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05/26/2020 Getting Positioned for the Worst Depression in the History of the World...
05/23/2020 Silver Stocks Big Shopping List Introduction...
05/11/2020 Gold Market Update - as we go from deflation to hyperinflation...
05/08/2020 The 2nd Massive Downwave Is Almost Upon Us...
05/06/2020 COVID-19 - the Biggest Hoax in the History of the World...
04/13/2020 Welcome to the Hyperinflationary Depression...
04/02/2020 Mega Profitable Strategy for Next Heavy US Stockmarket Downleg Believed Imminent...
03/30/2020 Gold Market Update
03/26/2020 One of the biggest short covering rallies in history may be imminent...
03/16/2020 Gold Market Update
03/14/2020 US StockMarkets Big Picture Overview as They Reach Insane Oversold Extremes...
03/05/2020 Review of Massively Successful Tech. Puts Trades and Why the Martket has Probably Hit a Bottom Here
03/01/2020 Crash Update - including Downside Targets for the DJIA and S&P500 indices...
02/24/2020 Gold Market Update
02/17/2020 Baltic Dry, Copper, Oil, Tech and China Continue to Call for Market Crash Soon...
02/13/2020 Good Cheer for PM Sector Investors - the completing Cup & Handle Continuation Pattern in GDX...
02/11/2020 Palladium, Tesla and the Imposition of Electric Vehicles...
01/20/2020 Gold Market Update
01/13/2020 Gold Market Update
01/06/2020 Gold Market Update
01/04/2020 Copper is Positioined for a Stellar Performance in 2020's - An ETF to Play it...
12/30/2019 Gold Market Update
12/13/2019 Gold Market Update
10/22/2019 Effect of QE4 on the Stock Market and Gold... [1st posted Oct 13]
10/02/2019 Impact of the Market Crash on the Precious Metals Sector... [1st posted Sep 29]
09/26/2019 Madam Tussaud's Escapee Nancy Pelosi Threatens Markets with Impeachment Announcement...
09/18/2019 Oil Market Update - consequences of Saudi attacks...
09/02/2019 The great PMs meltup - gold, silver, platinum updates...
08/06/2019 Once in a Blue Moon Shorting
07/22/2019 Silver Market Update
07/03/2019 Gold's Epochal Breakout Will Not Be Negated By A Correction...
07/03/2019 Why silver is amazingly cheap here . . .
06/19/2019 Gold Special Update
06/18/2019 Gold nearing breakout into unprecedented bullmarket & the latest COTs won't stop it
06/05/2019 USD breaking down signals start of gold breakout drive above $1400...
06/03/2019 Bloodbath Looks Imminent - Full Defensive Mode...
06/02/2019 Will Silver Get Smashed Down Even Lower by the Market Crash? - we review the latest charts and COTs...
04/25/2019 PM Sector Morning Star Reversal at Trendline Support...
04/22/2019 A special message at Easter from the precious metals sector...
04/08/2019 Silver Market Update
04/03/2019 Gold and Silver Interim Updates...
04/01/2019 A Command Economy in the command of the Central Banks...
03/28/2019 GOLD - is a sharp C-wave drop imminent?...
03/05/2019 Gold Market Update
02/20/2019 Gold Market Update
02/10/2019 Fed Crumples - and Seals the Dollar's Fate
01/22/2019 The Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse and the Markets...
12/31/2018 Gold Market Update
12/27/2018 Your Comprehensive Crash Survival Guide...
12/17/2018 Gold Market Update
11/27/2018 Irving Resources
11/26/2018 I'm Gonna be a Bitcoin Billionaire (lol)...
11/05/2018 Gold Market Update
10/15/2018 Gold Market Update - the 7-year bearmarket phase is over...
10/06/2018 An enormous “sword of Damocles” hangs over all markets now
09/10/2018 The Astounding Trader's Positions in Silver...
09/03/2018 Argentina at the Rubicon ...
08/26/2018 COTs, sentiment super bullish as Fed set to reverse course...
08/08/2018 Gold Market Update
07/21/2018 The Deep State, Trump & The World...
07/06/2018 China Crisis - Shanghai Comp Bear Market Another Warning for US Markets...
06/27/2018 Market Crash Downside Target...
