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GDX, Nasdaq, & Gold Stock Trade Tactics

Morris Hubbartt
Super Force Precious Metals Video Analysis
posted Oct 26, 2018

Here are today's videos and charts (double click to enlarge):

SF Trader Time Key Charts & Trade Tactics

SFS Key Charts & Video Analysis

I like GDX here, but I want to draw investor attention to some disturbing price action of gold stocks versus bullion. Recommendation: Long term investors should buy GDX and also buy December $19 strike put options (on GDX) to protect against price volatility in the sector.

SF60 Key Charts & Video Analysis

I’ve talked about Barrick lighting up the price charts, like the lead race car at the Indy 500. I am now focused on key Fibonacci retracement targets. Recommendation: Buy ABX (Barrick) in the $12 area and buy it with size!

SFJ Key Charts & Video Analysis

I’ve issued a protective put option alert for SFJ, SF60, and SFS portfolios, via GDX put options. I will say that considering the massive carnage in the stock market over the past 2 weeks, the gold and silver stocks in the junior sector have really held up well. Recommendation: Buy the GOEX gold explorers ETF. For size, I suggest building it to 10% of the SFJ Portfolio.



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Oct 26, 2018
Morris Hubbartt

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