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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
06/29/2018 Gold & Silver: Big Picture Charts  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
06/29/2018 Stock Markets Hyper-Risky 3  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
06/29/2018 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
06/28/2018 Will the Full Moon Mark a Turning Point for Gold&Silver?  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
06/27/2018 Gold&Miners to Rally as US Equities Fall on Fear  Chris Vermeulen  321gold 
06/26/2018 The COTs and DSI Suggest a Tradable Low is Near  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
06/26/2018 A Golden Moon  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
06/26/2018 Could A Big Move In The Global Markets Be Setting Up?  Chris Vermeulen  321gold 
06/25/2018 Elliott Wave Counts For Gold, SP500, & GDX  captainewave  321gold 
06/24/2018 How Long Can This Last?  Arkadiusz Sieron  321gold 
06/24/2018 The Inability to Plan  W K Darcy  321gold 
06/23/2018 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
06/22/2018 ZincX Beats Arizona Mining  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
06/22/2018 Precious Metals: Key Tactics Now  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
06/22/2018 Cheap Gold Stocks Basing 2  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
06/21/2018 SBBBS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
06/20/2018 Aben Looks for an Instant Replay of 2017 in the Golden Triangle  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
06/19/2018 Goliath Hits the Ground Running near the Golden Triangle  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
06/19/2018 Gold: Will Goyal Make It Royal?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
06/18/2018 Anaconda Must Watch Video on June 20  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
06/18/2018 US Majors Flush Out a Major Pivot Low ...  Chris Vermeulen  321gold 
06/15/2018 Silver Stocks: The Rally Gets Serious  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
06/15/2018 Gold Bullish on Fed Hike 3  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
06/13/2018 Gold&Silver Setting Up for Sleeper Breakout  Chris Vermeulen  321gold 
06/12/2018 Northern Star: The Gold Stocks Beacon  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
06/11/2018 43-101 is a Noose Around Novo’s Neck  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
06/11/2018 Elliott Wave Counts For Gold, Oil, & GDX  captainewave  321gold 
06/11/2018 SKI #204 Gold Stock Update: SKI-Technical Point Coming THIS Week  Jeff Kern  321gold 
06/10/2018 Stalled Gold Price Fueling Disinterest  Tom McClellan  321gold 
06/09/2018 The Depression Playbook  Jeff Thomas  321gold 
06/08/2018 Key Gold & Silver Stocks Look Perky  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
06/08/2018 Gold Summer Doldrums 2  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
06/07/2018 Silver Bull Wins the Silver Lottery  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
06/06/2018 Black Tusk Gets to Work in BC  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
06/05/2018 US Stock Market Meets Insidious Inflation  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
06/04/2018 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
06/01/2018 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
06/01/2018 Gold & Tech Stocks Rally Together  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
06/01/2018 Silver Miners' Q1'18 Fundamentals  Adam Hamilton  321gold 

External News

06/30/2018 Why gold’s losing streak may get even worse   MMW 
06/30/2018 Gold Miners/Copper Miners Ratio is Interesting   NFTRH 
06/30/2018 An Important Monthly Close For Gold   EAG 
06/30/2018 China Think Tank Warns of Potential ‘Financial Panic’ in Leaked Note   Bloomberg 
06/30/2018 Red Alert, From The Banker’s Banker   DFA 
06/29/2018 Beyond the Hysteria about Auto Tariffmageddon   WolfStreet 