06/14/2018 Silver Market Update
06/07/2018 Gold Market Update
05/02/2018 Gold Market Update
04/09/2018 The Stunning Silver Setup...
03/21/2018 What Underlies The Concerted Hate Campaign Against Russia...
03/05/2018 Silver Special Commemorative Update - in honor of the large specs first net short position in silver in memory..
02/26/2018 Broad US stockmarket update - In position for downwave number 2...
02/19/2018 Gold Market Update
02/16/2018 Reminder: The dollar has broken down from a giant top...
01/31/2018 Gold Market Update
01/28/2018 Controlled Demolition of the Markets - Dollar, Next Treasuries, then Stockmarket - Gold, Silver & PM Stocks to Soar...
01/21/2018 Sell Bitcoin - Buy Tulip Bulbs!...
01/15/2018 Optimum Entry Point for Gold & Silver Stocks as Massive New Sector Bullmarket Soon to Begin...
01/04/2018 A Silver Stock Rated a Strong Buy
01/01/2018 Copper Outlook at Critical Juncture
12/28/2017 Silver Market Update
12/26/2017 BITCOIN CRASH UPDATE after nailing top within days – WHAT NEXT FOR THE SNOWFLAKE LEMMINGS?
12/20/2017 The Bitcoin Market would like to thank The Greatest Fool for joining us to celebrate the launch of Bitcoin Futures on the CME…
12/14/2017 Bitcoin Total Wipeout Alert...
12/04/2017 Now Try Telling Me That Charts Don't Work
11/20/2017 Gold Market Update
10/30/2017 Gold Market Update
10/23/2017 Gold Market Update
10/16/2017 Gold Market Update
10/11/2017 Silver Market Update
10/10/2017 Gold Market Update
09/27/2017 Gold & US Dollar Interim Update...
09/20/2017 CRYPTOCRASH update - Lambs to the slaughter...
09/11/2017 Gold Market Update
09/07/2017 Why Korean Tensions Should Soon Ease - Effect on USD & PMs...
09/04/2017 Silver Market Update
08/17/2017 China, Gold and the US Dollar...
07/30/2017 PMs Stocks Alert: Powerful Upleg Believed Imminent
07/30/2017 Reconciling the US Dollar Outlook with the Super Bullish Gold and Silver COTs...
07/24/2017 Silver Green Alert - One of the Best Buying Opportunities for Years...
07/17/2017 PM update - The biggest opportunity since late 2015, the last chance at these prices...
07/11/2017 Gold Market Update
06/14/2017 Due to Popular Demand, Maund DOES NOT cover Bitcoin…
06/05/2017 The sun rises on the precious metals sector...
05/23/2017 Stock Lifecycles and Maximizing Profits...
05/08/2017 Silver Interim Update After Silver Longs "Taken to the woodshed"...
04/10/2017 Silver Market Update
03/03/2017 The PM Sector "Tips its Hand"...
02/04/2017 Imagin Medical update
01/16/2017 Broad US Stockmarket Update as the Inauguration of Trump Approaches
12/20/2016 The War On Cash And Then On Gold...
12/12/2016 Cannabis Sector General Review...
12/02/2016 Trump Makes the US Stockmarket Great Again...
11/21/2016 Gold Market Update
11/14/2016 Copper Calls Gold Bottom on Trumphoria Surge...
11/01/2016 Gold Market Update
10/27/2016 Why Green is the new Gold
10/10/2016 The Growing Threat of a Deflationary Meltdown & a Big Dollar Rally...
10/04/2016 General Commentary including Deutsche Bank, PM's and recent trades review...
09/21/2016 PM Sector Alert Ahead of Fed - Possible Double Bottom Completing...
09/12/2016 PM Sector Downside Target on Market Rout - Strategies...
09/06/2016 Gold Market Update
08/29/2016 The Precious Metals Sector and the Fed...
08/15/2016 The Dollar Index and Helicopter Money...
08/10/2016 Signs Are Silver Bull Market Is Consolidating
08/08/2016 Gold Market Update
07/11/2016 Gold Market Update
06/25/2016 Elites and Markets Roiled as Britain Rids Itself of the Parasites...
