Moving Higher
10/27/2017 Gold Stock Candlesticks: Who's The Boss?
10/20/2017 Long Term Outlook For Commodities
10/13/2017 Gold Bulls Have Slight Technical Edge
10/06/2017 Jobs Report: A Turning Point For Gold?
09/29/2017 Gold: Candlesticks Boss Is Negative
09/22/2017 Gold Price Decline: Is It Over?
09/15/2017 Gold Stocks: Core Position Focus
09/08/2017 Gold's Power Uptrend: Key Tactics
09/01/2017 Gold Stocks Blastoff
08/25/2017 Gold Stocks: Key Charts & Tactics
08/18/2017 Gold: Bullish Candlesticks Are Boss
08/11/2017 Precious Metals Bull Candlesticks
08/04/2017 Tactics For Volatile Resource Stocks
07/28/2017 Key Gold Market Candlesticks
07/21/2017 Gold's Summer Rally Intensifies
07/14/2017 Gold In July: It's Time To Buy
07/07/2017 Junior Metal Stocks Continue To Lead
06/30/2017 GDXJ Leads GDX
06/23/2017 Major Gold Rally Is Starting
06/16/2017 Gold Stocks: Key Buy Zone Tactics
06/09/2017 Precious Metals Volatility: Key Tactics
06/02/2017 Gold Stocks: Key Tactics For Profit Seekers
05/26/2017 Gold Stock Leaders Of The Pack
05/19/2017 Gold Stock 10DMA Wheat Vs Chaff
05/12/2017 Junior Gold Stocks: Rally Time!
05/05/2017 Gold Stock Cherry Picking Season
04/28/2017 Gold Stocks Support Zone: Key Tactics
04/21/2017 Gold, Dow, & Dollar: The Big Picture
04/14/2017 A Big Gold Easter Egg
04/07/2017 Gold Stocks: Key Tactics For Investors
03/31/2017 Bond Market Doom: Key Tactics
03/24/2017 A Grinding Gold Market: Key Trades
03/17/2017 Gold Bottom Is Near: Key Tactics
03/10/2017 Gold Bottom Is Near: Key Tactics
03/03/2017 Gold Market Correction Tactics
02/24/2017 Gold's Rally: Key Tactics For Profits
02/17/2017 Gold Uptrend Resumes: Juniors Lead
02/10/2017 Light Pullback For Gold: Key Tactics
02/03/2017 US Dollar: Candlestick Of Doom
01/27/2017 Gold Market Correction: Key Tactics
01/20/2017 Gold Market Tactics: Tighten Profit Locks
01/13/2017 Trend Transition Trade Tactics
01/06/2017 Gold's New Year Rally Accelerates
12/30/2016 Gold: Happy New Year Starts Now
12/23/2016 Gold Downtrend Tactics: Keep Stoplosses Tight
12/16/2016 Gold: Tactics After US Rate Hike
12/09/2016 Signs Of Inflation: Silver Leads Gold
12/02/2016 Gold, Bonds & Crude: Trading Tactics
11/25/2016 Long Term Charts Focus
11/18/2016 Gold's Downtrend: Key Trading Tactics
11/11/2016 Short Bonds & Buy Silver!
11/04/2016 Gold Surges While Stocks & Bonds Melt
10/28/2016 T-Bond Meltdown: Gold Holds Steady
10/21/2016 Precious Metals: Right Shoulder Action Now
10/14/2016 Gold Stocks: Accumulation Opportunity Now
10/07/2016 Gold Stocks Meltdown: Key Tactics
09/30/2016 Deutsche Danger & Gold Stock Money Sticks
09/23/2016 Gold Stocks: The Money Stick Play
09/16/2016 Silver Bull Flag & Key GDX Level
09/09/2016 Gold Stocks: Superb Engulfing Candlesticks
09/02/2016 Gold & Silver: Key Candlesticks In Play
08/26/2016 Gold Price Correction Tactics
08/19/2016 Junior Gold Stocks: Relentless Leadership
08/12/2016 Oil Rally Could Boost Gold
08/05/2016 Precious Metals: Uptrend Acceleration
07/29/2016 Multiple Bull Flags For Gold Stocks
07/22/2016 Gold's Correction: Key Technical Highlights
07/15/2016 Gold: The Battle For $1392 Intensifies
07/08/2016 Gold: Key Technical Highs
07/01/2016 Silver: Bull Flag Signals Much Higher Prices
06/24/2016 Brexit Blastoff For Gold?