06/29/2018 Is China Part Of The “Emerging Market Crisis”?   DC 
06/28/2018 The Stock Market Loophole that Screws the Little Guy   Wired 
06/28/2018 US Dollar Outlook & What it Means for Gold   TDG 
06/28/2018 Will the Fed Land the One-Two-Three Punch to the Markets?   WSOP 
06/28/2018 Dear High School Graduates: Status Quo 'Solutions' Enrich the Few at Your Expense   OTM 
06/27/2018 Market Crash Downside Target...  Clive Maund  CM 
06/27/2018 Greece Economic Crisis Declared Over: It Isn't   ZeroHedge 
06/27/2018 A long time gold bull   TCI 
06/27/2018 Automakers spending $255B on EVs a 'pile-up of epic proportions'   Mining 
06/27/2018 Bubble Charts: War Between Tech Investors vs. Gold and Silver   FMC 
06/26/2018 The BIS is blaring the siren on a new debt crisis...   BI 
06/26/2018 This Deal Shows How the Junk-Credit Market is Still Irrationally Exuberant   WS 
06/26/2018 People Don’t See Risk Until it is Expressed as a Crisis, Stocks Can be In for Rude Awakening   IWB 
06/25/2018 Bitcoin Drops to $5,860, Lowest since October 2017 ...   WS 
06/25/2018 Copper price and cars: Boom goes beyond electric vehicles   Mining 
06/25/2018 Social Security benefits buy 34 percent less than in 2000   CNBC 
06/25/2018 Next Central Bank Puts QE Unwind on the Calendar   WS 
06/24/2018 Three Amigos (SPX/Gold, Long-Term Yields & Yield Curve) Updated   NFTRH 
06/24/2018 Females Are Outperforming Males On Every Educational Level   IWB 
06/24/2018 Donald Trump’s Trade War Will Be About As Successful As Television City   DB 
06/23/2018 'It was true for tulips, junk bonds, and mortgage-backed securities, and now crypto'   BI 
06/23/2018 Sane People Absolutely Know Better!   DI 
06/23/2018 Goldman Sachs Gets into the Non-Collateralized Personal Loan Business   WSOP 
06/23/2018 Why America’s Trade War With China Will Be Absolutely Crippling For The U.S. Economy   SHTFplan 
06/22/2018 Novo: New Bomb Shell Presentation   THH 
06/22/2018 10 Ways Life Will Change If China Becomes The World’s Superpower   LV 
06/22/2018 Bitcoin Could Break the Internet, Central Bank Overseer Says   Bloomberg 
06/21/2018 Your Patience Will Be Handsomely Rewarded by the Next Gold & Silver Surge  Jeff Clark  SWP 
06/21/2018 Imperial Collapse Markers   CBB 
06/21/2018 The Fed Is Driving Down Oil Prices   OilPrice 
06/21/2018 Why the yield curve changes direction ahead of a recession   TSI 
06/20/2018 A Bull in a China Shop   NFTRH 
06/20/2018 Gold Price Forecast: Will the Golden Wedge Resolve Soon?   HM 
06/20/2018 The financial hole for Social Security and Medicare is even deeper than the experts say   MW 
06/20/2018 Demographics and Destiny: Pension Trainwreck Coming Up   TM 
06/19/2018 Oil, The Petrodollar, And The Next Emerging Market Crisis   DC 
06/19/2018 Who the Heck Bought $1.2 trillion in New US Treasuries over the past 12 Months?   WS 
06/19/2018 Here We Go Again: Our Double-Bubble Economy   OTM 
06/18/2018 Gold & Gold Stocks Fail at 200-Day Moving Averages   TDG 
06/18/2018 The junk-bond market has been blowing off the Fed — now it's in for a rude awakening   BI 
06/18/2018 This Fed Grows Relentlessly More Hawkish   WS 
06/17/2018 North Korea, Trade Wars, PMs & Bitcoin  Bob Moriarty  P&P 
06/17/2018 Inflation Trade in Progress Since Gold Kicked it off in Q1 2016   NFTRH 
06/17/2018 Merrill Lynch Fine Renews the Question: Can You Trust Your Broker?   WSOP 
06/17/2018 Inside the dismantling of GE   CNN 
06/16/2018 Living Dangerously   GoldMoney 
06/16/2018 Currencies – Truth and Confidence   DI 
06/16/2018 Riskiest Junk Bonds Completely Blow Off the Fed, Face “Sudden” Reckoning   WS 
06/16/2018 Donald Trump's Madness  Hugo Salinas Price  plata 
06/16/2018 Will 2018 Be A Repeat of 2002 Tariffs on Resource Heavy TSX, ASX and TSXV?   FMC 
06/15/2018 Surprise...   USAgold 
06/15/2018 Apple Bans Cryptocurrency Mining On All Devices   Kitco 
06/15/2018 Cologne Institute of German Business Warns of Deposit Protection May Not Survive in Europe   AE 
