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03/20/2024 The Inflation Genie is Out of the Bottle
10/19/2023 Global Debt At Record Levels and Rates Are "Going A Lot Higher":
10/18/2019 This Is Not a Printing Press
11/16/2018 The stock market economy
06/03/2018 Banking System Has Huge Problem
03/14/2018 Trump Plays with Fire on Trade
02/10/2018 Raising Rates Reflect Bigger Debt Not Faster Growth
10/20/2017 Calm Before The Storm
06/21/2017 Here Comes Quantitative Tightening
05/03/2017 Damn the Deficits, Huge Tax Cuts Ahead!
03/15/2017 Trumpcare: Different Plan, Same Problems
01/19/2017 Trump Deficits Will Be Huge
11/20/2016 King of Debt Takes the Reins
11/12/2016 Midnight in America
10/13/2016 The Next Recession Looms Large
10/05/2016 Gold vs. Paper: The Only Debate That Matters
09/14/2016 Negative Rates Will Kill Growth
08/17/2016 Central Banks Are Choking Productivity
04/21/2016 The Winter of Discontent
03/24/2016 Two Down - Two to Go
03/09/2016 Peddling Fiction, Ignoring Fact
02/25/2016 The Fed's Nightmare Scenario
01/30/2016 Clueless in Davos
12/20/2015 Mission Accomplished
12/09/2015 Fed's Rocket Ship Turns Hoverboard
11/15/2015 The Shadow Rate Casts Gloom
11/04/2015 QE's Creeping Communism
10/21/2015 Death of a Patriot
10/06/2015 Failure to Launch
09/23/2015 Groundhog Day at the Fed
09/08/2015 Meet QT; QE's Evil Twin
08/18/2015 The Shot Not Heard Around the World
08/11/2015 What Kind of "Improvement" Does the Fed Want?
08/02/2015 The Euro Isn't Dead
07/23/2015 Currencies Depend on Faith, Gold Doesn't
07/07/2015 The Big Picture
06/11/2015 The Punch Bowl Stays
06/02/2015 The Fed Considers a More Seasoned Approach
05/21/2015 See No Evil: What We Chose to Ignore in the April Jobs Report
04/16/2015 China Finally Stops Fighting the Stock Market
03/25/2015 Give'em the Old Razzle Dazzle
03/11/2015 A Patient Fed Considers Losing Patience
02/04/2015 The Bravado of Borrowers
12/23/2014 Could an Energy Bust Trigger QE4?
11/27/2014 The Clock is Ticking in Switzerland
11/20/2014 The Abenomics Death Spiral
10/16/2014 Governments Need Inflation, Economies Don't
09/18/2014 A New Fed Playbook for the New Normal
08/05/2014 Inflation Trumps Growth
07/27/2014 Yellen: Where No Man Has Gone Before
06/24/2014 The Bond Trap
06/10/2014 Snow Job
06/07/2014 The Platinum Supply Shock
05/31/2014 Piketty's Envy Problem
05/20/2014 The Belgian Connection
05/08/2014 And the Band Played On
05/03/2014 The Gold Price is Fixed. So What?
04/30/2014 The Debate Debate
04/06/2014 Meet "Lowflation": Deflation's Scary Pal
04/03/2014 The Stealth Rally: Gold Under The Radar
03/26/2014 Debt and Taxes
03/15/2014 Weather or Not?
02/25/2014 Obama Spins Subsidies Both Ways
01/23/2014 The Deflation Menace
01/07/2014 Too Big to Pop
01/03/2014 The long and the short of gold investing
12/28/2013 A Spoonful of Sugar
12/19/2013 They Bravely Chickened Out
12/06/2013 The Eastern Lust For Gold
11/27/2013 Ben's Rocket to Nowhere
11/12/2013 Gold: Hold it or fold it?
10/23/2013 The Collapse Of The Dollar Is Unavoidable
10/22/2013 A Green Light for Gold?