06/17/2016 Gold: The Battle For $1307
06/10/2016 New Leg Higher For Gold
06/03/2016 Gold Fib Lines & Silver Rounding Bottom
05/27/2016 Precious Metals: Key Price Levels Now
05/20/2016 Focus On Individual Gold Stocks
05/13/2016 Good Times Roll For Junior Gold Stocks
05/06/2016 Gold & Silver Breakout Consolidates Now
04/29/2016 Precious Metals: More Upside Breakouts
04/22/2016 Silver Stocks ETF: No Rest For The Champ
04/15/2016 Strong Buy Signal For Silver
04/08/2016 Dow Horror & Gold Stock Rockets
04/01/2016 Silver Stocks Lead & US Dollar Melts
03/25/2016 Gold's Bull Flag & Junk Bond Pain
03/18/2016 Precious Metals: Volume-Based Support
03/11/2016 Gold & Oil Rally Partnership
03/04/2016 Gold Stocks: Bull Flags & Pennants
02/26/2016 Retail Rally Stokes Inflation & Gold
02/19/2016 Gold Stocks: Top Or Bull Flag?
02/12/2016 Gold Freight Train: All Aboard!
02/05/2016 US Dollar Meltdown & Gold Surge
01/29/2016 Gold: Saucer Action In Play
01/22/2016 Key Gold Stocks Rally & Russell Index Woes
01/15/2016 Gold Market Tactics: Profit Taking Is Key
01/08/2016 Precious Metals Rally Gains Breadth
01/01/2016 Precious Metals: Doji Candlesticks Of Indecision
12/25/2015 Gold: Bull Flag Breakout
12/18/2015 Gold Stocks: Tax Season Buying Opportunity
12/11/2015 Junk Bond Horror & GDX Leadership
12/04/2015 Silver Stocks: Volume Bar Of Champions
11/27/2015 Precious Metals: Exploration Stocks Lead
11/20/2015 Ahead Of The Fed: Gold Stocks Rally
11/13/2015 Precious Metal Stocks: Megaphone Patterns
11/06/2015 Gold Stocks: Volume Tells The Story
10/30/2015 Gold & Silver: Price Channel Action
10/23/2015 Gold & Silver Stocks: Key Fibonacci Support
10/16/2015 Gold & Silver: Rally Time Analysis
10/09/2015 Dollar Danger & Gold Bull Wedge
10/02/2015 Key Gold Stocks Shine & Bullion Swoons
09/25/2015 Gold & Silver: Rounding Bottoms In Play
09/18/2015 Dollar Shortsale & Silver Buy Signal
09/11/2015 Dow Double Top & Gold Lines In The Sand
09/04/2015 Gold, Dow, & Bonds: Inflation Is Coming
08/28/2015 Gold Stocks: Double Bottom?
08/21/2015 Gold & Silver Stocks: Upside Breakouts
08/14/2015 Gold & Silver Stocks: Upside Breakouts
08/07/2015 Gold & Silver Approach Major Support
07/31/2015 Gold & Silver: Volume Set To Surge?
07/24/2015 Gold: Close But No Cigar
07/17/2015 Junior Gold Stocks Overwhelm Seniors
07/10/2015 Gold & Silver Triple Play
07/03/2015 Gold Stocks: Volume Surge Analysis
06/26/2015 Gold Stocks: Golden Cross Is Near
06/19/2015 Precious Metals: Upside Blastoff
06/12/2015 Gold Stocks: Volume Rules The World
06/05/2015 Gold Oversold & Dow Danger
05/29/2015 Gold Stocks: Key Volume Thresholds
05/22/2015 Junior Gold Stocks: Thumbs Up!
05/15/2015 Gold & Silver Stocks: Targets Acquired
05/08/2015 Junior Metal Stocks: Bull Volume Analysis
05/01/2015 Precious Metals: Roller Coaster Ride
04/24/2015 Gold Range Trade: Investor Action Charts
04/17/2015 Precious Metals: Triangles In Play
04/10/2015 Gold & Silver: Double Bottoms In Play
04/03/2015 Precious Metals: Slow Stokes Calls A Turn
03/27/2015 Junior Gold Stocks: Volume Rules Price
03/20/2015 Gold Stocks: I See Green Shoots
03/13/2015 Gold: Rally To The Trend Line?
