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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
05/31/2016 Clash Of The Titans Propels Gold  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
05/30/2016 SSSSS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
05/30/2016 SKI #170 Gold Stock Update  Jeff Kern  321gold 
05/29/2016 FYI US Memorial Day Holiday Schedule   321gold 
05/28/2016 Billionaires Are Wrong on Gold  Nick Barisheff  321gold 
05/28/2016 Miners - Turning from Resistance Gold - Failed Breakout  Bob Hoye  321gold 
05/27/2016 Precious Metals: Key Price Levels Now  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
05/27/2016 Gold Juniors' Q1'16 Fundamentals  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
05/24/2016 Gold's Gentle Price Correction  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
05/23/2016 FYI Victoria Day Holiday Schedule for Monday   321gold 
05/23/2016 SSSSS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
05/22/2016 Gold: Intelligentsia – You’re Fired!  John Ing  321gold 
05/21/2016 Major Cycle Low Upcoming in Gold  Tom McClellan  321gold 
05/20/2016 Focus On Individual Gold Stocks  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
05/20/2016 Silver Miners' Q1 2016 Fundamentals  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
05/19/2016 The Two Best Calls Ever on a Gold Correction  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
05/19/2016 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
05/18/2016 Gold Standard Scores Big  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
05/17/2016 Gold Relaxes In $1250 - $1300 Range Trade  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
05/17/2016 Gold Demand Just Had Its Strongest-Ever First Quarter  Frank Holmes  321gold 
05/16/2016 The Best Gold Production Guy in the Business  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
05/16/2016 BSSBB This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
05/15/2016 Falco Can Produce Gold for $660  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
05/14/2016 A Walk Through a Cemetery in France  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
05/13/2016 Good Times Roll For Junior Gold Stocks  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
05/13/2016 Gold Miners' Q1'16 Fundamentals  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
05/12/2016 Taking Money off the Table  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
05/11/2016 Metals Complex Pushes Us To The Limit  Avi Gilburt  321gold 
05/10/2016 Fresh Gold Buy Signal Now  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
05/10/2016 FYI Lucara Sells Its 813 Carat Diamond for US$63 Million   321gold 
05/09/2016 SKI #169 Gold Stock Update: Yes, Melt-Up, But...  Jeff Kern  321gold 
05/09/2016 BBBBB This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
05/07/2016 The First Casualty Is Truth  Jeff Thomas  321gold 
05/07/2016 Monetary Liquifaction, Gold And The Time Of The Vulture   321gold 
05/06/2016 Give me Facts or at least Logical Opinions  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
05/06/2016 Gold & Silver Breakout Consolidates Now  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
05/06/2016 Gold Stocks Too Far Too Fast?  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
05/05/2016 US Dollar Update  Silver Analyst  321gold 
05/04/2016 If A = B and B = C, does A = C?  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
05/04/2016 Gold Stocks in the Danger Zone  Bob Kirtley  321gold 
05/03/2016 Precious Metals: Profit Booking Delight  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
05/02/2016 America’s Best and Brightest  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
05/02/2016 BBBBB This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
05/01/2016 Tom Wobker RIP   321gold 1944-2016
05/01/2016 How do you get a golf ball out of a Coke bottle?   321energy 

External News

05/31/2016 The War on Cash Is a War on Your Freedom to Opt Out   OfTwoMinds 
05/31/2016 This Looming Issue Could Boost Both Platinum and Copper   PiercePoints 
05/31/2016 Signals – From Gold and the S&P   DI 
05/31/2016 Delinquency Rates Surge in 2016, Poised to Head Higher   FS 
05/30/2016 Gold On Strike, Econ Spike, Fed To Hike?   Demeadville 
