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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
07/31/2018 US Stock Market Danger & Golden Goodies  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/30/2018 Are Crises in Argentina & Turkey Harbinger of the Global Crash?  Arkadiusz Sieron  321gold 
07/30/2018 SSSSS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
07/28/2018 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
07/27/2018 Supposedly Bullish Gold’s CoT Signal  Przemyslaw Radomski  321gold 
07/27/2018 Gold Shorts Near Record!  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/25/2018 Elliott Wave Counts For Gold & Silver  captainewave  321gold 
07/25/2018 Gold – Capitulation Mode  Bob Hoye  321gold 
07/24/2018 Gold & Digital Gold: Both Assets Are Great!  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/24/2018 Searching for that Needle in the Haystack  Kevin Dougan  321gold 
07/23/2018 SKI #206 Gold Stock Update: Marking Technical Points  Jeff Kern  321gold 
07/23/2018 King of Debt  W K Darcy  321gold 
07/22/2018 Custom Global Market Indexes May Be Sounding Alarms  Chris Vermeulen  321gold 
07/21/2018 Short update on Novo  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
07/20/2018 The Silver and Platinum Express  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
07/20/2018 Gold Stocks: The Winners Build Wealth  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
07/20/2018 Gold Investment Wanes  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/18/2018 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
07/17/2018 Gold: Global Currency Or Ultimate Asset?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/17/2018 [July 6th] Discovery Alert in the Golden Triangle  Yves Usereau  321gold 
07/16/2018 US Equities Set For Further Advances As Q2 Earnings Start  Chris Vermeulen  321gold 
07/13/2018 Newfoundland Maritime Disaster  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
07/13/2018 Mining Stocks: Key Tactics For Investors  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
07/13/2018 Gold-Stock Summer Lows  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/12/2018 Bonanza Gold Hit in Nevada   Bob Moriarty  321gold 
07/10/2018 The Nuances Of a Gold Price Sale  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/10/2018 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
07/09/2018 Elliott Wave Counts For Gold, Silver, & T-Bonds  captainewave  321gold 
07/09/2018 Police State in Slo-Mo  Jeff Thomas  321gold 
07/08/2018 Gold – Sequential Alerts  Bob Hoye  321gold 
07/06/2018 Gold Selling Exhausting  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/03/2018 American Pacific Hits at Tuscarora  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
07/03/2018 Gold In July: The Time To Buy  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/03/2018 The Debt Threat and Gold  Arkadiusz Sieron  321gold 
07/02/2018 SKI #205 Gold Stock Update: Potential Bull Market  Jeff Kern  321gold 
07/01/2018 FYI Canada Day & 4th July Holiday Schedule   321gold 
07/01/2018 US Equities Maybe Set To Rebound To New Highs  Kal Kotecha  321gold 

External News

07/31/2018 A Dire Warning, Report 29 July 2018   Keith Weiner  MM 
07/31/2018 Why Four Experts Like this Small Cap Oklahoma STACK Play   SR 
07/31/2018 Have the Chinese pegged the gold price?   TSI 
07/31/2018 The Trillion Dollar Stock Question   BMI 
07/31/2018 Is The Interest Rate Death Spiral Finally Starting?   DC 
07/30/2018 Extrapolating Growth   HussmanFunds 
07/30/2018 US housing market collapse 2.0 accelerates rapidly   TGR 
07/30/2018 The FAANG-nary In The Coal Mine   PP 
07/29/2018 Dow/Gold-A 98% Fall Next   GOLDswitzerland 
07/29/2018 Carmageddon in Detroit   WolfStreet 
07/29/2018 Big Stocks Rock NASDAQ as Two FAANGs Bite the Dust   TGR 
07/29/2018 When Long-Brewing Instability Finally Reaches Crisis   OTM 
07/28/2018 Could Technology Doom Facebook, Koch Industries and JPMorgan Chase?   WSOP 
07/28/2018 Why It Might Be A Good Time To Revisit Ray Dalio’s 1937 Analog   TFR 
