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03/07/2019 SWOT Analysis: JPMorgan Is Bullish on Gold
02/24/2019 This AI Company Is the Future of Gold Exploration
01/05/2019 Gold Has Beaten the Market Over Multiple Time Periods
09/11/2018 Global Risks May Bring the Polish to Gold
01/10/2018 It's Time for the Fear Trade to Move Gold Prices
08/03/2017 “Mother of All Bubbles” Keeps Gold in Focus
01/12/2017 Ringing in the New Year with a Bullish Case for Gold
08/19/2016 Go Gold!
07/14/2016 Gold Is Just Getting Warmed Up
07/11/2016 Silver Takes the Gold: Commodities Halftime Report 2016
07/08/2016 4 Winners to Emerge from Brexit
05/17/2016 Gold Demand Just Had Its Strongest-Ever First Quarter
01/23/2016 One weird trick to forecast commodity trends
12/30/2015 Christmas Edition: 2015 in Review
10/22/2015 Will Gold Finish 2015 with a Gain?
09/09/2015 The Many Uses of Gold
09/02/2015 China’s Economy Is Undergoing a Huge Transformation That No One’s Talking About
08/06/2015 Gold on Sale, Says the Rational Investor
07/15/2015 Global Investors: You Should Be Paying Attention to this Economic Indicator
05/20/2015 “Wrestling with Something Else”: Why this Gold Bear Market Is Different
01/28/2015 There’s More to the Gold Rally than European Market Fears
01/14/2015 Bad News Is Good News: A Contrarian View of China Investing
12/30/2014 Epic Price Reversal for Commodities in 2014
11/20/2014 Explore and Discover the Winners When Gas Prices Fall
11/05/2014 Don’t Be Spooked by Market Volatility—Opportunity Is Still Knocking!
10/28/2014 As the Eurozone Stalls, China Cuts the Red Tape
10/21/2014 What the Strong Dollar Does to Yellow and Black Gold and Why We’re Seeing Green
10/18/2014 New Economic Report Card Shows that the US Still Has the Competitive Edge
10/15/2014 Warning: Market Correction This Week… Did You See the Opportunity?
09/24/2014 Stocks Rally Following Janet Yellen’s Conference & Scotland’s Historic Referendum
09/04/2014 Lucara Diamond Stock Sparkles, Reports Another Strong Quarter
09/01/2014 Gold Jewelry Demand in India Improves
08/28/2014 Managing Expectations Part III: Picking Mining Stocks in a Bear Market
08/26/2014 Managing Expectations Part II: The Importance of Oscillators, Standard Deviation and Mean Reversion
08/13/2014 Managing Expectations Part I: The Importance of Cycles in the Investment Management Process
08/06/2014 5 Takeaways from the Vancouver Natural Resources Conf.
06/26/2014 Ah, the Power of Mean Reversion
06/17/2014 Gold Investors: Let This Cycle Be Your Guide
05/29/2014 In a Flash, China Looks Strong
05/21/2014 Which Resource Areas Show Signs of Strength?
05/13/2014 The Good, the Bad and the Opportunity
04/30/2014 China Holds the Keys to the Gold Market
04/09/2014 What’s Abuzz About Gold?
03/30/2014 What Makes a Slam-Dunk Portfolio?
03/20/2014 Follow the Money to Asia’s Tech Hub
03/19/2014 SWOT Analysis: We’re Headed for a Golden Cross
03/12/2014 Making Green from Gold, Palladium and Pollution
03/11/2014 SWOT Analysis: A Comparison of Today’s Gold Rally with 2009
03/05/2014 SWOT Analysis: Gold Gains for Second Month in a Row
02/26/2014 SWOT Analysis of Gold Market: India May Cut Import Tax on Gold Soon
02/20/2014 SWOT Gold Analysis: Recent Strong Performance in Gold
02/13/2014 What’s the Game Changer for Gold?
02/03/2014 SWOT Analysis: Gold Futures Tumble as Physical Sales in China Rise Ahead of Chinese New Year
01/22/2014 SWOT Analysis: Gold Analysts Most Bullish in a Year - Jan 21, 2014
01/16/2014 SWOT Analysis: Gold Analysts Most Bullish in a Year
01/08/2014 Gold Stocks: What to Expect in the New Year
01/02/2014 Looking Back at the Year of the Bull [2013]
12/05/2013 From the Taj Mahal to Westminster Abbey: Notes from a Global Investor
11/20/2013 Dressed to the Nines with Gold
10/18/2013 Being Contrarian Could Lead to Lucrative Energy Plays
10/09/2013 The Fire Fueling Gold
09/25/2013 Fifty Shades of Gold
09/11/2013 Will Gold Follow Its Seasonal Pattern This Year?
08/20/2013 What Happens When You Tell Indians to Stop Buying Gold
07/17/2013 Commodities 2013 Halftime Report: A Time to Mine for Opportunity?
07/10/2013 The Asian Giant Stampeding into Gold
07/02/2013 Stay the Course As Mixed Signals Move Markets
06/27/2013 What’s an Investor to do in Markets like These?
05/29/2013 The Love Trade for Gold is Still On!