06/20/2016 Gold Market Update
05/02/2016 Gold Market Update
04/18/2016 Gold Market Update
04/04/2016 Canadians Switch Out of Canadian Dollars into U.S. Dollars Now...
03/22/2016 Gold Market Update
03/14/2016 Gold & Silver COT Update - Get 30,000 Coffins Ready. . .
03/07/2016 PM Sector Update - Not a Flag/Pennant, But a Top - New Longs About to be Fleeced...
03/03/2016 Getting Ready for Gold's Imminent Comeback
02/29/2016 Silver Breaks Lower - Gold & PM Stocks Set to Plunge...
02/22/2016 Gold Market Update
02/08/2016 Gold Market Update
02/01/2016 Elites set to wipe out shorts before next downwave...
01/30/2016 The Curious Case of Copper...
01/25/2016 Charting the crash - How far will the bounce get?...
01/11/2016 Market Crash - Last week was the 2nd and final warning...
01/04/2016 The Incredible Commodities - Stocks Divergence & What It Portends...
12/21/2015 Gold Market Update
12/14/2015 The Great Train Wreck of 2016...
12/07/2015 Gold Market Update
12/02/2015 Latest Gold COTs Most Bullish for 14 Years...
11/23/2015 PM sector big green light & low risk entry setup...
11/09/2015 Gold Market Update
11/02/2015 Why the super bearish PM COTs portend a plunging euro
10/19/2015 Gold Market Update
10/05/2015 Fiat Endgame - More QE, NIRP, Bail-ins and Pensions Plunder...
09/30/2015 Junk bond market imminent collapse threatens (unwelcome) big rate rises
09/22/2015 S&P500 Index update - End Run Smash Looks Imminent...
09/18/2015 After the long dark night, the sun starts to rise on commodities...
09/14/2015 PM Sector Very Low Risk Trading Setup at Possible Sector Bottom
09/07/2015 Bulls set to be tasered again by imminent severe downleg...
09/01/2015 Red alert for 2nd crash downwave...
08/27/2015 China Shanghai Composite Update...
08/24/2015 Black Monday...
08/20/2015 Junk bonds call for market crash...
08/15/2015 Why the PM Sector is now a Contrarian's Dream
08/10/2015 The NASDAQ's days are numbered too...
08/04/2015 Preparing For The Crash - S&P500 Index Analysis - Inverse ETFS & Puts Timing...
07/28/2015 Gold Market Update
07/21/2015 The Big Deflationary Downwave Quick Reference Guide...
07/16/2015 The Humilation and Subjugation of Greece...
07/13/2015 Gold Market Update
07/10/2015 China Crisis - Hyperoversold condition calls for bounce - target...
06/30/2015 China Crackup - The Final Trap Looms...
06/16/2015 Bond Bombshell...
06/10/2015 Gold Market Update
05/29/2015 Imminent bearmarket in US stocks signaled by Dow Theory...
05/19/2015 British Election Result & Prospects for an Independent Scotland...
05/05/2015 Gold Market Update
05/04/2015 Is the NASDAQ new high really cause for celebration?
04/17/2015 US Stockmarkets Update - Getting scarier by the day...
04/13/2015 Gold Market Update
03/23/2015 Gold Market Update
03/09/2015 Gold Market Update
02/23/2015 Gold Market Update
02/03/2015 The golden age of QE and the fiat endgame...
01/20/2015 Gold Market Update
12/31/2014 It could not look better for the PM sector going into 2015...
12/15/2014 Gold Market Update
12/04/2014 Gold Market Update
11/03/2014 Gold Market Update
10/03/2014 Hong Kong: Western Elites get to work on CHINA'S "ACHILLES HEEL"
09/30/2014 Gold Market Update
09/20/2014 Gold Market Update
09/02/2014 Gold Market Update
08/27/2014 Will the US succeed in breaking Russia to maintain dollar hegemony?...
08/06/2014 Why They are Making an Enemy of Russia. . .
08/04/2014 Gold Market Update
07/14/2014 Gold Market Update
07/01/2014 Gold Market Update
06/21/2014 GDXJ Signals Major Breakout & Strong PM Sector Advance Imminent
06/09/2014 Gold Market Update
05/01/2014 Gold and the Ukraine...