10/17/2013 Yellen Heading Fed very Bullish for Gold
10/07/2013 The Taper Talk
09/04/2013 Off to the races
08/31/2013 The Unfriendly Skies
08/23/2013 The GDP Distractor
08/02/2013 Detroit Broke City
07/19/2013 The Powerful Case For Silver
07/05/2013 Green Investors Missing Golden Opportunity
06/30/2013 Sock Puppet Kabuki; Nikkei Today Parallels Dot-Com Bust
06/27/2013 Tapering the Taper Talk
06/07/2013 The Great Reflation
06/04/2013 The Gold Bull vs The Paper Tiger
05/24/2013 The Biggest Loser Wins
05/17/2013 Symptoms Don't Lie
05/09/2013 The Great Gold Redemption
04/27/2013 Changing The Conversation
04/22/2013 Japan Steps into the Void
04/17/2013 Gold in the Crosshairs
04/06/2013 The Stockman Backlash
04/04/2013 Cypriots in the streets
04/03/2013 Flying High on Borrowed Wings
03/27/2013 The Stimulus Trap
03/22/2013 Cyprus Lifts the Curtain
03/06/2013 Ben's Balance Sheet Blues
02/21/2013 The Pound Gets Pounded
02/12/2013 Messing with the Bull
02/08/2013 The Biggest Loser
02/05/2013 The Bernanke Shock
01/30/2013 Bernanke to Oprah: "I've Been Doping for Years"
01/16/2013 The Trillion Dollar Trick
01/10/2013 Inflation Propaganda Exposed
01/04/2013 Congress Avoids the Cliff by Selling Us Down the River
12/18/2012 No Way Out
12/04/2012 Doing Away With Ceiling Drama
11/21/2012 Patriotic Millionaires Unmasked
11/13/2012 Extend and Pretend
11/08/2012 When Infinite Inflation Isn't Enough
10/25/2012 Lessons from Black Monday
10/16/2012 Inflation: Washington is Blind to Main Street's Biggest Concern
10/11/2012 Riding Into the Sunset or a Brick Wall?
09/10/2012 The Fed's Campaign
09/05/2012 The QE Debate
08/30/2012 The Gold Standard Gets Another Look
08/08/2012 The Not So Super Hero
08/03/2012 Priced for Collapse
07/13/2012 The Real Fiscal Cliff
07/05/2012 The Return of the Gold Standard
07/04/2012 Legal Gimmickry Rescues Obama
06/25/2012 Trickle Up Economics
06/15/2012 Out of Order
06/11/2012 Damn the Torpedoes
06/08/2012 What is Money?
06/06/2012 Economic Reality Bites
05/25/2012 The Real Crash
05/14/2012 The Golden Rule Reinterpreted
05/08/2012 France May be Losing Its Head... Europe Soon to Follow?
04/14/2012 Unprecedented Presidential Posturing
04/08/2012 Obama's Pretzel Logic
04/06/2012 Don't Catch Recovery Fever
03/22/2012 Trade Rains on the Jobs Parade
03/15/2012 America Mortgaged at an Adjustable Rate
03/08/2012 Buffett's Bursting Bubble
03/07/2012 Why Buy the Cow?
02/29/2012 No Easy Fix for Gas Prices
02/14/2012 Keynesians Jump the Gun on Inflation
02/10/2012 James Rickards: Author of Currency Wars Interviewed by
01/31/2012 Waist Deep in the Big Muddy
01/11/2012 The Dollar's Lucky Streak
01/05/2012 Was 2011 The End of the Gold Rush?
11/28/2011 Gold Buyers Guide: How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off
11/24/2011 Whose Fuse is Shorter?