05/30/2016 Shine fades on Scotiabank’s gold business as banks land in court...   FP 
05/30/2016 Saudi banking system under pressure   WolfStreet 
05/30/2016 Manufacturing Recession Goes Global as Demand Withers   WolfStreet 
05/30/2016 The Secret of Billions   Medium 
05/29/2016 Top 10 Countries with Largest Gold Reserves   USfunds 
05/29/2016 The Gold Capitulation Begins   EAG Must Read
05/29/2016 Zombie Economy Soon to Have its Zombie Apocalypse   TGR 
05/29/2016 Death Crosses Across The Board Are IRREFUTABLE Stock Market Sell Signals   Gold-Eagle 
05/28/2016 A Harvard MBA Guy Is Out to Bring Down the Clintons   WSOP 
05/28/2016 Vancouver Real Estate Prices   News1130 
05/27/2016 My Favorite Micro-Cap Silver Company   TDG 
05/27/2016 Losing Ground In Flyover America   DSCC 
05/27/2016 Pro-Inflation? Anti-USD?   NFTRH 
05/27/2016 World’s 16 biggest banks, including RBC, ordered to face Libor lawsuits in ruling court warns could ruin them   FP 
05/27/2016 Hedge Funds Are Betting Record Amounts on Meltdown of Australian Banks and Housing Bubble   WolfStreet 
05/26/2016 Mechanical 'Economics'  Hugo Salinas Price  plata 
05/26/2016 How NOT to Invest in the Gold Market   GoldStockBull 
05/26/2016 The Gold Mine Barrick May Regret Selling   CEO 
05/26/2016 The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans   TheAtlantic 
05/26/2016 Record number of US credit cards issued in 2015 surging 90% from 2009   MB360 
05/25/2016 Nobody Knows Anything  Steve Saville  TSI 
05/25/2016 We're in the Eye of a Global Financial Hurricane   OfTwoMinds 
05/25/2016 Tocqueville Gold Strategy Investor Letter Q1 2016   Tocqueville 
05/25/2016 Despite Rally, Hype, and NIRP, Bear Markets Hound the Globe   WolfStreet 
05/25/2016 The Bank of England is to blame for the BHS pension crisis   BI 
05/24/2016 This could send gold tumbling below $1,000 again, Citi says   MW 
05/24/2016 Crude Oil Price Trend Forecast 2016 Implications for Stock Market   Nadeem Walayat 
05/24/2016 Chart Of The Week: GSG Outperforms Gold   AP 
05/24/2016 Mall Owners Begin to Feel the Pain of Brick & Mortar Retailers   WolfStreet 
05/23/2016 The Coming Fed-Induced Pension Bust   HussmanFunds 
05/23/2016 Market Update for Gold   AE 
05/23/2016 Money management and the gold mining rally   TSI 
05/23/2016 Gold Rejoins the Battle   Demeadville 
05/23/2016 2012 Redux; They Really Don’t Know What They Are Doing   DSCC 
05/22/2016 [Feb 2010] 200th Anniversary of the 1810 Bullion Committee   LBMA 
05/22/2016 Libya’s Central Bank Needs Money Stashed in a Safe   WSJ 
05/22/2016 A Nation of Housing Haves and Have-Nots   OfTwoMinds 
05/21/2016 Gold Stocks Following Bull Analogs   TDG 
05/21/2016 There’s more to China’s tumbling metals prices than spooked speculators   MW 
05/21/2016 Charts reveal a bearish trend lurking in gold futures   MW 
05/21/2016 US Treasury Quashes Saudi Threat of Dumping Treasuries   WolfStreet 
05/20/2016 Billionaires Buy Gold as Stagflation Triggers Demand   TDB 
05/20/2016 The Death of the Euro   AE 
05/20/2016 Colleges heavily discount tuition, and it might be a race to extinction   WP 
05/20/2016 How Stupid Do You Have To Be, Part 2: 100-Year Bonds   DollarCollapse 
05/19/2016 Gold, it turns out, has a seasonal pattern of weakness   MW 
05/19/2016 Deutsche Bank Stuck In “vicious circle”   Valuewalk 
05/19/2016 Metals & Miners: The Summer Correction Has Begun   EAG 
05/19/2016 Which Companies Stockpile the Most Profit “Overseas?”   WolfStreet 
05/19/2016 Uncomfortable Truths About Banking and Money   DI 
05/18/2016 'Oppenheimer Blue' diamond sells for £40m, setting new record   Telegraph 
05/18/2016 Once upon a time, there was a middle class   MB360 
05/18/2016 The Humungous Depression   TBP 
05/18/2016 Getting A Heartbeat   AOTH 
05/18/2016 Is This What ‘The End Of The Great Debt Cycle’ Looks Like?   FR 
05/17/2016 The Life Cycle of Money   GoldGeologist 
05/17/2016 The S&P 500 Chart Shows A “December Swoon” Is Straight Ahead   ETFDN 
05/17/2016 This One Map Sums Up the Economy of the Middle East   VisualCapitalist 
05/16/2016 Blowing Bubbles: QE and the Iron Laws   HussmanFunds 
05/16/2016 Gold Gets a Restful Dose of Southern Hospitality   Demeadville 