04/23/2014 Gold Market Update
03/18/2014 Monster Silver Rally Brewing
02/25/2014 GDXJ Signals Imminent Breakout into Major PM Sector Uptrend...
02/18/2014 Gold Market Update
02/04/2014 Precious Metals Sector New Uptrend - Juniors to Lead the Charge
01/28/2014 Gold Market Update
01/11/2014 Broad US Stockmartet update - No New Paradign - Get out now!!
12/25/2013 Silver Market Update
12/24/2013 Gold Market Update
11/14/2013 Broad Market update: Too Many Dummies are Getting Rich
10/07/2013 Gold Market Update
09/23/2013 Gold Market Update
08/29/2013 Syria and the Markets...
08/15/2013 Gold Market Update
06/12/2013 Silver Market Update
06/10/2013 Gold Market Update
05/20/2013 Gold Market Update
04/30/2013 Gold Market Update
04/23/2013 Gold Market Update
04/15/2013 Gold Market Update
03/25/2013 Gold Market Update
03/05/2013 Silver Market Update
03/04/2013 Gold Market Update
02/25/2013 Gold Market Update
02/19/2013 What Will Happen to the PM Sector if The Broad Market Tanks...
02/11/2013 Gold Market Update
02/04/2013 All Market Roundup
01/07/2013 Gold Market Update
12/24/2012 Gold Market Update
11/26/2012 Gold Market Update
11/12/2012 Gold Market Update
10/29/2012 Gold Market Update
10/08/2012 Silver Market Update
10/03/2012 Silver Market Update
09/18/2012 Gold Market Update
08/29/2012 Gold Market Update
07/23/2012 Gold Market Update
07/03/2012 Silver Market Update
06/21/2012 Silver Market Update
06/18/2012 Heads: A Deflationary Implosion - Tails: A Hyperinflationary Depression
05/23/2012 Gold Market Update
04/24/2012 Gold Market Update
04/20/2012 Is APPLE INC about to become a FALLER?...
04/01/2012 Gold Market Update
03/06/2012 Gold Market Update
01/29/2012 Gold Market Update
01/15/2012 Gold Market Update
01/09/2012 Gold Market Update
12/19/2011 Gold Market Update
12/05/2011 Gold Market Update
11/21/2011 Gold Market Update
11/07/2011 Gold Market Update
10/31/2011 Gold Market Update
10/24/2011 Gold Market Update
10/21/2011 If Europe Should Fail
10/10/2011 Gold Market Update
10/03/2011 Silver Market Update
08/22/2011 Gold Market Update
07/01/2011 Fundamental vs Technical explanation for early May silver plunge...
06/08/2011 OT Cordon del Caulle Volcanic Eruption
05/30/2011 GS & RR Concur w/Maund - Should we be worried?
05/16/2011 Silver: Time to Call in the Psychiatrists
05/06/2011 USD sentiment - Implications for Silver...
03/10/2011 Protecting Yourself from a Commodity & Stocks Downwave
12/31/2010 2010 goes out with a BANG. What to expect in 2011
10/14/2010 Chile The Real Copiapo, the Real Atacama
10/07/2010 Strap Yourselves In - This is going to be HUGE...
09/19/2010 Gold Market Update
09/19/2010 Silver Market Update
08/11/2010 Bloody Well Right ...
07/19/2010 Don't get fleeced - get rich: CRASH UPDATE
07/14/2010 OT Total Eclipse Easter Island...
06/27/2010 Gold Market Update
01/31/2010 Gold & Commodity/Stockmarket Update
12/13/2009 Gold Market Update
11/15/2009 Silver Market Update
09/14/2009 Gold Market Update
05/24/2009 Long the broad US stockmarket? Prepare to get buried
05/17/2009 Inflation or deflation - Gold will be King...
05/11/2009 When the Rose-Tinted Glasses Fall Off
04/27/2009 Gold Market Update
03/25/2009 Can the Zimbabwean School of Economics Save the World?
02/23/2009 Precious Metals stocks stalemate about to end...
02/16/2009 Gold/Silver Market Updates
02/13/2009 Important Update: At critical juncture...
02/09/2009 COPPER upside breakout imminent...
