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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
06/30/2007 The Most Misunderstood Gold Bug of All Time  Al Korelin  321gold 
06/29/2007 FYI Unusual Holiday Schedule   321gold tks, PennTrade
06/29/2007 $$$ Risk  Bob Hoye  321gold 
06/29/2007 HSL He who leaps last loses his lolly  Harry Schultz  321gold 
06/29/2007 Lead Bull Market  Scott Wright  321gold 
06/29/2007 GOLD etc Technical Anomaly  Brian Bloom  321gold 
06/29/2007 Anatomy of the Silver Stocks Success  Boris Sobolev  321gold 
06/29/2007 $$$ Subprime Shoes Continue to Drop  Peter Schiff  321gold 
06/29/2007 Gold sales ...Switzerland's policy decision  Julian Phillips  321gold 
06/29/2007 GOLD L I F T  O F F !  Peter Degraaf  321gold 
06/28/2007 GOLD/SILVER What's Going On In PMs  Mike Kilbach  321gold 
06/27/2007 The Big Money in Gold Shares Still Lies Ahead  Casey  321gold 
06/27/2007 GOLD etc Strong Nerves Required  Brian Bloom  321gold 
06/27/2007 Gold ...would like to see 640 hold going forward  Kevin Lochner  321gold 
06/26/2007 GOLD Some stuff about gold...  Steve Saville  321gold 
06/26/2007 GOLD This week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
06/26/2007 Gold & Silver Market Updates  Clive Maund  321gold 
06/26/2007 $$$ The beginning of the end?  William R. Thomson  321gold 
06/25/2007 GEM A little Gem... er, call that a BIG Gem  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
06/25/2007 SKI #22 Difficult...  Jeff Kern  321gold 
06/25/2007 Gold Shakeout Coming?  Boris Sobolev  321gold 
06/25/2007 $$$ Subprime = Subpar  Bob Hoye  321gold 
06/25/2007 S&P 500 Update  David Petch  321gold 
06/23/2007 $$$ Bear Stearns... What are the real risks today?  Paul Tustain  321gold 
06/22/2007 China 2007 vs. NASDAQ 2000  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
06/22/2007 $$$ Ain't No Yield High Enough  Peter Schiff  321gold 
06/22/2007 $$$ Murky Markets  Bill King  321gold Must Read
06/22/2007 $$$ etc The Solitary Bear  Puru Saxena  321gold 
06/22/2007 $$$ Predicting The Future  Mike Kilbach  321gold 
06/21/2007 Gold Major Breakout Imminent  Brian Bloom  321gold new writer from Oz
06/21/2007 Gold Mining Stocks What's Happening  Ken Gerbino  321gold 
06/20/2007 Chart COT / shorts / POG  Kevin Lochner  321gold 
06/20/2007 ChartWorks Natural Gas & Crude Oil  Bob Hoye  321energy 
06/19/2007 $$$ Cutting Through the Bull  Steve Saville  321gold 
06/19/2007 Gold: A look at the COTs  Tom McClellan  321gold Read!
06/19/2007 $$$ etc Interest rates, currencies & gold  Chris Laird  321gold 
06/18/2007 GOLD Elliott Wave Gold Update XIV  Alf Field  321gold 
06/18/2007 Oil Dar she blows  Peter Degraaf  321energy 
06/18/2007 Gold Will Not Plunge Much Further  Boris Sobolev  321gold 
06/18/2007 GOLD Will more CB gold sales be announced...  Julian Phillips  321gold 
06/18/2007 GOLD This week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
06/18/2007 GOLD A Unique Era  Aden Sisters  321gold 
06/15/2007 $$$ Good Money After Bad  Peter Schiff  321gold 
06/15/2007 HUI Irrational Pessimism  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
06/15/2007 GOLD etc Your Cash is Trash and So Are...  Casey  321gold 
06/15/2007 GOLD Summer Outlook for Gold  Jordan Roy-Byrne  321gold 
06/15/2007 GOLD etc ...yer good news ...yer bad news  Peter Degraaf  321gold 
06/14/2007 $$$ A Pyrrhic Victory for the Fed  Michael Pento  321gold 