03/06/2015 Junior Gold Stocks: Big Volume Is Needed
02/27/2015 Precious Metals: Slow Stokes Oscillator Breakout
02/20/2015 Gold: Range Trade Charts Analysis
02/13/2015 Junior Gold Stocks: Rally Time
02/06/2015 Gold: Bull Flag Versus The Jobs Report
01/30/2015 Gold Stocks: A New Trading Range
01/23/2015 Precious Metals Pause & Pop!
01/16/2015 Gold: Key Upside Breakout
01/09/2015 Gold: Jobs Report Pause
01/02/2015 Gold: Steady Uptrend For 2015?
12/26/2014 Junior Gold Stocks: Volume Of Champions
12/19/2014 Gold & The Century Of China
12/12/2014 Silver Chart: Volume Commands Respect
12/05/2014 Precious Metals: Volume Must Be Respected
11/28/2014 Silver: Three Times Lucky?
11/21/2014 Gold Stocks Volume Surge Analysis
11/14/2014 Gold Bulls Have The Trend Line Edge
11/07/2014 Silver: Full Stokes Is The Key
10/31/2014 Gold: Three Strikes Of Danger
10/24/2014 Silver: Technical Buy Signal
10/17/2014 Dow Horror & Gold Fibonacci Targets
10/10/2014 US Stock Markets Wipeout
10/03/2014 Dow Shooting Star Charts Analysis
09/26/2014 Gold Stocks Versus Gold: Volume Is King
09/19/2014 Gold And Two Types Of Paper
09/12/2014 GDXJ Relative Strength Leader: Charts Analysis
09/05/2014 Gold: Volume Bar Trade Tactics
08/29/2014 GDX: Key Doji Signals In Play
08/22/2014 Gold: Quick Trade Charts Analysis
08/15/2014 Dow And Dollar: Lights Out?
08/08/2014 Gold: Charge For The Neckline
08/01/2014 Dow Danger & Tradable Metals Rally
07/25/2014 Precious Metal Moving Averages Update
07/18/2014 Precious Metals: The Big MACD Picture
07/11/2014 GDX Target Zone Acquired
07/04/2014 Independence Day: Gold Charts Analysis - CORRECTED
06/27/2014 Gold Island Reversal With Size
06/20/2014 Volume Is Gold's Technical Fuel
06/13/2014 Gold Juniors Gap Power Analysis
06/06/2014 GDX & GDXJ: Saucer Bottom & Gaps Analysis
05/30/2014 Gold: Volume Favors The Bulls
05/23/2014 Dow Versus Gold Charts Analysis
05/16/2014 Gold Upwards Chop Analysis
05/09/2014 US Dollar Meltdown Begins
05/02/2014 Gold Twin Fuel Cells Analysis
04/25/2014 Gold Stock Bull Channel Analysis
04/18/2014 Which Easter Egg Is Golden?
04/11/2014 GDX Leadership & Dow Trouble Brews
04/04/2014 Key Precious Metals Candlesticks
03/28/2014 Silver: Perfect Pullback
03/21/2014 US Dollar Pirate Walks The Plank
03/14/2014 Junior Gold Stocks Lead: Cup & Handle Breakout
03/07/2014 Gold MACD Mega-Buy Signal
02/28/2014 Gold & Silver Intermediate Trend Tactics
02/21/2014 Gold Stock Pause & Pop Update
02/14/2014 Gold & Silver Stock Bull Flags
02/07/2014 Gold Stock Flag Pattern Breakout?
01/31/2014 Gold Market Key Indicators Are Bullish
01/24/2014 Gold Market Key Indicators Are Bullish
01/17/2014 Gold Stocks Take The 50 Day Challenge
01/10/2014 Gold Stock Sector Bull Wedge Update
01/03/2014 Precious Metals Positive Action Update
12/27/2013 Silver To Outpace Gold In 2014
12/20/2013 Gold Correction Zone Analysis
12/13/2013 Precious Metal Rounding Bottoms Update
12/06/2013 Gold & Silver Money Flows Mystery
11/29/2013 Gold, GDX & Silver Technical Update
11/22/2013 Gold Takes A Histogram Test
11/15/2013 A Real Gold Rally, Please!