01/26/2009 Gold/Silver Market Updates
01/20/2009 Gold/Silver Market Updates
01/05/2009 Gold/Silver Market Updates
12/24/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
12/17/2008 Bye bye dollar...
12/08/2008 The Great Treasury Trap...
11/21/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
10/27/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
10/20/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
10/06/2008 Impending US Economic Collapse/Death of Democracy
09/22/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
09/21/2008 The Bailout Plan - what does it mean?...
09/15/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
08/26/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
08/12/2008 PM Stocks Major Buy Alert...
08/11/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
07/14/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
06/23/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
06/13/2008 Commodity Intervention
06/06/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
05/19/2008 Silver Major Uptrend Alert
05/12/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
04/07/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
04/02/2008 Buy with both hands and feet
03/31/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
03/24/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
03/13/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
03/10/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
03/03/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
02/15/2008 The Looming Treasury Bond Massacre
01/28/2008 Gold/Silver Market Updates
01/21/2008 M for Murder
01/15/2008 Gold & Silver Market Update
01/03/2008 Gold Breakout
12/17/2007 Gold & Silver Market Update
12/13/2007 No Way Back...
12/03/2007 Gold & Silver Market Update
11/14/2007 Gold & Silver Market Update
10/24/2007 The Sham U.S. Bullmarket
10/22/2007 Gold & Silver Market Update
10/08/2007 Gold & Silver Market Update
10/01/2007 Gold & Silver Market Update
09/20/2007 Why SILVER is set to GO THROUGH THE ROOF...
09/04/2007 Gold & Silver Market Update
08/07/2007 Gold & Silver Market Update
07/23/2007 ...this time it's for real
07/16/2007 Dollar at the Rubicon!...
07/12/2007 Gold & Silver Market Updates
06/26/2007 Gold & Silver Market Updates
06/11/2007 Gold & Silver Market Updates
05/28/2007 China Crash - Domino Effect on US Markets
05/24/2007 Gold & Silver Market Updates
05/15/2007 Gold & Silver Market Updates
04/30/2007 America for Sale
04/24/2007 Resource Stocks Update
04/19/2007 Gold & Silver Market Updates
04/02/2007 Gold & Silver Market Updates
03/05/2007 Gold & Silver Market Updates
02/28/2007 The Ugly Reality of the US Stockmarket
02/26/2007 Gold & Silver Market Updates
02/21/2007 Commercials on The Ropes
02/15/2007 Gold & Silver Market Updates
02/12/2007 HUI index set to advance to 700-900...
02/07/2007 Response to GATA attack mail
02/07/2007 Gold Price Manipulation - Does it Matter?
01/29/2007 Gold powering up for major uptrend
01/23/2007 Gold and Silver Market Updates
01/22/2007 Up, Down or Sideways ...
01/17/2007 Gold and Silver Market Updates
01/10/2007 Extreme Fear
01/08/2007 Bottom Fishers Beware
01/05/2007 Commodity Implosion
11/27/2006 Death Knell of the US Dollar...
11/09/2006 Market Updates
11/06/2006 THIS IS IT - to your stations...
10/13/2006 Gold & Silver Market Updates
09/29/2006 The Master Plan for the World...
09/27/2006 Gold/Silver Market Updates
08/14/2006 Market Updates
08/02/2006 Young Woman or Old Hag?
07/31/2006 On your marks - get set...
07/28/2006 Spikelets
07/10/2006 Market Updates
06/28/2006 Market Update
06/19/2006 Market Updates
06/13/2006 Market Updates
06/05/2006 Market Updates
05/22/2006 Is The Correction Over?
05/17/2006 Oil Market Update
05/16/2006 Market Updates
05/11/2006 Market Updates
05/08/2006 The 4 Phase Lifecycle of a Stock
05/01/2006 How US investors can best profit from the trashing...
04/21/2006 Market Updates
04/17/2006 Silver Superspike
04/10/2006 Gold and Silver Market Updates
03/23/2006 Market Updates
03/06/2006 Market Updates
02/20/2006 Now try telling me that charts don't work
02/13/2006 Market Updates
01/25/2006 Market Updates
01/25/2006 The Great Silver Standoff
01/24/2006 Oil Market Update
01/23/2006 Bin Laden, Gold, & the US Dollar...