11/03/2011 The Politics of Gold Investment
10/30/2011 In Defense of the 1%
10/26/2011 President Obama Announces Plan to Boost College Tuitions
10/18/2011 Herman Cain's Hidden Nine
10/04/2011 Currency: The Hidden Portfolio Risk
10/03/2011 On the Recent Gold Pullback
09/09/2011 More of the Same
09/07/2011 The Last Haven Standing
09/04/2011 Job Killer in Chief
08/25/2011 There They Go Again
08/12/2011 The Fix is In
08/02/2011 Debt Deal is a Blank Check
08/01/2011 Gold & Silver Beyond the Limit
07/14/2011 It Ain't Money If I Can't Print It
07/10/2011 Don't be Fooled by Political Posturing
07/06/2011 The Rise of the Barter Economy
06/15/2011 End Game
06/02/2011 After The Dollar: What Comes Next?
05/17/2011 Raising the Roof on Debt
05/05/2011 The Institution Gold Rush
04/19/2011 Late to The Party... Once Again
04/04/2011 Spending Your Stash
03/25/2011 The Treasury Auction Shell Game
03/21/2011 Quake Response Puts Yen on the Line
03/07/2011 A Little Understanding Goes a Long Way
03/03/2011 Silver Outweighs Gold
02/10/2011 The Two Faces of Ben Bernanke
02/03/2011 The Simple Truth About Gold Leverage Programs
01/31/2011 A Mockery of a Sham
01/20/2011 China's Inflation Problem Looms Large
01/05/2011 Numismatics are Fool's Gold
01/03/2011 OT Forever Stamps Tell Us Much
12/20/2010 For Whom the Bell Tolls
12/11/2010 Washington Orders Another Free Lunch
12/06/2010 More Stimulus Means Fewer Jobs
12/03/2010 The Confiscation Con
11/25/2010 The Duel over the Dual Mandate
11/10/2010 The Currency War - Good for Gold
11/01/2010 Keep Your Head Above Dollar
10/19/2010 Tax Cuts Won't Cut It
10/11/2010 The Hail Mary
09/30/2010 Race to the Bottom
09/20/2010 Japan Intervenes to Bail Out America.com
08/30/2010 Flying Blind
08/24/2010 Carts and Horses
08/14/2010 How an Economy Grows & Why it Crashes
08/10/2010 Monetary Cards on the Table
08/09/2010 The Golden Decade
08/09/2010 Jobs Report and the Dollar
07/20/2010 Why Not Another World War?
06/29/2010 The New Ideological Divide
06/08/2010 The Phantom Recovery
05/19/2010 It Could Have Had Class
05/10/2010 Is Sovereign Debt Crisis Contained to Subprime?
04/30/2010 Money Bomb Schiff For Senate
04/26/2010 To Peg or Not to Peg?
04/12/2010 Krugman Strikes Again
04/02/2010 The Fed's Last Hurrah
03/19/2010 Paul Krugman Versus Reality
03/15/2010 Dollar Bulls Beware
03/02/2010 Don't Bet on a Recovery
02/24/2010 It's All Greek to Me
02/13/2010 Fear Takes the Wheel
02/05/2010 More Government Equals Fewer Jobs
01/31/2010 The Precarious State of Our Union
01/24/2010 Congress Sacks Samoan Economy
01/16/2010 Poland's Economy is No Joke
01/08/2010 It's Not Our Fault
12/31/2009 A Hell of a Decade
12/23/2009 Dropping the Bomb on Health Care
12/15/2009 Mission Not Accomplished
11/21/2009 The Truth Behind China's Currency Peg
11/15/2009 Job Losses Demystified
11/09/2009 The Food Here is Terrible
10/30/2009 Hair of the Dog
10/23/2009 Dollar Forced to Abdicate
10/16/2009 Ignorance Is Bliss
10/12/2009 A Call to Action
10/02/2009 The Recovery That Isn't
09/25/2009 The Price of Pretense in Pittsburgh
09/18/2009 Lehman Brothers Revisited
09/13/2009 Canary in the Coal Mine
09/09/2009 Global Market Wrap-Up for 8th Sep.
08/28/2009 The Devil We Know
08/24/2009 Dough for Dumps?
