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King of Debt

W K Darcy
Posted Jul 23, 2018

During the 2016 Dog and Pony Show (DPS) Trump made the comment that he is “The King of Debt”.

Also, it is well documented, through his corporation’s bankruptcies, lawsuits against his corporations and admissions by Trump himself, that Trump/his organizations almost habitually do not pay contractors and employees as mandated (by contract/law). Therefore, Trump can be accurately described as inconsistent, unreliable, and incapable of making and keeping agreements1 (except when it directly benefits him and his special interest organizations/family).

As a wealthy businessman who promised to "Drain the swamp” many voters expected that this time “things would be different”.

Although Trump spoke of debt being bad for a country and that he was going to “fix the USA”, Trump has (with some modifications and shifting) accelerated spending beyond Obama-speed, the only difference from the Democrats being which special interest groups receive the graft.

However, as one writer notes: “No citizen ever asks: WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM?” 2 as nobody is willing (able?) to do or discuss the math.

For several decades, the theatrics, hypocrisy and staggering cost of trade wars, endless no-win military expeditions, energy and economic embargos and social engineering, trying to dictate behavior, economics, policies and outcomes to sovereign nations has been lost on most people.

A trillion here, a trillion there, but hey! Who’s counting?

Then we have a growing number (ad nauseum) of provocations and contradictions:

As this writer points out, Trump “appears” not to understand what his trade, economic and energy wars will/may bring about in the coming months.

However, Trump may know exactly what he is doing.

Just as Tesla 4 and Theranos pumped up their value and built confidence through intensive PR and tactics of a snake oil salesman, Trump is distracting most people from the coming default (aka “bankruptcy” and not paying obligations….Trump’s specialty) of the government in Washington. If you can balance a checkbook and examine W^2 objectively, bankruptcy/default is inevitable (and with the Federal Reserve raising interest rates it may be sooner rather than later).

With the immense profits of the war machine at stake and the competition amongst nations to control finance and produce energy, Trump is using propaganda, embargos, threats and the military to force results at home and around the world which are politically, economically, and logistically unsustainable while conning the voters into believing that drinking more Kool-Aid will “Make America Great Again” (and forestall default/bankruptcy just a little bit longer). When bankruptcy does occur (in this writer’s opinion it will happen under Trump), only then will people and their hungry children come to understand that America is the “King of Debt”. Trump is The Big Shill.

#1 Americans have gone crazy and lost the very ability to make any kind of deal” 3rd paragraph, lines 7 and 14.

#2 Paragraph “The US is Dead Broke”

#3 Nearly 40,000 are assigned to classified missions in locations that the US government refuses to disclose. 2nd Paragraph, 2nd Sentence.

#4 It still has the feel of a snake oil salesman distracting his audience with the skull of a jackalope after someone mentions that his cure for cancer appears to be ordinary water, with just a hint of lemon.


Jul 21, 2018
W K Darcy
email: w.k.darcy@protonmail.ch

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