01/19/2006 How to Handle the Gold Stock Correction
01/09/2006 Market Updates
12/29/2005 Precious Metals Sector Outlook for 2006
12/19/2005 Market Updates
12/06/2005 Market Updates
11/22/2005 "How are you?"
11/16/2005 Market Updates
11/03/2005 The Dollar - It's Now or Never...
10/31/2005 Market Updates
10/17/2005 Market Updates
10/11/2005 Oil Market Update
09/26/2005 Market Updates
09/21/2005 Large-cap versus mid-cap golds
09/12/2005 Market Update
08/29/2005 Market Update
08/29/2005 Market Update
08/16/2005 COT review
08/12/2005 Important developments
08/08/2005 Oil Market update
08/01/2005 Gold consolidating / Silver in limbo
07/12/2005 Trendless/Erratic
06/27/2005 Ballooning Shorts/Whipsaw Swings
06/20/2005 Market Update
06/13/2005 We're watching the nose
06/03/2005 The Great Dollar Turkey Shoot
06/01/2005 A party aboard the Titanic
05/30/2005 One last trick up the dollar's sleeve?
05/26/2005 The Sheep, the Oxen & the Wolves
05/23/2005 Targets, Lever Boyz & Danger Zones
05/19/2005 "Great - this guy is as confused as I am!"
05/09/2005 Critical Junctures
04/29/2005 Those manic-depressive gold stocks
04/26/2005 Gold and Silver updates
04/11/2005 Gold and Silver updates
04/04/2005 Gold & Silver updates
03/15/2005 Coeur d'Alene Mines: Major uptrend approaching
03/03/2005 Gold and Silver updates
02/23/2005 I was wrong ...
02/22/2005 The odds favour a correction
02/11/2005 New Intermediate Uptrend Signalled
02/07/2005 Gold and Silver updates
01/31/2005 Stalemate resolution imminent?
01/19/2005 Sectorwide Upside Breakout Alert
01/18/2005 Market Updates
01/06/2005 Market Updates
12/21/2004 Keep your eye on the channels
12/21/2004 Wait and watch
12/20/2004 [Sheeple] Seduced, corralled, awaiting the fleecing
12/13/2004 Market Update
12/13/2004 A plunging dollar DOES MATTER
12/06/2004 Silver stocks are currently hostage...
12/06/2004 ...and those bizarre gold stocks
11/29/2004 The Dollar Stares into the Abyss
11/22/2004 Slingshot advance?
11/22/2004 ... at the top line of the channel
11/17/2004 Breakout Confirmed! EWs can burn their charts
11/15/2004 Gold - has it or hasn't it broken out?
11/08/2004 Silver's done its heavy lifting
11/05/2004 Studying those bowls and cups
11/04/2004 Gold $430 Breakout Expected Soon
11/01/2004 Low Risk Opportunity for Dollar Traders
10/28/2004 Not quite ready for the burning of the books
10/28/2004 Silver Looks Vulnerable
10/20/2004 Dollar Chart Looks Terrible
10/20/2004 Silver behaved as predicted
10/13/2004 Gold Market Update
10/13/2004 Silver Market Update
10/07/2004 Gold Market Update Base Building
10/07/2004 Silver Market Update A good omen?
10/04/2004 Is This It?
09/27/2004 Gold Market Update: Betwixt and Between
09/27/2004 Silver Market Update After the Plungelet
09/21/2004 Gold Market Update
09/21/2004 Silver Market Update
09/10/2004 Timeline for a gold breakout
08/26/2004 The End of an Era
08/23/2004 Best Week This Year
08/04/2004 A Word in the Ear of Oil Share Investors
07/21/2004 Update - An Economic Geologist's Perspective
07/09/2004 Dollar Horror
06/25/2004 Beyond the Smokescreen
06/21/2004 Major buy alert
06/02/2004 Silver Review
05/27/2004 Time to buy... Sequel
05/19/2004 Time to Buy
05/09/2004 The Looming Property Crash
04/22/2004 Broad Market Crash & Collateral Effect on PM Stocks
04/12/2004 Effects of a Bond Market Plunge
03/19/2004 Birth of the New Uptrend
03/15/2004 Gold Stocks: Tactics
12/10/2003 The time on the gold stock market clock