11/08/2013 Silver Money Flows Lead
11/01/2013 Gold Stocks Nail Biting Pullback
10/25/2013 Gold Fib Lines & USD Double Trouble
10/18/2013 Gold Bulls Dig In And Fight
10/11/2013 Gold Bulls Need A Sharper Edge
10/04/2013 Gold Bulls Have Technical Edge
09/27/2013 Gold Shoulder & Volume Update
09/20/2013 Gold Loves Ben Bernanke
09/13/2013 Gold Correction Time Update
09/06/2013 Gold Monthly Chart Freight Train
08/30/2013 Gold's Battle For $1425
08/23/2013 Gold Stocks Flag Of Hope
08/16/2013 Breakfast Of Champions: Gold Stock Volume
08/09/2013 Fuel Cell Volume Surge In Gold Stocks
08/02/2013 Bond Market Horrors & Metals Siesta Time
07/26/2013 Gold & Silver Fuel Cell Update
07/19/2013 Historic Gold Stocks Volume Signal
07/12/2013 Gold Tries For A Breakout
07/05/2013 Precious Metals Inverse Parabola Bounce
06/28/2013 Gold $1155 - $1227 Key Support
06/21/2013 Gold Loses A Battle, But War Continues
06/14/2013 Global Markets Crash Warning
06/07/2013 China Teeters & Gold Pushes Higher
05/31/2013 Gold Stocks Surge & Utilities Crash
05/24/2013 Dow Swoons And Gold Consolidates
05/17/2013 Gold Needs RSI Breakout
05/10/2013 Gold Hurts But Dow Is Toppy
05/03/2013 Gold: RSI Versus TRIX
04/26/2013 The Gold Dust Settles
04/19/2013 The Gold Flash Crash
04/12/2013 Gold Is Down But Not Out
04/05/2013 Gold Battlefield Technical Update
03/29/2013 Gold Chart Easter Eggs?
03/22/2013 Ominous Stock Market Technicals
03/15/2013 Gold Market Stress Test
03/08/2013 Gold Double Bottom & Dow Warning
03/01/2013 Gold Sentiment Twilight Zone
02/22/2013 Gold Bear Trap Is Sprung
02/15/2013 Gold Triangle Action Update
02/08/2013 Dow Horror & GDXJ Green Light
02/01/2013 Is Euro Spike Gold Rocket Fuel?
01/25/2013 Golden Patience & Trading Rules
01/18/2013 Gold Rally & T-Bond Tap Out
01/11/2013 Gold's Early Dawn
01/04/2013 Gold May Surprise The Bears
12/28/2012 The Spike Indicator And Gold
12/21/2012 Silver Shoots For Lucky Number 7
12/14/2012 Ultimate Oscillator Gold Analysis
12/07/2012 Gold Stocks Have An Aroon Harpoon
11/30/2012 Gold And Silver Power Bars
11/23/2012 Gold Stocks Set To Overwhelm Gold
11/16/2012 A Little Gold Fright Is Alright
11/09/2012 Silver Cleared For Take-Off
11/02/2012 Silver Stocks Lead Horse
10/26/2012 $USD Lost At Sea
10/19/2012 The $2000 Tea Cup
10/12/2012 The Golden Countdown
10/05/2012 Gold Time Box, Dollar Time Bomb
09/28/2012 The Golden Price Magnets
09/21/2012 Gold Rally Will Continue
09/14/2012 Get Your Kicks On Route 66
09/07/2012 Gold Stocks Meet Doctor Flag
08/31/2012 Gold Stocks Trigger Time
08/24/2012 Gold Gets Stoked
08/17/2012 The Dollar Waves Good-Bye
08/10/2012 Go Dogs Go
08/03/2012 Gold Juniors Stress Test
07/27/2012 Gold Sheds It's Bearish Skin
07/20/2012 US Dollar Momentum Catastrophe
07/13/2012 USD & Gold Momentum Shift
07/06/2012 Gold Momentum Leads Price Higher
06/29/2012 All Gold Stock Hands On HUI Deck
06/22/2012 Fibonacci: Gold Stocks Thermometer
06/15/2012 Green Lights For Gold!
06/08/2012 Gold Tests The Floor
06/01/2012 Gold Bull Rides Again
05/25/2012 Gold Stocks Bottom On Volume
05/18/2012 Gold Stock Jigsaw Puzzle
05/11/2012 The Bouncing Fibonacci Ball
05/04/2012 Mine Problems Don't Fix America's Debt
04/27/2012 Gold Fans A Dollar Fire
04/20/2012 Gold Stocks: Bearish Mirage
04/13/2012 Gold: Ready, Set, Go!
04/06/2012 Gold Easter Egg Hunt
03/30/2012 Is The S&P 500 Now A Currency?
