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The Inability to Plan

W K Darcy
Posted Jun 24, 2018

The recent announcement that the "Justice" Dept. will no longer defend the constitutionality of Obamacare, "may" be the final nail in the coffin of the clearly unconstitutional, unread-before-passage, and un-affordable socialist wealth-transfer scheme.

The only other government-mandated social engineering experiment which was actually terminated was Prohibition in 1933. 

However, this begs the question: "How many more years of experimental suffering must the Guinea Pigs of America endure?"

The Roman Empire developed methods of torture which evolved to inflict the most intense suffering, but without killing the victim. Washington Wall Street (W^2) continued the practice with Obamacare and now has taken this evolution of torture to a new level by eliminating the "monetary  penalty" ......as of January 1st, 2019. There is absolutely no reason why this torture of productive denizens was not terminated immediately. W^2 ignores the Constitution when it is convenient and profitable for them, they could have just as easily made the repeal effective the day it was passed.

And for those of you who think that describing Obamacare as torture is an exaggeration, one Supreme Court Justice considered the act of just reading the Obamacare legislation to be torture, but it's the denizens of America who must LIVE WITH IT

What is never discussed or considered by those who inflict these socialist experiments on the productive members of society is the worst torture of all, the inability to planW^2 simply prints more money when THEIR plans change. Individuals and businesses do not enjoy such a divine right.

With the manipulative, irrational, unpredictable, and unaccountable actions of politicians, supreme court injustices, bureaucrats, bankers, and armed servants of the state, how can anyone make plans for 6 months let alone 6 years?

It takes YEARS to realize a "Return On Investment" (ROI) whether the investment of time and money is in a business, a career choice, a college diploma or just buying a home. The political atrocities, economic and social instability of the last decades makes any of these efforts to advance oneself a gamble, a roll of the dice in a dark alley (and W^2 plays with loaded dice).

And for those who believe the nightmare of health insurance by force is almost over, what is to prevent a return of Obamacare if the left-wing of the government vulture returns to power in the November elections or a new Supreme Court injustice manipulates a "llegal interpretation" to nullify the repeal of the mandate? The in-fighting between W^2 war lords and between other government bureaucracies to "protect their turf" is a power struggle that will invariably only end when there is no meat left on the carcass.

100 years before collapse, farmers and merchants of the Roman Empire began to abandon their properties and head north to take their chances with the "Barbarians" of modern day France and Germany for it was all too clear that the pillaging and murder committed by Roman soldiers in pursuit of more power and more taxes was simply too great a risk. That same level of government violence, brigandage, and corruption, in more advanced forms, have terminally infected the Former United States of America (FUSA). 

California, New York, and Illinois are prime examples of people fleeing the insanity of the bureaucrats and social experimentation of micro-managing parasites, but they are still faced with the stress of the W^2 virus.

At an economic conference this writer attended in 2009, guest speaker billionaire/investor Jim Rogers (who stated that he holds no assets within FUSA and lives in Singapore) was asked by a participant 'Which countries would you recommend to move to?'

Rogers responded that selecting a country as a new home in search of new opportunities and freedom is a very personal matter, but as a general rule you should ask yourself:

'With whom do I want to live? 

With those people over there who are deeply in debt? Who have health problems? Who are dependent upon others for their means of support? Who cannot keep their homes clean and cars running?'


'With THOSE people over THERE who are productive, who are healthy, who save and invest with little or no debt, do not ask for handouts, who keep their homes and neighborhoods clean and safe?'

We must all ask ourselves this same question, examine our surroundings and determine whether we want to continue living as experimental chickens to eventually be plucked or, take the risk of flying to a better life beyond the fence of the chicken farm.


Jun 21, 2018
W K Darcy
email: w.k.darcy@protonmail.ch

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