07/28/2018 “Cliff Edge” Brexit Threatens $34 Trillion of Derivative Contracts: UK Regulator   WolfStreet 
07/28/2018 Gold Stocks Testing Last Ditch Support   TDG 
07/27/2018 FYI Morris Hubbartt will write every TWO weeks from now onwards    
07/27/2018 Today's total lunar eclipse will be longest blood moon visible this century   AW 
07/27/2018 Welcome To The Third World, Part 28 ...   DC 
07/27/2018 First Corporate Bankruptcy in China & How the CB is Addressing the Problem   AE 
07/26/2018 Conglomerate Gold in the Pilbara: A Brief History & Next Steps   CEO 
07/26/2018 World’s “Largest Robot” Makes First Delivery   FMC 
07/26/2018 War on Americans   DI 
07/26/2018 The “Productivity of Debt” Myth   TSI 
07/25/2018 Wall Street’s Derivatives Nightmare: New York Times Does a Shallow Dive   WSOP 
07/25/2018 A National Security Imperative   MC 
07/25/2018 Backlash Against “War on Cash” Reaches Washington & China   WolfStreet 
07/24/2018 The Schizophrenic Deep State is a Symptom, Not the Disease   OTM Must Read
07/24/2018 Cyclically Non-Adjusted Earnings   EC 
07/24/2018 Belgian political leader predicts European civil war is near, as gov'ts are losing control   VOE 
07/24/2018 Tech Alert   NT 
07/23/2018 Has the USD finally topped?   SC 
07/23/2018 Which Yield Curve “Inverts” First? US, Japan, Germany, or China?   WolfStreet 
07/23/2018 “That’s a Super Dangerous Place to Be”: CEO of JPMorgan Asset Management   WolfStreet 
07/23/2018 The Most Important Charts for Your Gold Stocks Right Now   KatusaResearch 
07/22/2018 America The Insolvent   PP 
07/22/2018 You Buy the Fear in Gold   NFTRH 
07/22/2018 Barry Silbert says bitcoin put in its 2018 low, but 99% of cryptos are worthless   MW 
07/22/2018 Housing Market Collapse 2.0 Has Begun   TGR 
07/21/2018 The Deep State, Trump & The World...  Clive Maund  CM Read
07/21/2018 The road to war: Buying fear - Part 3   AOTH 
07/21/2018 What is ‘nudge theory’ and why should we care?   Independent 
07/21/2018 The Fed’s Making A Mistake And It Could Cause A Recession By Next Summer   IWB 
07/21/2018 No currency manipulation by China’s government, yet   TSI 
07/20/2018 Russia Dumped Most/All its US Treasury Holdings, Disappeared from List   WolfStreet 
07/20/2018 This Chart Underscores The All-Importance Of The FAANGs   IWB 
07/19/2018 Signal vs. Noise in the Gold Market   TDG 
07/19/2018 McDonald's, tossed salad, and toilet paper   AmericanThinker 
07/19/2018 Pay Attention Moment - Time to wake up from your Summer Slumber   Rambus1 
07/19/2018 Hackers have stolen more than $1 billion from cryptocurrency exchanges in 2018   BI 
07/19/2018 How The Trade War Will Hurt The US — And The World  Michael Pento  DC 
07/18/2018 Only small secrets need to be protected. The large ones are kept secret by the public’s incredulity   Medium MUST READ
07/18/2018 The Great Gold Upgrade  Keith Weiner  MM 
07/18/2018 These Charts Prove It’s Time to Break Up the Big Wall Street Banks   WSOP 
07/18/2018 But Who Pays the Price of All This Inflation?   WolfStreet 
07/17/2018 The Most Important Chart Right Now   CEO 
07/17/2018 Student Debt Bubble Expands As Parents Do More Of The Borrowing   DC 
07/17/2018 Coffee Break - Time to Invest in Soft Commodities   MM 
07/16/2018 The BIGGEST Change in Brazil’s Mining Sector in 50 Years   FMC 
07/16/2018 Is the Relative Strength in Gold Miners to Gold Significant?   TDG 
07/16/2018 Ponzi Economy Will Lead To Next Global Financial Crisis   GoldCore 
07/16/2018 How Amazon Rules   WolfStreet 
07/15/2018 Big Pharma and the Rise of Gangster Capitalism   OTM 
07/15/2018 As Erdogan Cements His Hold Over Turkey’s Economy, Global Investors Begin to Panic   WolfStreet 
07/15/2018 3-D Printing is the Future of Factories (For Real this Time)   Wired 
07/14/2018 The road to war: China's Kryptonite - part 2   AOTH 
07/14/2018 Cool Mara Riot: The big money, bitcoin-biotech daisy chain   SS 
07/14/2018 The US is Dead Broke   GOLDswitzerland 
07/14/2018 An Absolutely Epic Escalation Of The Trade War Has Us On The Precipice Of A Cataclysmic Global Economic Crisis   IWB 