03/23/2012 US Domination Top In Play
03/16/2012 T-bond Train Wreck & Gold's False Bottoms
03/09/2012 USD Meltdown Is Your Gold Advantage
03/02/2012 Precious Metals Shoulder Jostling
02/24/2012 The Gold Transformers
02/17/2012 Doctor Divergence In The Gold House
02/10/2012 To Bond, Or Not To Bond?
02/03/2012 The Pack Leader: Gold Juniors!
01/27/2012 Funeral For A Bond
01/20/2012 Silver Set To Soar Against Everything?
01/13/2012 Gold Bulldozer Has Gold Stocks Driver
01/06/2012 What's in store for gold in January?
12/30/2011 Gold Chart Walk 2012
12/23/2011 Fibonacci Supports Gold Market
12/16/2011 USD Black Candle In Play
12/09/2011 Ominous Double Top In US Dollar
12/02/2011 Gold rally will last into January
11/25/2011 Technical Divergences Are Growing
11/18/2011 Oil Hands Bull Baton To Gold
11/11/2011 New Gold Target: $2330
11/04/2011 This Rally Has Legs
10/28/2011 Gold Stock Technicals Are Ultra Bullish
10/21/2011 USD Sentiment Powers Gold Double Bottom
10/14/2011 I Spy, With My Little Gold Eye: $2200-$2400
10/07/2011 The Smart Money Charts
09/30/2011 Gold is quickly becoming my personal currency
09/23/2011 Dow Destruction & Gold Super Highway
09/16/2011 Fall 2011: Gold Breakout Season?
09/09/2011 Gold Stocks Have the Spotlight
09/02/2011 Gold Surprises Both Bulls & Bears
08/26/2011 Gold & Silver: The Smack Down Is Over
08/19/2011 Gold: Is It Invincible?
08/12/2011 Stock Market Turns Bear, Gold Stocks Stand Tall
08/05/2011 Gold Tactics In the Smackdown Zone
07/29/2011 Gold & Silver Pullback: Textbook Bullish
07/22/2011 Gold: Accerated Rate of Rise Tactics
07/15/2011 Gold, Silver, Sugar, Cotton
07/08/2011 The Great Gold & Silver Summer Is Technically Here
07/01/2011 Gold & Oil Stocks: Is the Bottom In?
06/24/2011 Gold Stocks Bottom While SP500 Tops Out
06/17/2011 Gold and Sugar
06/10/2011 Gold & Gold Stocks: Roadmap To $1700
06/03/2011 Is the Gold Market Correction Nearly Over?
05/27/2011 USD Structural Decline & Gold
05/20/2011 Powerful Gold Market Setups In Play Now
05/13/2011 Gold Markets: Buy Signals Now
05/06/2011 Panic Volume: Gold & Silver Buy Signals
04/29/2011 Gold & USD: Launching Gold Stocks
04/22/2011 Attic Trap Doors & Long-Tailed Candles
04/15/2011 Gold's Inverse H&S: Rocket Time
04/08/2011 It is time to be more cautious...
04/01/2011 Now is not the time to play games
03/25/2011 Gold & Silver Markets: Price & Volume Update
03/18/2011 Gold & Stk Mkt: Price & Volume Update
03/11/2011 Nasdaq & Gold Technicals Update
03/04/2011 Stk Mkt & Gold: Technical Update
02/18/2011 Gold: Book Profits as Volume Disintegrates
02/11/2011 Gold & Dollar Signals In Play Now
02/04/2011 Gold Profits In The Correction
01/28/2011 Gold Correction To $1260. Technical Update
01/21/2011 Gold & Gold Stocks: Major Buy Signals
01/14/2011 Gold Road Map: Volume Rules
01/07/2011 Gold: The $1260 to $1500 RoadMap
12/31/2010 Gold In 2011: Short & Long Term Analysis
12/24/2010 Gold Market Technicals & Ratios
12/17/2010 Gold: Chewing Thru Overbought Technicals
12/10/2010 Gold Technicals & ETF Inefficiencies
12/03/2010 Gold's Technicals: Volume! Volume!! Volume!!!
11/26/2010 Use Gold Technicals To Build Core Positions Now
11/19/2010 Gold & Gold Stocks: The Key Signals
11/12/2010 GDX Technicals: Your Ticket to Ride
10/25/2010 Gold Core Building: Chisel vs Hammer!
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