05/16/2013 Gold Bullion: 4 Fundamental Facts
05/15/2013 Three Reasons to Buy Gold Equities Today
04/24/2013 Gold Buyers Get Physical As Coin and Jewelry Sales Surge
04/13/2013 Every Gold Coin Has Two Sides
04/04/2013 What Maslow and Rand Would Tell Investors Today
03/27/2013 In Gold, Not Cyprus, We Trust
02/26/2013 A Test of Strength for Gold
02/20/2013 When it Comes to Gold, Stick to the Facts
01/24/2013 4 Sensational Facts About Gold Investing That You Might Not Know
12/26/2012 Light at the End of the Tunnel for Gold
12/11/2012 How Gold Miners Can Leverage the Price of Gold
11/20/2012 3 Events Worth Watching
10/10/2012 How Helicopter Ben Helps Jobs and, Inadvertently, Gold
09/20/2012 All Signs Pointing to Gold
08/28/2012 Gold: First Mover Advantage
08/22/2012 Love Trade Cools as Central Banks’ Gold Demand Heats Up
08/14/2012 Which Way Will the Pendulum Swing for Gold?
08/01/2012 Challenging the Paradigms of Investing
06/28/2012 An Ending Made For Gold
06/05/2012 The Golden Wealth of Turkey
05/23/2012 Gold: The World’s Friend for 5,000 Years
05/18/2012 How Gold Demand Remains Resilient
05/13/2012 Gold Takes It On the Chin… What’s Next?
04/25/2012 Weighing the Evidence of Oil and Gold Stocks
04/18/2012 Where’s the Beef for Gold Equities?
04/11/2012 Managing Expectations: Why Gold Should Thrive
03/27/2012 Gold and China: Where the Bulls & Bears Square Off
03/22/2012 Why Gold Can Go the Distance
02/23/2012 The Enduring Popularity of Gold
02/08/2012 In the Bullring With Gold
01/18/2012 What the Next Decade Holds for Commodities
12/20/2011 Striking Portfolio Balance with Gold Stocks
12/12/2011 You Can’t Print More Gold
11/28/2011 The Gold Triple Play
11/16/2011 The Many Factors Fueling a Return to $100 Oil
11/15/2011 Get Paid to Play Gold
11/10/2011 3 Drivers, 2 Months, 1 Gold Rally?
10/19/2011 Which Gold Miners Have the Largest Upside?
10/13/2011 Gold During Times of Turmoil
09/27/2011 Extreme Moves Leave Markets in Rare Territory
09/21/2011 Perfect Storm Creates Tidal Wave of Gold Demand
09/07/2011 How to Find Opportunities from Blood, Debt & Fears
08/29/2011 Valuation Gap Makes Gold Miners Attractive But...
08/24/2011 The Neverending Story of a 'Gold Bubble'
08/10/2011 Run, Ride or Buy? What Should Investors Do?
08/04/2011 Gold Bugs Rejoice
08/03/2011 The 2011 Gold Season is Just Around the Corner
07/19/2011 Commodities 2011 Halftime Report
06/28/2011 Playing Cat & Mouse with Global Oil
06/20/2011 Will Gold Equity Investors Strike Gold?
05/25/2011 Asian Tiger Sinks Teeth Into Gold
04/26/2011 Don’t Fear a Pullback in Prices
04/05/2011 The Bedrock of the Gold Bull Rally
03/24/2011 Debunking Gaddafi’s Gold
02/23/2011 Jewelry Drives the Gold Love Trade
02/08/2011 China in the Year of the Rabbit
02/02/2011 Stay Focused Gold Investors
01/31/2011 Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Emerging Markets?
01/10/2011 Outlook 2011: Fear & Love in Gold Trading
11/18/2010 India & China Continue to Drive Gold Demand
11/12/2010 Diwali, Dollars and Gold
09/27/2010 Return of Quantitative Easing Good for Gold
09/22/2010 Gold, Oil and China
09/13/2010 Nine Bullish Arguments for Gold
08/18/2010 Gold and Deflation
08/11/2010 Ready, Set, Gold!
02/09/2010 Fear, Gold and the Dollar
01/27/2010 The Case for Commodities in 2010 (And Beyond)
12/28/2009 Gold is the Decade’s Best
12/07/2009 Gold’s Long-term Rally Intact
12/04/2009 Top Gold Producer is Top Consumer, Too
09/09/2009 U.S. Ousted as Most Competitive Economy
09/03/2009 What Drives Performance of Gold Stocks
06/10/2009 Why the Time Could Be Right for Gold-Mining Stocks
05/05/2009 Buffett, Inflation and Gold
05/01/2009 Judging the First 100 Days
04/30/2009 Can the Autos Fix Their Flat?
04/22/2009 Eyes on China's GDP
04/17/2009 All Aboard the Rail Revival
02/19/2009 Commodities Bouncing Back in 2009
05/16/2008 Odds Favor Short-Term Slip for Oil
02/01/2008 "Wisdom of Crowds" helps explain gold's price climb
03/16/2007 Where is America's place in the world?
07/11/2006 The Rise of the Chinese Consumer
06/20/2006 Anticipate Before You Participate
08/25/2005 Fund Portfolio Commentaries
07/31/2005 Fund Portfolio Commentaries
02/01/2005 Weekly Investor Alert