08/15/2009 Less Government or Lower Wages? You Decide
08/08/2009 "Experts" Never Learn
08/01/2009 Happy Days Aren't Here Again
07/27/2009 No Exit for Ben
07/20/2009 Prescription for Disaster
07/10/2009 Minimum Wage, Maximum Stupidity
06/26/2009 Double Whammy
06/19/2009 Back in the U.S.S.A.
06/13/2009 Property Rights Take a Hit
06/08/2009 The Charm Offensive
05/30/2009 Obama Should Tell California to Drop Dead
05/23/2009 Housing's Big Picture Isn't Pretty
05/16/2009 Who, Me? Yes, You!
05/11/2009 Don't Be Fooled by Inflation
05/05/2009 Funds Hoodwinked
04/25/2009 Unintended Consequences
04/20/2009 Not All Economists Agree
04/10/2009 Be Careful What You Wish For
04/06/2009 Let's Play Pretend!
03/28/2009 The Fault Lines Emerge
03/20/2009 The Mother of all Bells
03/13/2009 Credit Card Cancer
03/09/2009 Rush to Judgment
02/28/2009 Steak, Bread and Candlesticks
02/23/2009 "Tough Love Needed" Predatory Legislators
02/16/2009 Obama's Opening Salvo
02/09/2009 This is Just the Beginning
01/24/2009 The World Won't Buy Unlimited U.S. Debt
01/19/2009 Credit Where Credit is Due
01/10/2009 The Fed's Bubble Trouble
12/30/2008 There's No Pain-Free Cure for Recession
12/17/2008 In Madoff We Trust
12/15/2008 A Nightmare Before Christmas
12/08/2008 Low Rates, Big Problems
12/02/2008 Bailout a-Go-Go
11/24/2008 [Solutions] The Truth About Bailouts
11/15/2008 The Humpty Dumpty Economy
11/07/2008 The Reagan Counterrevolution
10/31/2008 The Tales Get Taller
10/24/2008 Upping the Stimulus Dosage
10/17/2008 Not Your Grandfather's Depression
10/17/2008 Don't Blame Capitalism
10/14/2008 Just stop paying your mortgage
10/11/2008 The Party is Over
10/04/2008 Liquidity is in the Eye of the Holder
09/29/2008 Making a Deal with the Devil
09/19/2008 Paulson Goes All In
09/18/2008 Comrade Bernanke Does it Again
09/15/2008 Last Gasp of a Doomed Currency
09/10/2008 Paulson's Quick Draw
09/06/2008 Down the Rabbit Hole
08/29/2008 Let's Get Real about Real Estate
08/22/2008 Investors Chase Phantoms
08/18/2008 The Strong Dollar Illusion
08/11/2008 The American Dream is Just That
08/04/2008 The Maestro Won't Face the Music
07/28/2008 Congress Taps Paulson's Helmet
07/18/2008 Armed and Dangerous
07/12/2008 Demand Destruction Stops at the Border
06/27/2008 Intervention Will Not Stop the Dollar's Slide
06/23/2008 The Fed Unreserved
06/09/2008 The Fed's Strong Dollar Policy
05/30/2008 Don't be Afraid, Buy Gold
05/23/2008 It's not an Oil Crisis it's a Dollar Crisis
05/16/2008 China's Simple Solution
05/12/2008 The Ticking Credit Card Time Bomb
05/02/2008 Ben Bernanke is no Paul Volcker
04/25/2008 Why Not Let the Market Set Prices?
04/18/2008 The Collapse of America's Service Economy
04/14/2008 Brother Can You Spare 10 Grand?
