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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
04/29/2022 Westward Now Drills for Carlin Style Gold in the Cortez Trend  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/29/2022 Gold Rebounds & Junior Miners Surge  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
04/29/2022 Gold Investment Surging  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
04/26/2022 Gold $1835: It's Where The Miners Come Alive  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
04/25/2022 Paycore Minerals, New Nevada Gold Company Goes Public  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/25/2022 Does the American Empire Conclude in a Fireball or in the Greatest Depression the World has ever seen?  Thomas Paine  321gold 
04/22/2022 Gold Stocks: An Evening Star Caps The Rally  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
04/22/2022 Gold Stocks Still Running  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
04/20/2022 Libero Copper Has Home Run Copper Hole Coming  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/19/2022 Gold: Is The Tactic Now Buy & Hold?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
04/18/2022 Black Tusk Wants to Start Over  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/18/2022 SKI #269 Gold Stocks' Renewed Bullishness  Jeff Kern  321gold 
04/15/2022 RooGold, a Canadian with 13 Nice Aussie Gold & Silver Projects  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/15/2022 Gold & Silver Stocks: Key Investor Tactics  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
04/14/2022 Ethos Becomes Prospector Metals and Drills in a Month  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/14/2022 Gold Upleg Strengthening  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
04/12/2022 Will Gold's Price Surpass Bitcoin?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
04/12/2022 T-Bond Yields Following Gold’s Footsteps  Tom McClellan  321gold 
04/11/2022 Famine, Energy Shortages and Hyperinflation  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/08/2022 South Star Battery Secures Financing via Streaming Deal  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/08/2022 Gold Stocks: A Lull Before The Rally  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
04/08/2022 Gold-Stock Upleg Mounts  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
04/07/2022 Putin’s New Gold Standard and False Flag Operations by US  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/06/2022 The Daily Sentiment Index Just Added a New Brilliant Service  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/05/2022 A Bull Era For Gold Stocks  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
04/01/2022 Gold Stocks: Bull Candlesticks In Play  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
04/01/2022 Silver Miners' Q4'21  Adam Hamilton  321gold 

External News

04/30/2022 GDP Declines 1.4% in First Quarter of 2022 Sounding Recession Bells   MishTalk 
04/30/2022 China will be poster child for developing countries MMT   AOTH 
04/30/2022 Is crypto just one big Ponzi scheme?    Unherd 
04/30/2022 Notes From Underground: Into the Weeds on Yen/Yuan   Yragharris 
04/30/2022 Savor the Great Musk Panic   Taibbi 
04/29/2022 Markets Climb a Wall of Worry but a War, a Pandemic, Soaring Inflation and Opaque Megabanks Spell Big Trouble   WSOP 
04/29/2022 Sales of New Houses Sag, Inventory Piles Up to Highest since 2008, as Mortgage Rates Spike. Homebuilder Costs Explode amid Shortages of All Kinds   WS 
04/29/2022 No Joe, the looming economic crisis is not all ‘Putin’s problem’   RS 
04/28/2022 The Next Fundamental Catalyst for Gold   TDG 
04/28/2022 Doom Porn and Empty Optimism   OTM 
04/28/2022 The Threat to Liberty is Coming from Inside the House   AIER 
04/28/2022 I Expect you to Die, Mr. Bond   RC 
04/28/2022 Russian Gas and European Pipelines: Facts, Fiction and Double Standards   T92 
04/27/2022 Norway is in PPI-hyperinflation!   Twitter 
04/27/2022 Bull Market In Bonds Set To Return With A Vengeance   RIA 
04/27/2022 Stagflation Rules with John Rubino  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
04/27/2022 Yes, the High Inflation Rates Will Continue in 2022   AIER 
04/27/2022 My Energy is Your Problem – The Birth of a New Europe  Tom Luongo  LR 
04/26/2022 Stock Markets in China & Hong Kong Dive, Yuan Slides, Crude Oil Drops on Confidence Crisis in China   WS 