06/14/2018 Silver Market Update   Clive Maund  CM 
06/14/2018 Dollar crisis on the horizon   OMFIF 
06/14/2018 Tether, Bitfinex ‘Manipulation’ ...   CT 
06/14/2018 America Goes Full Imbecile   acting-man 
06/14/2018 Even after Madoff, Ponzi Schemes Touting Promissory Notes Proliferate   WSOP 
06/13/2018 Fed rates increased to 1-3/4 to 2 percent  FOMC  Fed 
06/13/2018 The Dollar’s Kiss Goodbye   LMCT 
06/13/2018 When Will Gold’s “Summer Doldrums” End?   DC 
06/13/2018 Deutsche Bank Wondering Aloud...   DB 
06/13/2018 The Gently Rotting Debt-Ridden EU   GoldMoney 
06/12/2018 Bi-Weekly Economic Review: As Good As It Gets?   Al 
06/12/2018 Silver’s Role In Electrification May Fuel its Rise   Sprott 
06/12/2018 Wall Street’s Misallocation of Capital Is Worse Today than the Dot.com Era   WSOP 
06/12/2018 Millions of Americans are counting on family money to be financially stable   MW 
06/11/2018 Italy, Hyperinflation and Gold   GOLDswitzerland 
06/11/2018 6,000 jobs at risk as House of Fraser becomes latest UK retail casualty   CNN 
06/11/2018 Top 10 Ridiculous Taxes Some Countries Impose On Their Citizens   LV 
06/10/2018 America Goes Full Imbecile   acting-man 
06/10/2018 How Chinese Investors Inflate Housing Markets in the US, Canada & Australia, as Governments Try to Stem the Tide   WS 
06/10/2018 He Ran Into My Knife Ten Times   DI 
06/09/2018 Silver – Fundamentals (Part 1) & Technical Analysis   MidasTouch 
06/09/2018 Your summer job can fund a FANG fortune   PR DING DING DING
06/09/2018 Investment Risk: Beware of Those Bearing Gifts   JH 
06/09/2018 Inflation Is Back, Part 6: More People Now Expect Higher Prices   DC 
06/09/2018 Wall Street Has Placed a Derivatives Noose Around the U.S. Insurance Industry   WSOP 
06/08/2018 Stock Market More Important for Gold than US Dollar   TDG 
06/08/2018 Tragicomic Farce at UK Bank TSB Enters Week 7 of IT Chaos   WS 
06/08/2018 The personal consequences of blowing the whistle on multi BILLION Euro breaches at UniCredit Bank   P 
06/07/2018 Gold Market Update  Clive Maund  CM 
06/07/2018 It is their job to entertain. It is your job to ignore…   NFTRH 
06/07/2018 Somehow, Things Are Even Worse At Deutsche Bank   DB 
06/07/2018 Housing Bubbles in Sydney & Melbourne Deflate   WS 
06/06/2018 Cryptocurrency is a security speculation game ...   IE 
06/06/2018 Germany Points Finger at Moochers of Rome   TM 
06/06/2018 West Coast & the Insane Socialistic Hunt for Taxes   IWB 
06/06/2018 Consequences of Ignoring Economic Reality Are Dangerous   GoldCore 
06/05/2018 The Steady Enmity of Powerful People   GXIV 
06/05/2018 A Spiking Dollar = Emerging Market Chaos, Part 2   DC 
06/05/2018 Domo for Dummies: The startup’s bizarro IPO filing is a sign that companies are chasing dumb money and that hard times are coming   BI 
06/05/2018 Update on the Splendid Rental Bubbles & Crashes in the US   WS 
06/04/2018 Hallmark of an Economic Ponzi Scheme   HussmanFunds 
06/04/2018 Peru cenbank urges government to help revive mining projects   Kitco 
06/04/2018 Visa Goes Down in the UK, Chaos Ensues, Cash is Suddenly King   WS 
06/03/2018 Japan Shows Why and How All Fiat Currencies are Doomed   DC 
06/03/2018 The U.S. Economy In Two Words: Asymmetric Gains   OTM 
06/03/2018 Banking System Has Huge Problem  Peter Schiff  USAwatchdog 
06/03/2018 Whadda 'Ya Mean Europe Matters?   m-t 
06/03/2018 Ignoring Economic Reality: Ayn Rand Would Laugh   DI 
06/02/2018 Robert Shiller Thinks Bitcoin Will Probably Go Extinct   DB 
06/02/2018 Quinton Hennigh interview on Korelin Economic   Kereport 
06/02/2018 How silver changed the world   SCMP 
06/02/2018 Wall Street Banks Tank Yesterday as Contagion Threat Grows   WSOP 
06/02/2018 ECB Reacts (Unofficially) to NIRP’s Revenge in Italy   WS 
06/01/2018 A Spiking Dollar = Emerging Market Chaos   DC 
06/01/2018 Is The Second Most Crowded Trade On The Planet Getting Squeezed?   HR 

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