05/16/2016 Why does Goldman Sachs want your deposit money?   MW 
05/16/2016 J. C. Penney Still on Bankruptcy Path   TBP 
05/15/2016 “Print the Money”: Trump’s “Reckless” Proposal Echoes Franklin and Lincoln   MaxKeiser 
05/15/2016 Correction or Final Push Higher?   TDG 
05/15/2016 The Foundation Of The Financial Markets Took A Big Hit In 2015   SRSReport 
05/15/2016 Can Puerto Rico escape its $72 billion debt trap and avoid Greece’s fate?   Valuewalk 
05/14/2016 How Strong is Physical Demand for Precious Metals?   GoldStockBull 
05/14/2016 Two Powerful, Simple Facts Giving Gold a Major Boost   TDB 
05/14/2016 Retailers Can’t Stave Off Store Closures And Bankruptcy Forever   Pymnts 
05/14/2016 What Recovery? In Cities All Over America, the Middle Class Is Drastically Declining   AN 
05/13/2016 Macy’s Crushed By Amazon, Italian Banks Crushed By Euro   DollarCollapse 
05/13/2016 The Coming War of Central Banks   OfTwoMinds 
05/13/2016 China Stops Trying To Fool The World; World Is Sorry   DollarCollapse 
05/12/2016 The Art of Making Impossibly Thin Gold Leaf...   gizmodo 
05/12/2016 Druckenmiller: ‘What Part of “Get Out of the Stock Market” Don’t You Understand?’   FR 
05/12/2016 34% of all Americans financially support the rest of the country   MB360 
05/12/2016 WS Analyst Who Warned on GE Ahead of Crash Calls Clinton Foundation “Charity Fraud”   LBK 
05/11/2016 We Need a Complete System Overhaul...   OfTwoMinds 
05/11/2016 The Protein Ladder   AOTH 
05/11/2016 Saudi Arabia’s Oil-Bust Cash-Flow Debacle Begins to Bite   WolfStreet 
05/10/2016 Switzerland: Ron Paul interviews Claudio Grass   YouTube 
05/10/2016 The Lies You Are Told About Gold   Gold-Eagle 
05/10/2016 Wall Street Is Falling Off A Cliff, And The Bottom Is A Long Way Down   DollarCollapse 
05/10/2016 UK Steel industry suffers new blow with more job cuts in Sheffield   Telegraph 
05/09/2016 Gold and Silver Stressed by their Test   Demeadville 
05/09/2016 Latent Risks and Critical Points   HussmanFunds 
05/09/2016 The World’s Largest Shipping Company Is Already Preparing For The Next Oil Crash   ETFDN 
05/08/2016 Misreading the CoTs, Again   TDG 
05/08/2016 David Smith Interview: Several Very Good Years Ahead for PM Owners   YouTube 
05/08/2016 New banking normal where lending $2 increases GDP by $1   MB360 
05/08/2016 Central Planners Versus Contrarian Logic   BMI 
05/07/2016 The relentless COMEX fear-mongering   TSI 
05/07/2016 Why Saudi Arabia Is Suddenly in Serious Trouble   AN 
05/07/2016 EU Plans $290,000 Per Person Fine on Countries Refusing “Fair Share” of Refugees   MishTalk 
05/06/2016 Here's how far in advance you should book your flight   BI 
05/06/2016 Eight New Normal Charts That Are Insanely Abnormal--and Dangerous   OfTwoMinds 
05/06/2016 Gold & Silver Super Bull Market Initiated; Dollar Dying, says David Morgan   FMT 
05/05/2016 Derivatives Crisis Of Banks…Worldwide   SP 
05/05/2016 Puerto Rico Default Bruises Dollar, Boosts Gold   TDB 
05/05/2016 What Comes Next——Krugman’s Fiscal Equivalent Of War   DSCC 
05/04/2016 Culture Clash  Bill Gross  Janus 
05/04/2016 Mining's Bootstrapped   CEO Must Read
05/04/2016 US Manufacturing Sinks Deeper into Mire, Sep. 2009 evoked   WolfStreet 
05/04/2016 How Systems Break: First They Slow Down   OfTwoMinds 
05/03/2016 Silver: The “Five Year Plan” and the Great Leap Forward   DI 
05/03/2016 Negative Interest Rates Claim More Victims...  John Rubino  DollarCollapse 
05/03/2016 Consensus Forming: China Heading Back Into Financial Crisis   DollarCollapse 
05/03/2016 Why this Economy Feels Even Lousier than the Lousy GDP Print   WolfStreet 
05/03/2016 What the Heck is Going on With the Dollar and “Fear?”   WolfStreet 
05/02/2016 Justified Consequences   HussmanFunds 
05/02/2016 Gold Market Update  Clive Maund  CM 
05/02/2016 Now Come the Tests for Gold and Silver   Demeadville 
05/02/2016 Puerto Rico to default on debt payment due Monday   MW 
05/02/2016 Eric Hunsader: The Financial System is Absolutely, Positively Rigged   PP 
05/01/2016 Nub is the Sweat of the Sun   AOTH 
05/01/2016 This Index is Screaming a U.S. Dollar Decline   TDB 
05/01/2016 Why Real Reform Is Now Impossible   OfTwoMinds 
05/01/2016 Gold and Negative Interest Rates   acting-man 

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