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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
09/30/2021 Rules-Based-Order—US Makes the Rules—You Follow Them  Erik Wallbank  321gold 
09/28/2021 Tombill Hits but Gets no Respect  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/28/2021 Gold's Three Big Pillars  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
09/27/2021 Defense Metals Has U3O8 and REOs  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/27/2021 Stk Mkt, Gold, & GDX: Key Waves Now  captainewave  321gold 
09/27/2021 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
09/24/2021 Gold Stocks Basing As Stk Mkt Peaks  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
09/24/2021 Fed QE Taper and Gold  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
09/21/2021 1970s Repeat: Stk Mkt Tumbles & Gold Rallies  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
09/20/2021 Harvest Time Approaches for Low Hanging Fruit  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/19/2021 Seasonal Stress Sparks Sentiment Swoon  Tom McClellan  321gold 
09/17/2021 Gold Falls But Key Juniors Rise  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
09/17/2021 Gold-Futures Taper Tantrum  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
09/14/2021 The 1970s On Steroids: Dead Ahead?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
09/13/2021 The Covid Shot Wins a Gold Star For Attendance  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/13/2021 SKI #259 Gold Stock Update  Jeff Kern  321gold 
09/13/2021 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
09/11/2021 Dow 1929 Vs. Dow 2021?  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/10/2021 Gold Stocks: Bullish But No Breakouts Yet  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
09/10/2021 Gold-Stock Reversion Due  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
09/07/2021 Gold: A Pitstop At $1750?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
09/07/2021 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
09/06/2021 A Sole Marine Stood Up to Defend America. He stands alone  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/03/2021 Gold Stocks: Bull Flags & The Jobs Report  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
09/03/2021 FYI Labor/Labour Day Holiday Schedule   321gold 
09/03/2021 Gold Stocks Clawing Back  Adam Hamilton  321gold 

External News

09/30/2021 Suppliers in China for Apple, Tesla, Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm, NXP, Infineon, ASE Forced to Halt Production amid Energy Crackdown   WS 
09/30/2021 Sell the #techs and buy the #miners a good idea?   CF 
09/30/2021 The Costly but Deliberate U.S. Labor Shortage   AIER 
09/30/2021 PhD Economists and Central Bankers - Missing the Inflationary Forest for the Trees, Part I   T92 
09/29/2021 What Causes Gold To Outperform Inflation By 700% - Or To Lose 80% Of Its Value?   DanielAmerman 
09/29/2021 Goldman Sachs Refuses to Say If It Was Placing Trades for Dallas Fed President Kaplan as Materially False Statement Released by Board on Kaplan’s Relationship with Goldman Sachs   WSOP 
09/29/2021 Is the Fed Quietly Preparing for an Evergrande Tsunami?   RickAckerman 
09/29/2021 China’s Evergrande Crisis Could Catalyze U.S. Economic Collapse   IWB 
09/29/2021 This Real Estate Bust Is A Global Problem   DC 
09/28/2021 30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet   OG You heard it here first
09/28/2021 The Top 10 EV Battery Manufacturers   VisualCapitalist 
09/28/2021 Are We Really So Rich? A New Way of Defining Wealth   OTM 
09/27/2021 This Year’s Tax Loss Selling Season Is Going To Be A License To Steal  Bob Moriarty  EAG 
09/27/2021 China tells states to be ready for Evergrande's possible collapse   BusinessStandard 
09/27/2021 Unfinished Houses for Sale Pile Up, Total Inventory Highest since 2008   WS 
09/26/2021 Worldwide Call to STOP VAXX NOW! Doctors, Scientists Reveal Findings   rumble 
09/26/2021 Biden Breaking Bad   Kunstler 
09/26/2021 The European Energy Crisis Is About To Go Global   OilPrice 
09/26/2021 When the tight economic rope slackens   NFTRH 
09/26/2021 China blew up 15 high-rises because constructors ran out of money to finish them   YT 
09/25/2021 5 good reasons to be bullish on electrification metals   AOTH 
09/25/2021 25-year chart shows mining stocks chronically undervalued to gold price   PAP 