04/04/2008 The Assault on Free Markets
03/28/2008 Bail me out Bennie
03/21/2008 Alice in Wonderland
03/15/2008 Vive La France, the Road to Hyperinflation
03/07/2008 They Still Don't Get it
02/29/2008 Hear Me Now - Believe Me Later
02/22/2008 Inflation: America's Greatest Export
02/15/2008 Upping the Inflation Dosage
02/11/2008 The Mother of all Bubbles
02/04/2008 More Salad, Less Twinkies
01/25/2008 Another one Bites the Dust
01/18/2008 A Modest Proposal
01/14/2008 Passing The Devalued Buck
01/11/2008 It's Inflation, Stupid
01/04/2008 Eyes Wide Shut
12/28/2007 Crunch Time for American Consumers
12/27/2007 Frozen Rates, Falling Prices
12/21/2007 Not Your Father's Deflation
12/14/2007 More Gasoline on the Fire
12/07/2007 The Mother of all Bad Ideas
12/03/2007 The End of Consumer Credit as we know it
11/26/2007 Heads we Win, Tails you Lose
11/17/2007 Subprime Consumers
11/12/2007 From Main Street to Wall Street
11/01/2007 They Have Got to be Kidding
10/29/2007 Send in the Clowns
10/19/2007 Prices are the Cart, Money Supply is the Horse
10/12/2007 Why a Weak Dollar Hurts U.S. Manufacturers
10/05/2007 Are there too many dollar bears?
09/29/2007 Stagflation Revisited
09/21/2007 Helicopter Ben Earns His Wings
09/14/2007 American Consumers are Losing their Crown
09/10/2007 Too big to be bailed out
08/31/2007 The Writing is on the Wall
08/27/2007 It's a Shoe In
08/10/2007 The Shoddiest Export
08/03/2007 It's the Fundamentals Stupid
07/30/2007 What a Difference a Week Makes!
07/20/2007 Sorry Ben, the Buck Stops with You
07/13/2007 Time to Face the Music
07/10/2007 Will Japan destroy the yen to save the dollar?
06/29/2007 Subprime Shoes Continue to Drop
06/22/2007 Ain't No Yield High Enough
06/15/2007 Good Money After Bad
06/08/2007 Stocks & the Price of Pork in China
06/01/2007 When will all this bad news sink in?
05/25/2007 Is Global Stock Market Exuberance Rational?
05/20/2007 Lipstick on a Pig
05/04/2007 "Growth" is in the Eye of the Beholder
04/27/2007 What Record High?
04/20/2007 Ding Dong the Witch isn't Dead
04/16/2007 Perched Precariously on a Precipice
04/06/2007 No More Legs to Stand on
03/30/2007 How Blind can they be?
03/23/2007 Don't Uncork the Champagne Just Yet
03/15/2007 From the Sub-Prime to the Ridiculous
03/11/2007 The Worst is Far from Over
03/05/2007 Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming...
02/23/2007 Is the Fed finally losing its Credibility?
02/16/2007 Selling our Cows to Buy Milk
02/09/2007 Irrational Exuberance in China
02/02/2007 Not Much Left to Protect
01/26/2007 Higher Interest Rates Mean Trouble Ahead
01/21/2007 Don't forget the Gold in Goldilocks
01/12/2007 How low can oil prices go?
01/05/2007 More Consumption Less Production
12/30/2006 Wall Street's Spin-Meisters are at it Again
12/23/2006 Sub-Prime Disaster in the making
12/15/2006 Ben & Hank's Not So Excellent Adventure
12/08/2006 What's Really Going on With Bonds?
12/01/2006 Americans Will Shop Till Their Dollars Drop
11/24/2006 The U.S. Dollar is the Week's Biggest Turkey
11/17/2006 Historical Norms Don't Apply
11/10/2006 Don't Bet on Gridlock
10/27/2006 Denial is Not Just a River in Egypt
10/20/2006 Don't Get Excited About CPI & Housing Data
10/13/2006 Let's Get Real About Deficits
10/07/2006 Don't Buy the Dow's New High
09/29/2006 Did he really say that?
09/15/2006 The End of Gold's Bull Market, Not
09/02/2006 Peter Schiff vs. Art Laffer
08/28/2006 Real Estate's Crash Landing
08/18/2006 The Bond Market Has it Wrong
08/11/2006 The Fed's Big Bluff
08/04/2006 The Pause That Will Not Refresh
07/28/2006 Are "gold bugs" Unpatriotic?
