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Does the American Empire Conclude in a Fireball or in the Greatest Depression the World has ever seen?

Thomas Paine
Posted Apr 25, 2022

A planned total economic attack on a nuclear power is the worst of bad ideas. Few Americans realize it but one EMP nuclear bomb exploded 300 miles in altitude over the center of Kansas would fry every computer chip in the US. In less than a year 90% of Americans would be dead.

Was bringing Ukraine into Nato really worth risking nuclear destruction of the entire world?

The first story doesn’t tell the most important facts about the mass shooting in Maidan in 2014. Actually Nuland told the very real right wing Nazis to murder people on both sides so international attention would be focused on the overthrow of the democratically elected president of Ukraine because he leaned towards Russia. Those same monsters are those the US, EU, Nato, the Swiss and the Pope support today. They are mad dogs that should be put to sleep.

The hidden origin of the escalating Ukraine-Russian conflict-The Maidan massacre


The idea that Putin just up and attacked Ukraine with no reason is part of an American propaganda campaign that is thirty years old at least. Russia has been attacked for thirty years based on the idea that the US should and can run the world. Anyone who doesn’t see a major flaw in that theory is missing the trees because of the forest in the way. The US just got booted out of Afghanistan after twenty years of fighting against units no larger than a good size Girl Scout troop made up of goat herders. Anyone believing the US can successfully fight a proxy war against the Russians needs to rethink.

James Baker put in writing in 1991 that the US would not oppose the reunification of Germany and would not expand Nato one inch to the east. Since then thirteen countries have been added to Nato. Nato had an expiration date of 1991 and should have died a death thirty years ago. Baker lied. In 2016 Ukraine agreed to the Minsk II agreement that called for Ukraine to stop murdering women and children in the Donbass region and to talk to them directly. Ukraine lied and has refused to comply with their own agreement.

Ukraine is a Pawn on the Grand Chessboard


This has all been planned. But not by Putin. Actually the Rand report was a plan on how to force Russia into an attack on Ukraine. Tens of thousands of people have died on both sides in a useless war instigated by and for the US.

Rand report prescribed US provocations against Russia; predicted Russia might retaliate in Ukraine.

That was the entire purpose.


All those atrocities being committed today, they are the product of the Ukrainian government and we support them. That insane support based on opinions and not facts may end the world in a fireball that could have been prevented if people would do some research and learn to think for themselves.

Is Zelensky really some sort of superman fighting for truth and justice on behalf of the entire world? The media used to think differently.

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And what of the “so-called” Nazis. How did the MSM write about them long before they started murdering civilians in Bucha because they wore white armbands indicating support of the Russian forces? The murders came days after the Russians withdrew from the city and the Nazis moved in.

Martin Armstrong has done some excellent reporting about what is really going on in Ukraine. Here is an interesting nine minute video about Zelensky from India.

The Real Zelensky from Outside the USA



Thomas Paine

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