04/26/2022 Fed Chair Powell Telegraphs the Perfect Storm for Wall Street’s Megabanks: Rapid Rate Hikes Hitting $234 Trillion in Derivatives   WSOP 
04/26/2022 Will the Fed raising interest rates cause a recession?   DC 
04/26/2022 PEU Air Ambulance Vultures   PEUReport 
04/25/2022 Staring Into the Abyss   OTM 
04/25/2022 Tightening Comes Even to Ridiculous ECB Sooner, Faster as Seven EU Countries Hit by 10%-16% Inflation, Four by over 9%   WS 
04/25/2022 Inflation May Take the Food out of Your Mouth before it Goes Away   TGR 
04/24/2022 Fatal Dependency: America’s reliance on foreigners for money could crater the dollar   DC 
04/24/2022 The economic consequences of the war in Ukraine   MP 
04/24/2022 Lance Roberts: Is a bear market lurking?   DC 
04/24/2022 The Megadeath Intellectuals of the Great Reset   LR 
04/24/2022 The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in Canada, April Update, as Yields Spike & Bank of Canada Hikes   WS 
04/23/2022 Kramatorsk Train Station Attack   UNZ 
04/23/2022 Israel Dumps The Dollar For China's Renminbi, Beijing Starts Quietly Acquiring Russian Energy Assets   QTR 
04/23/2022 As Mortgage Rates Begin to Bite, Home Sales Fall to Lowest since June 2020   WS 
04/23/2022 The world has a major crude oil problem; expect conflict ahead   OFW 
04/23/2022 Things Are Bad Now, But You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet   IWB 
04/22/2022 The Global Natural Gas Crisis is coming to North America   Gorozen 
04/22/2022 Treasury Bond Massacre, Mortgage Rates Hit 5.35%, Highest since 2009, and it’s Only April   WS 
04/22/2022 Debt Saturation: Off the Cliff We Go   OTM 
04/21/2022 Gold investors bet against Fed as war threatens paradigm shift   Mining 
04/21/2022 Former Intelligence Officials, Citing Russia, Say Big Tech Monopoly Power is Vital to National Security   Greenwald 
04/21/2022 Inflationary Psychology Has Set In. Dislodging It Won’t Be Easy   DC 
04/21/2022 The Biggest Wealth Transfer in History   GOLDswitzerland 
04/21/2022 Bird Flu: Another phony “pandemic”…this time for chickens   OG 
04/20/2022 On The Heels Of Russia’s Dollar Bond Default, Sri Lanka Defaults On Its Dollar Debt   EA 
04/20/2022 The status of gold’s “true fundamentals”   TSI-Blog 
04/20/2022 Michael Pento: Perma-Bulloney   DC 
04/20/2022 Denarii silver content reveals new facts about Roman financial crisis   Mining 
04/19/2022 Empty Shelves, Starvation, & Chaos In USA  Bob Moriarty  YT 
04/19/2022 Doing without the dollar   AT 
04/19/2022 Gold & Silver Stocks are Overbought, but That’s Bullish   TDG 
04/19/2022 Gasoline Price Shock Triggered Demand Destruction Yet?   WS 
04/18/2022 Debt Saturation: Off the Cliff We Go   OTM 
04/18/2022 Musk’s Battle to Save America From Absolute Tyranny   AE 
04/18/2022 How Much Are We Prepared To Sacrifice To Help The US Win A Propaganda War Against Putin?   CJ 
04/18/2022 Inflation Nightmare Keeps Getting Worse: Producer Prices Break Out. Inflationary Mindset Rules   WS 
04/17/2022 Memo To Europeans: Read this text! It will hurt you and you will suffer but you must read it   VT 
04/17/2022 Retired Swiss Military-Intelligence Officer: 'Is it Possible to Actually Know What Has Been And is Going on in Ukraine?'   SOTT 
04/17/2022 The drug that literally terrifies Big-pharma   Saker 
04/17/2022 Which Leads to Doom, Which Leads to Revival: Free Money or Frugality?   DC 
04/17/2022 Weaponized Dollar May Explode in America’s Face   DC 
04/17/2022 U.S. Department of Defense awarded a contract for ‘COVID-19 Research’ in Ukraine 3 months before Covid was known to even exist   DE 
04/16/2022 Sovereign Debt Levels Hit New Records in 2021   JH 
04/16/2022 Core Assets identifies new copper outcrop at Laverdiere Cu-Fe skarn-porphyry target   AOTH 
04/16/2022 Putin’s War Set To Cost Europe Twice As Much As COVID In 2020   OilPrice 
04/16/2022 Russia-Ukraine war could trigger global recession, warns former Vale director   Mining 
04/16/2022 Putin’s Gambit    Sprott 
04/15/2022 F*ck You Money   YM 
04/15/2022 Steven Mosher: The Pandemic Was Intended to Get Us To Accept the Social Credit System   GAE 
04/14/2022 From Paris to Karachi – Regime Change is In the Air   TL 
04/14/2022 The Riptide   Kunstler 
04/14/2022 Western Australia is world’s new top mining destination   Mining 
04/14/2022 Plunging Bond Market Signals Trouble Ahead   MoneyMetals 
04/13/2022 A disturbing trend in the Ukraine   TS 
04/13/2022 Weaponized Dollar May Explode in America's Face   SR 
04/13/2022 As Treasury Yields Spiked, Junk Bonds Did the Opposite: Still Maniacally Chasing Yield in Riskiest La-La Land   WS 