09/25/2021 China Melts Down and So Does Wall Street, Buy New Appliances Now! with John Rubino   FSN 
09/25/2021 Here’s the big challenge confronting the Fed — and it’s not the taper   MW 
09/24/2021 Today’s Chart: Gold Breakout Coming?   DC 
09/24/2021 Brace! Beijing Is Not Going To Bailout Evergrande   IWB 
09/24/2021 Could Evergrande’s default on debt and collapse topple China’s economy?   IWB 
09/24/2021 It's Not About The Lehman Moment, It's About How Fairy Tales End   ZeroHedge 
09/23/2021 As Overnight Reverse Repos Spike to Record $1.28 Trillion, Fed Doubles Per-Counterparty Limit, Keeps Adding Counterparties   WS 
09/23/2021 Get Ready for Non-Transitory Inflation: Ten Things About to Shoot Up in Price  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
09/23/2021 September Research Letter-Three Themes Coalescing   Crescat Simply Brilliant
09/23/2021 When The Levee Breaks…    AIC 
09/23/2021 TheLastBearStanding Evergrande Update   Twitter 
09/22/2021 Fed rates unchanged 0 to 1/4 percent  FOMC  Fed 
09/22/2021 Gold - Where Has All The Volume Gone?   Demeadville 
09/22/2021 Harvest Moon Market Turmoil And A Bullish Divergence In Gold   CEO 
09/22/2021 It's a Fourth Turning: What did you Expect?   TBP 
09/22/2021 Ever Grande   NI 
09/22/2021 Taliban’s troubles are canaries in the mines for Chinese investors   SCMP 
09/21/2021 Treason, Covid, Mining Stocks, Gold and Silver  Bob Moriarty  PAP 
09/21/2021 Is the Emperor Naked?   Agapy 
09/21/2021 Making Simple Things Complex: Economists and the Notion Increased Productivity Can't Produce Lower Prices   T92 
09/21/2021 Dallas Fed President Traded S&P 500 Futures. Dallas Fed Will Not Say If He Shorted the Market During Pandemic Crisis in 2020   WSOP 
09/20/2021 COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease   SVP 
09/20/2021 ‘Katie-Bar-the-Door’ Time for Evergrande Speculators?   RickAckerman 
09/20/2021 Ocasio-Cortez Hit With Second Ethics Complaint Over ‘Tax The Rich’ Met Gala Appearance   DC 
09/20/2021 A Mess: Retail Inventory Shortages in Charts, Just in Time for Holiday Selling Season   WS 
09/19/2021 El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law Is a Farce   FP 
09/19/2021 Creeping Fascism   DC 
09/19/2021 The stock market is undergoing a slow motion deterioration with pockets of shares down 20% or more   CNBC 
09/19/2021 Are Markets Manipulated?   TT 
09/19/2021 Iron ore price collapses below $100 as China extends environment curbs   Mining 
09/18/2021 The most important video you will see   BitChute MUST WATCH
09/18/2021 Hating Landlords Misplaces the Blame   AIER 
09/18/2021 Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk? Gold Gets Hammered   NFTRH 
09/18/2021 The Illusion of Getting Rich While Producing Nothing   OTM 
09/18/2021 Energy Crunch in Europe With New Record Prices and Wind Stops Blowing   MishTalk 
09/17/2021 Facts about Covid-19   SWPRS MUST READ AND HEED
09/17/2021 What a Collapse of China’s Evergrande Would Mean   WS 
09/17/2021 1938 Cost Of Living   IF 
09/17/2021 Social Security COLA for 2022 to be Near 5.8%, Could Match 2009, Biggest since 1982   WS 
09/16/2021 Uh Oh, the Economy is Topping   TRB 
09/16/2021 14 Percent Inflation! - Interview with Michael Pento  Kerry Lutz  YT 
09/16/2021 Horowitz: The unmistakable ivermectin miracle in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh   TB 
09/16/2021 Proposed EV Tax Credits = Braindead Economic Policy + Last Thing the Booming EV Industry & EV-Hungry Consumers Need   WS 
09/16/2021 On Staying Liquid…   AIC 
09/15/2021 In Gold We Trust   AOTH 
09/15/2021 Nothing is Real: A Visual Journey Through Market Absurdity    GOLDswitzerland 
09/15/2021 Charts For A Crazy World: Stats That Contradict The Official Line   DC 
09/15/2021 Is College Even Worth It? Americans Owe $1.84 Trillion in Student Debt and the Number Continues to Grow   MB360 
09/15/2021 Speculation is the new luxury good   SB 
09/14/2021 Collapsing prices in an inflationary environment   TSI-Blog 
09/14/2021 France's long-time vaccine policy chief: Covid policy is completely stupid and unethical   UKC MUST READ
09/14/2021 Food shortages could be permanent, warns industry body   BBC 
09/14/2021 Economists warn of coming stagflation   AOTH 
09/13/2021 47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for COVID and 32 more confirm their negative health effects   LSN 