06/14/2007 $$$/GOLD I'm an old-timer...  Richard Russell  321gold 
06/14/2007 GOLD Sell gold or use it as a Monetary Asset?  Julian Phillips  321gold 
06/13/2007 $$$ The High Price of Low Intelligence  Richard Daughty  321gold 
06/12/2007 Bonds etc The Bearish Bond Divergence  Steve Saville  321gold 
06/12/2007 Is the Great Worldwide Bubble still expanding?  Bill Bonner  321gold 
06/12/2007 Bond Yields & Gold Shares  Troy Schwensen  321gold 
06/11/2007 GOLD Asia's Golden Age  Casey  321gold 
06/11/2007 Bonds etc Major Trend Shift!  Boris Sobolev  321gold 
06/11/2007 Gold & Silver Market Updates  Clive Maund  321gold 
06/11/2007 What Will the Fed Make of the Bond Market Panic?  Adrian Ash  321gold 
06/11/2007 Gold Action #442  Dr Clive Roffey  321gold 
06/08/2007 China Gold Technicals  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
06/08/2007 Stocks & the Price of Pork in China  Peter Schiff  321gold Oink
06/07/2007 Bubbles Are world bubbles peaking?  Chris Laird  321gold 
06/06/2007 Some Thoughts on Profits in the Oil Patch part 2  Bob Moriarty  321energy 
06/06/2007 Gold chart  Kevin Lochner  321gold 
06/06/2007 $$$ etc The Kingfish  Larry LaBorde  321gold 
06/06/2007 The Markets Dangerous Divergences...  Gary Dorsch  321gold 
06/05/2007 GOLD This week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
06/05/2007 Some Thoughts on Profits in the Oil Patch  Bob Moriarty  321energy 
06/05/2007 GOLD Delayed Breakout Doesn't Lessen...  Olaf Sztaba  321gold 
06/04/2007 China diversifying into equities & into gold?  Julian Phillips  321gold 
06/04/2007 Silver The Long Term View  Roland Watson  321gold 
06/04/2007 SILVER/GOLD Yes! It's the REAL THING!  Peter Degraaf  321gold 
06/04/2007 BIG GOLD Kuwait Breaks the Peg  Casey  321gold 
06/04/2007 SKI #21 Gold Bull Restarted?  Jeff Kern  321gold 
06/01/2007 Copper Bull Market 2  Scott Wright  321gold 
06/01/2007 $$$ When will all this bad news sink in?  Peter Schiff  321gold 
06/01/2007 Oil Another Inconvenient Truth  Puru Saxena  321energy 
06/01/2007 More Charts! Metals & US Stocks  Mike Kilbach  321gold 

External News

06/30/2007 The CDO’s Flying Circus  Rob Peebles  PB 
06/29/2007 Credit Crunch: Will This Time Be For Real?  Richard Berner  MorganStanley 
06/28/2007 Federal funds rate unchanged at 5-1/4 percent  FOMC  Fed 
06/28/2007 Individual gold bullion trading to be launched in China...   Mineweb 
06/28/2007 China’s Monetary Tiger  Gary North  LRC 
06/28/2007 $$$ No Short Supply of Freaking Doom!  Richard Daughty  TDR 
06/28/2007 Whew, that was a close one!' says  Bill Gross  PIMCO 
06/28/2007 U.S. Global Investors joins President Clinton...   USfunds 
06/27/2007 When a kiss is over, it’s over...  Bill Bonner  TDR.uk 
06/27/2007 Banks 'set to call in a swathe of loans'   Telegraph 
06/26/2007 $$$ BIS warns of Great Depression dangers from credit spree   Telegraph 
06/26/2007 $$$ The bond market has no clothes  Jim Jubak  MSN 
06/26/2007 Ripe Fruit  John P. Hussman  HussmanFunds 
06/26/2007 Challenges for the Fed  Richard Berner  MorganStanley 
06/25/2007 Rights of Taxpayers is Missing Element in Stem Cell Debate  Rep. Ron Paul  House.gov 
06/25/2007 $$$ Banks Fight to Postpone Day of Reckoning  Axel Merk  MERK 
06/25/2007 SILVER Perspective du prix de l’once d’argent en dollars   Dani2989 
06/25/2007 Dress Rehearsal for Something Bigger & Scarier?   FinancialArmageddon 
06/23/2007 What Can Go Wrong: China  Paul McCulley  PIMCO 