04/13/2022 The Fed Is Scared $h*tless   DC 
04/13/2022 David Stockman: The Coming “Biblical” Stock Market Crash   DC 
04/12/2022 Windfall Profits Tax Redux   AIER 
04/12/2022 Metal prices remain elevated on global shortages   AOTH 
04/12/2022 Long term oil prices beginning to reflect the coming oil shortage – Part II   GoldMoney 
04/11/2022 The Total War to Cancel Russia   UNZ 
04/11/2022 The Lying Media’s Ukraine Propaganda   LR 
04/11/2022 After GM, Ford, FCA Abandoned Cars, Toyota, Now #1 in the US   WS 
04/11/2022 The Global Fertilizer Shortage Means That Far Less Food Will Be Grown All Over The Planet In 2022   IWB 
04/10/2022 Buy Twitter and Roubles with John Rubino  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
04/10/2022 In The Age Of Deception Cryptocurrency Tether Defines Duplicity And May Collapse The System In Financial Cataclysm   EA 
04/10/2022 Lombard Street and Commodities   CS 
04/10/2022 In a Six-Day Span in March 2020, the Dow Crashed 5,676 Points; the Fed Responded with Almost $1 Trillion in Repo Loans to 24 Trading Houses   WSOP 
04/09/2022 After Robinhood Shares Collapsed 87% from Peak and 70% from IPO, Goldman Sachs, IPO Lead Underwriter, Cuts Stock to “Sell”   WS 
04/09/2022 Leviathan Floundering   Kunstler 
04/09/2022 China is surpassing the U.S. economically because it is freer than it was; America is less free   TMTF 
04/09/2022 New Vehicle Sales Plunge as Chip Shortages, Production Cuts, Low Inventories Drag On   WS 
04/09/2022 Crash Positions   TBP 
04/08/2022 Sri Lanka Crisis Sends Inflation Warning Worldwide   DC 
04/08/2022 EV affordability confronted by rising component costs   AOTH 
04/07/2022 For Freak’s Sake, People, Even The Crash Test Dummies Are Nervous   DC 
04/07/2022 Ongoing Correction in Gold, Silver & Gold Miners   TDG 
04/07/2022 German consumers to be hit by further price hikes in supermarkets   TL 
04/07/2022 Sumitomo Metal sees global nickel demand for battery use at 410,000 in 2022   CNA 
04/06/2022 The Coming Global Financial Revolution: Russia Is Following the American Playbook  Ellen Brown  WoD 
04/06/2022 US Dollar Hegemony Ended Abruptly Last Wednesday   UNZ 
04/06/2022 A Theory of the Case   Kunstler 
04/06/2022 10 Manufacturing Trends Your Startup Needs To Know   AD 
04/06/2022 The Supply Chain Crisis Is About to Get a Lot Worse   Wired 
04/05/2022 Lawrence Lepard: We Stand on the Gold Launchpad   YT 
04/05/2022 What Is The “Great Reset” And What Do The Globalists Actually Want?   AM 
04/05/2022 After Huge Spike in Prior Month, “Real” Spending by Americans Dips to Second Highest Ever   WS 
04/05/2022 Amid Soaring Fertilizer, Fuel Prices, Fears of Rising Prices and Shortages   TET 
04/04/2022 'Rublegas:' the World’s New Resource-based Reserve Currency   UNZ 
04/04/2022 Sprott Money: Perfect Storm for the Dollar   DC 
04/04/2022 Inflation Blows Out in Germany, Spain. Started a Year Ago on Money Printing, NIRP, Supply Chain Chaos. War Threw Fuel on Already Raging Fire   WS 
04/04/2022 Retail Vacancy on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile More Than Doubles from Pre-Pandemic Levels   WS 
04/03/2022 Yield Curve Inverts   NFTRH 
04/03/2022 “Jettison the Animals!”   Kunstler 
04/03/2022 Sanctions Spur a Massive Decline in Western Hegemony as the World De-Dollarizes   IWB 
04/03/2022 Zoltan Pozsar: We are witnessing the birth of a new world monetary order   CS 
04/03/2022 Gradually, then Suddenly   TBP 
04/03/2022 Bond Markets – Don’t Panic Captain Mainwaring (but don’t look behind you…)   MP 
04/02/2022 Day 36 of the Russian SMO in the Ukraine – a look at Ukrainian military   TS 
04/02/2022 “This Shouldn’t Happen”: Inside the Virus-Hunting Nonprofit at the Center of the Lab-Leak Controversy   VanityFair 
04/02/2022 German economist warns sanctions could affect US, Europe’s poorest and Middle Class more than Russia   GCT 
04/02/2022 The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America, March Update: Just Before the Great Spike in Mortgage Rates   WS 
04/02/2022 Growing Number Of Experts Now Admit Lockdowns Were a ‘Monumental Mistake On A Global Scale’   EV 
04/01/2022 Did Russia Intentionally Trigger A Monetary System Reset?   SprottMoney 
04/01/2022 The Big Bond Blowup: Worst Bust Since Marshall Plan   TGR 
04/01/2022 Another Miracle-IPO Stock Collapsed by 82% since the IPO. Wall Street Hype & Hoopla Machine Screeches to a Halt   WS 

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