07/21/2006 Slower Growth will not Contain Inflation
07/13/2006 Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain
07/07/2006 Stagflation Reality Sets In
06/30/2006 The Reality of Stagflation
06/23/2006 The Paradox of Housing
06/15/2006 What happened to Gold?
06/08/2006 Déjà Vu All Over Again
06/02/2006 Not So Dynamic Duo
05/26/2006 Higher Interest Rates Won't Help the Dollar
05/20/2006 Live by the "core," die by the "core"
05/16/2006 China's War Time Economy
05/06/2006 Would you Like Ketchup With That Hat?
05/02/2006 Cool Hand Steve
04/27/2006 Top Ten Signs of a Precious Metals Bubble
04/21/2006 Not Your Father's Housing Market
04/17/2006 Peter Schiff Interviews Jimmy Rogers (gold snippet)
04/08/2006 The Egg Man
03/30/2006 Biting the Hand that Feeds you
03/24/2006 Gold is Not another Currency
03/17/2006 A Tale of Two Farmers
03/10/2006 Monetary Hara-Kiri
03/03/2006 Hi-Ho Silver. . .
02/24/2006 Too Big to Burst
02/18/2006 Much ado about Bernanke
02/10/2006 The Return of the Long Bond
02/03/2006 Let's Bury Greenspan, Not Praise Him
01/27/2006 Gold's Rise is no Conundrum
01/14/2006 The Illusion of a Rising Dow
01/06/2006 Dollar Gets New Year Mark Down
12/24/2005 Whistling Past Graveyards
12/16/2005 The Dollar Breaks Down
12/09/2005 Bernanke Confuses Depression Cure with Disease
12/02/2005 The Fallacy of Consumption
11/28/2005 $500 Gold and Interest Rates
11/21/2005 With Real Estate, This Time it Really is Different
11/16/2005 Again, Which do you Believe, Gold or the Government?
11/11/2005 The Rise of the Dollar.com
11/04/2005 So Far, Not So Good
10/27/2005 Helicopter Ben is no Paul Volcker
10/20/2005 Figures Lie and Liars Figure
10/15/2005 Gold versus the Stock Market
10/07/2005 Wall Street Wakes Up
10/01/2005 Attention Miners, the Canary is Dead!
09/23/2005 Hurricane George is Heading Straight for Your Portfolio
09/18/2005 Gold or the Government, which do you believe?
09/14/2005 The Real Lesson From Katrina
07/28/2005 China's Peg was America's Crutch
07/21/2005 Who Says No One Rings a Bell?
07/14/2005 Trade Deficit Puts Dollar Back in The Spotlight
06/28/2005 Theater of the Absurd
06/21/2005 Gold's Trifecta Reveals Dollar's Diminished Status
06/06/2005 Gold & Oil Could Force Surprise ECB Rate Hike
05/13/2005 Plasma Televisions are not Buggy Whips
05/05/2005 Treasury to re-issue 30-yr bonds, any takers?
04/29/2005 Kudlow Needs a Refresher Course in Econ 101
04/26/2005 Greenspan, Be Careful What You Wish For
04/20/2005 Still not convinced there's a real estate bubble
04/13/2005 Record trade deficit despite lower dollar
04/07/2005 Hello, Inflation is not good for the Dollar
03/25/2005 If You Think Higher Interest Rates Will Help...
03/11/2005 Kudlow on the Trade Deficit
03/10/2005 The US Economy, Vulnerable as Ever to an Oil-Shock
03/04/2005 Strong employment numbers aren't good news
03/03/2005 Greenspan Walks Policy Tightrope
02/15/2005 Strong Retail Sales Reflect Inflation Not Growth
02/11/2005 CNBC Redefines the Word "Sacrifice"
02/09/2005 Warren Buffett & Bill Gates do not a mania make