06/22/2007 $$$ [BoE] Governor issues 'toxic' debt warning   Telegraph 
06/22/2007 $$$ Careful what you wish for, China may grant it   AsiaTimes 
06/21/2007 $$$ Crack-Up Boom Part 3  Ty Andros  FSO 
06/21/2007 Economic Lessons from the Amish  Dan McLaughlin  Mises 
06/21/2007 $$$ Death By Inflation Report  Richard Daughty  TDR 
06/20/2007 Bernanke, Trichet Turn to BIS as Markets Ignore Risk   Bloomberg 
06/20/2007 Prosperity today at the cost of tomorrow's growth  Ed McCarthy  PB 
06/20/2007 On a clear day you can see the top  Rob Peebles  PB 
06/20/2007 $$$ On Returning to the Gold Standard   BullNotBull 
06/20/2007 China sells more US T-bonds   ChinaDaily 
06/19/2007 Global systemic crisis / Summer 2007   Leap2020 
06/19/2007 Earmark Victory May Be A Hollow One  Rep. Ron Paul  House.gov 
06/19/2007 GOLD Something good this way cometh... ?  John A. Sarkett  OptionWizard 
06/19/2007 $$$ Inflate And Die  Mish  GEA 
06/19/2007 Historic Australian goldfield reopens  Ross Louthean  Mineweb 
06/18/2007 The market's game of musical chairs  Fleckenstein  MSN 
06/18/2007 New Economy, or Unfinished Cycle?  John P. Hussman  HussmanFunds 
06/17/2007 Buy gold that is what bond markets are saying!   AMEinfo 
06/16/2007 FYI 2007 World Gold, PGM & Diamond Conf. Jun17-18   Vancouver 
06/15/2007 It’s Official: The Crash of the U.S. Economy has begun   GlobalResearch 
06/15/2007 How currency devaluation destroys wealth  Henry C.K. Liu  AsiaTimes 
06/14/2007 $$$ Crack-Up Boom Part 2  Ty Andros  FSO 
06/14/2007 Economics of denial  Henry C.K. Liu  AsiaTimes 
06/14/2007 GOLD Switzerland to Sell 276 Tons of Gold   MSN 
06/14/2007 This Time It’s Value Traps  John Rubino  DollarCollapse 
06/13/2007 GOLD Credit Suisse forecasts gold testing $700/oz...   Mineweb 
06/13/2007 Testimony of Governor Randall S. Kroszner   Fed 
06/13/2007 Remain Calm! It’s only a bunch of Bear Markets   FallStreet 
06/12/2007 Black holes & revelations  Sean Corrigan  PB 
06/12/2007 GEF Normalization: Act II  Stephen Roach  MorganStanley 
06/11/2007 Fragile Conditions  John P. Hussman  HussmanFunds 
06/11/2007 Best Quotes of May 2007  John Rubino  DollarCollapse 
06/09/2007 $$$ Crack-Up Boom Part 1  Ty Andros  FSO 
06/08/2007 China's reserves: Golden dragon or sitting duck   ChinaDaily 
06/08/2007 Biofuel boondoggle: US subsidy aids Europe's drivers   CSM 
06/08/2007 Marginal Utility Is Not Rocket Science  Frank Shostak  Mises 
06/08/2007 $$$ Conundrum Unwind or Glut Rewind?  Brady Willett  FallStreet 
06/07/2007 Gold Breaks Down in Treasury Rout  Mish  GEA 
06/07/2007 Q&A: PIMCO’s Secular Outlook & Strategy  Bill Gross  PIMCO 
06/07/2007 Patience, an Investor's Virtue  Hans Wagner  FSO 
06/06/2007 Financial Toxic Waste Disposal  Richard Daughty  TDR 
06/06/2007 The Gloomy Road Ahead  Martin Hutchinson  PB 
06/05/2007 Requiem For A Princess  Paul McCulley  PIMCO Welcome, Bunnicula
06/05/2007 The Shifting Mix of Global Saving  Stephen Roach  MorganStanley 
06/04/2007 The damage of the dollar glut  Fleckenstein  MSN 
06/04/2007 Speculating on Speculation  John P. Hussman  HussmanFunds 
06/04/2007 Bail Bonds  M.O.  ContraryInvestor 
06/01/2007 We Are 'Global Re-Balancing Optimists'  Stephen Jen  MorganStanley 
06/01/2007 Uranium Auctions Drive Spot Price 11.5% Higher   StockInterview 
06/01/2007 $$$ Sunset for the U.S. Dollar   GoldEditor 

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