09/13/2021 “Debt Ceiling Farce 2021”: Treasury General Account Plunges   WS 
09/13/2021 Bad Ideas Tried Again: Pension Plans Borrow Money at a Record Pace to Invest   MishTalk 
09/12/2021 The Coming Genocide: Mass Extermination of Humanity, Part 1   NewsWithViews 
09/12/2021 The Fed Is Fatally Corrupt-- And So Is the Rest of America's Status Quo   OTM 
09/12/2021 Bad Ideas Tried Again: Pension Plans Borrow Money at a Record Pace to Invest   MishTalk 
09/12/2021 Biden's Total Financial Surveillance   Reason 
09/12/2021 Bank of Japan Ends its Massive QE that Started when Abenomics Became Economic Religion of Japan    WS 
09/12/2021 The Debt Trap Part Three: A Debt Jubilee   AOTH 
09/11/2021 Stagflation, if We’re Lucky with John Rubino  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
09/11/2021 The Process of Ending Massive Money Printing Has Started   WS 
09/11/2021 Government Opposition to Bitcoin   AIER 
09/11/2021 Most Distorted Labor Market Ever: Charts by Sector   WS 
09/10/2021 Rally Targets in Gold & Gold Stocks   TDG 
09/10/2021 Amazon brings its cashierless tech to two Whole Foods stores   CNBC 
09/10/2021 Booksellers warn over Christmas supplies amid UK lorry driver shortage   Guardian 
09/09/2021 Candid Questions for Setting your Personal Covid Bullshit Detector   FS 
09/09/2021 Fed Caught in the Jaws of Stagflation: Times of Trouble for Stocks or Bonds or Both   TGR 
09/09/2021 Silver seen tracking copper prices higher   AOTH 
09/09/2021 Joe Biden’s Own Jobs Report Puts Joblessness Near 31% in August 2021   IWB 
09/09/2021 Is Anyone Willing to Call the Top of the Everything   OTM 
09/08/2021 They Will Reap What They Sowed    TBP 
09/08/2021 Bad Ideas Tried Again: Pension Plans Borrow Money at a Record Pace to Invest   MishTalk 
09/08/2021 Mediocrity Reigns   Takimag 
09/08/2021 Truth Gone Missing   HamburgersStand 
09/08/2021 Major U.S. Cities Are Becoming Fentanyl-Infested Cesspools As Millions Plunge Into Hopelessness And Despair   IWB 
09/07/2021 The Great Reconsideration   AIER 
09/07/2021 The Monstrous Flow of Free Money and the Shortages   WS 
09/07/2021 Demand for gold jewellery doubled in the first half of 2021   SCMP 
09/06/2021 Is This Your Homework Larry? Lawrence Summers' Congressional Testimony on Derivatives   T92 
09/06/2021 Tether Goes Full Ponzi   Doomberg 
09/06/2021 Millions At Risk As Extended Unemployment Benefits Expire   FB 
09/06/2021 SPACs Tank. Are NFTs Next?   DC 
09/05/2021 The Illusion of Stability, the Inevitability of Collapse   OTM 
09/05/2021 Former Trump HHS COVID-19 Advisor Says Task Force Deceived the American People & Pandemic Isn’t Real   WLT 
09/05/2021 The Debt Trap Part Two: 50 years of fiat folly   AOTH 
09/05/2021 7.5 million people are projected to lose their unemployment benefits on September 6th   IWB 
09/05/2021 Untethered   NT 
09/04/2021 Conspiracy Theories Coming True   AE 
09/04/2021 Energy Metals Build Momentum, Silver & Platinum May Follow   MoneyMetals 
09/04/2021 Beware of Inflation: Wise Investors Learn from Others’ Mistakes with Jerry Robinson  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
09/04/2021 People Returned to Work at Over Twice the Rate in States that Ended the Extra $300/Week Unemployment Benefits than in States that Kept them   WS 
09/04/2021 Ireland Stands Its Ground Against 132 Countries Who Gang Up on Its Economy   Fee 
09/03/2021 Inside The Vault: Afghanistan, US Economy, Covid and Gold - Mark Yaxley's Interview with  Bob Moriarty  YT 
09/03/2021 Gold Clarification   AE 
09/03/2021 Former Fed. President Warns Of IMMINENT Financial Crisis   IWB 
09/03/2021 As Auto Industry Faces Chip Shortages- Battery Innovation Is on the Rise to Meet Next Demand Urgency   Stockhouse 
09/02/2021 Magical Thinking About Green Energy   OTM 
09/02/2021 The Debt Trap Part Two: 50 years of fiat folly   AOTH 
09/02/2021 Notes From Underground: Powell’s Pathetic Political Posturing    Yragharris 
09/02/2021 The Road to Totalitarianism   CF 
09/02/2021 Inflation Growing More Persistent   TGR 
09/01/2021 Technically Speaking: The Bulls Warn The Fed Not To Taper   RIA 
09/01/2021 Michael Pento: The Great Deflation Of 2022   DC 
09/01/2021 This Won’t End Well – Gen Z’ers Take On Debt To Invest   IWB 
09/01/2021 Fed Decries a Wealth Gap It Helps Perpetuate   TFR 
09/01/2021 Marc Faber 2021: The dollar is doomed to fail…   MS 

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