07/14/2018 ‘The Lady Doth Protest Too Much’   TFR 
07/13/2018 We Give Up! Part 3: China Stops Deleveraging...   DC 
07/13/2018 The Base Metal Boom: The Start of a New Bull Market?   VisualCapitalist 
07/13/2018 Bi-Weekly Economic Review: Welcome To The Slowdown   Al 
07/13/2018 Trade War begins: US and China exchange $34 billion in tariffs   CNBC 
07/12/2018 The USA is now a 3rd World Nation   ICH 
07/12/2018 Doug Casey Talks Cryptocurrencies, PMs & Novels   P&P 
07/12/2018 Trade Wars, Tariffs, Stocks And The Definition Of ‘Winning’   DB 
07/12/2018 San Francisco hospital treated Korean tourists’ baby with a nap and a bottle of milk formula. The bill was US$18,000   SCMP 
07/11/2018 Economists Won't Predict the Next Crash — Because They Can't   Mises 
07/11/2018 Public Pensions: The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme   IBD 
07/11/2018 Leveraged-Loan Risks Are Piling Up   WolfStreet 
07/11/2018 A Nation Built on Lies (Part 2)   TBP 
07/11/2018 These Pictures. What is Wrong   DI 
07/10/2018 The Gold Sector Remains at an Interesting Juncture   acting-man 
07/10/2018 Economists Won't Predict the Next Crash Because They Can't   Mises 
07/10/2018 Brace for a lost decade for U.S. stocks, warn Morningstar strategists   MW 
07/10/2018 Author who studies millionaires: This is the No. 1 way to amass wealth   CNBC 
07/09/2018 Why The Coming Oil Crunch Will Shock The World   PP 
07/09/2018 China: US is 'opening fire on the entire world' with tariff threats   BI 
07/09/2018 Already Troubled Pemex & Mexico’s Oil Industry Wake Up in a New World   WolfStreet 
07/08/2018 Update on the Fed’s QE Unwind   WolfStreet 
07/08/2018 Precious Metals Summer Potential   NFTRH 
07/08/2018 Here’s Why Vacant Stores, Zombie Malls Are Much Bigger than Mall Vacancy Rates Indicate   WolfStreet 
07/08/2018 Mid-Year Review of the Retail Apocalypse – Keeps Coming Like a Waterfall   TGR 
07/07/2018 The road to war: China vs the US - Part 1   AOTH 
07/07/2018 Things Are Lining Up Nicely For Gold And Silver   DC 
07/07/2018 History of the Greatest Stock Market Crashes and Bubbles   FTG 
07/07/2018 The Petroleum Age  Hugo Salinas Price  plata 
07/07/2018 Warnings Grow About the Next Stock Market Crash   WSOP 
07/06/2018 Tradable Bottom In PMs, Liquidity Crunch Looms in Sep/Oct  Bob Moriarty  EAG 
07/06/2018 China Crisis - Shanghai Comp Bear Market Another Warning for US Markets...  Clive Maund  CM 
07/06/2018 Trade War begins: US & China exchange $34 billion in tariffs   CNBC 
07/06/2018 Italian Debt – A Financial Disaster Waiting To Happen   GoldCore 
07/06/2018 Cryptocurrency Crash – Has it Done Long-term Damage?   AE 
07/05/2018 Bearish Sentiment Can Only Take Gold so Far   TDG 
07/05/2018 Gold 6 month Low in place?   SC 
07/05/2018 Reflections in a Golden Eye   USAgold 
07/05/2018 Update on the Rental Bubbles & Crashes in US Cities   WolfStreet 
07/05/2018 Keynesian Economics Is an Artifact of Cheap Energy   OTM 
07/04/2018 A Window Of Opportunity For Gold   NBT 
07/04/2018 Nation’s Most Bullish Day for Stocks Goes … Well, Mediocre   TGR 
07/04/2018 For hackers, biometric data is the Holy Grail   WS 
07/04/2018 The Coming Collapse   TruthDig 
07/04/2018 As Crime Soars on Wall Street, Its Top Cop Launches a PR Offensive   WSOP 
07/03/2018 The Invisible Hand   ME 
07/03/2018 Trump Firmly In the Twilight Zone: Threatens Nord Stream 2 With Sanctions   TM 
07/02/2018 Mind the Trap Door   HussmanFunds 
07/02/2018 Epocalypse Ahead on Highway to Hell for Global Economy   TGR 
07/02/2018 Emerging Market Crisis Spreads To The Core, CBs Face Catch-22   DC 
07/02/2018 When The Yield Curve Inverts Soon, The Next Recession Will Start   PP 
07/02/2018 Same Old Greed In A Shiny New Wrapper   TFR 
07/01/2018 The Fed Gives Wall Street Banks Okay to Prop Up Their Stock Prices   WSOP 
07/01/2018 The Bitcoin Puzzle  Hugo Salinas Price  plata 
07/01/2018 Donald of Arabia, Oil Sanction Idiocy: Another Oil Shock Coming   TM 
07/01/2018 The Benefits of Issuing Gold Bonds  Keith Weiner  MM 

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