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04/01/2016 Possible Global Oil Industry Disruption
01/15/2014 Gold & Silver Mining Shares and the Economic Mess Ahead
04/05/2013 The Hidden Factor in the Economy
06/26/2012 Deflation Inflation Debate
08/05/2011 Precious Metal Stocks are Undervalued
07/13/2011 The Gerbino Principle of Liquidity
05/13/2011 Good & Bad News about the Mining Stocks
01/14/2011 Predictions for 2011: Gold, Silver & the Economy
05/28/2010 The Great Deceit
05/20/2010 You Better Read This, Gold & Greece: Not What You Think
03/23/2010 Gold Market & PM Mining Share Report
11/06/2009 Don't lose sleep over the gold price
07/17/2009 The Next Five Years
03/18/2009 Beverly Hills Economic Club Speech
02/06/2009 The End to the Inflation - Deflation Debate
01/27/2009 Relax: There Will Be No Depression
01/26/2009 Coconuts and Gold
11/11/2008 Gold Stocks: Important Info to Know
09/20/2008 The World Gone Crazy & Your Gold Stocks
06/19/2008 The Gold Market & World Economy
05/23/2008 Gold Stocks Five Data Points to Remember
05/05/2008 Best Damn Gold Stock Advice Ever from Sherlock Holmes
04/25/2008 Big News on The Gold Stocks...
03/20/2008 Conclusions on the Selling Pressure
02/04/2008 What's Wrong With The Juniors
01/18/2008 There is No Credit Crisis...
01/03/2008 Gold & Gold Mining Stocks Report
11/08/2007 A New Hope Incredible Ron Paul...
10/26/2007 Crucial Information - Not All Rosy
06/21/2007 What's Happening
02/28/2007 The Big Sell Off...
11/01/2006 Gold Stocks: In Ground Value vs. Market Value
08/10/2006 Gold Mining Stocks Blood, Sweat & Tears
05/24/2006 Is the Correction Over
05/16/2006 Gold Mining Stocks & the Current Sell Off...
03/20/2006 The Moment of Truth
01/23/2006 Important Guidance for Gold Stock Investors
10/12/2005 Oil Peak Projection and Assumptions
07/31/2005 Make Sure You Have Some Platinum Stocks...
06/10/2005 Road Map on the Mining Stocks
05/04/2005 Mining Stocks: What is Happening Now
04/01/2005 Base Metal Stocks: A Bull Market Beyond Expectations
03/18/2005 Gold Stocks: Inspecting Your Portfolio
02/14/2005 IMF Gold Sales: 24 Reasons...
01/27/2005 The Great South African Platinum Story
01/13/2005 Advice on Your Gold Stocks for 2005
11/11/2004 Quick notes on the current gold price
11/09/2004 Gold Stocks: Managing The Portfolio
10/29/2004 Your Gold Mining Stocks & the Election
09/29/2004 Why the Strong Rally in the Gold Stocks
09/22/2004 Advice for Managing Your Gold Stock Portfolio
08/20/2004 Gold Recommendations
07/26/2004 Three Myths Confusing Gold Mining Investors
06/19/2004 The Fed and the Gold Price
06/08/2004 Twelve Guidelines for Buying Gold Mining Stocks
05/28/2004 The Fed Can't Stop Inflation