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Rules-Based-Order—US Makes the Rules—You Follow Them

Erik Wallbank
Posted Sep 30, 2021

When an empire pushes up against its zenith, in a moment of equanimity before beginning the long slide into oblivion, there is opportunity to make sensible decisions to recognize rising adversaries and negotiate working relationships—offering each a seat at the table. Empires not heeding the moment find themselves caught in a trap named for a Greek historian—the Thucydides Trap, One such empire is the United States.

Americans, mesmerized into a complacency of lifestyle that is still preferable to most of the world, and wanting for it to continue, support easy but unsustainable fixes. In a game of both-ends-against-the-middle, domestically, we use dollars made from debt, which alone, in time, will destroy the economy. Globally, we use whatever geo-strategic power we have left, to take from other nations, using sanctions and military threats.

'For now', it works. We detain Iranian oil tankers on the high seas, bound for Venezuela (a nation representing no threat to the US), take the cargo and sell it. Because it doesn't directly affect our major adversaries, China and Russia, and because Iran can't do much to stop it, 'for now', Iranian oil sales to Venezuela have been stopped.

High seas theft is piracy. Under 'international law' (without UN support for our actions), the US are pirates. But, with 'chest-thumping' and one hell of a PR campaign to sell an idea of US—'rules-based-order, 'for now', not much is being done to stop it.

This same US tactic played-out with the Chinese tele-tech giant, Huawei. This week, my tyrannical homeland, Canada, released Huawei's CFO after three years of 'house arrest'. Her crime—a highly advanced 5G network, capable of data theft. As with Julian Assange, in Britain, CFO Meng was taken into custody by the Canadians to be extradited to the US. What were we Americans told? Huawei's 5G was capable of data theft.

This again worked for the US, seriously slowing Huawei's progress in the EU, and pushing back China, who in retaliation for Canada's theft of their CFO grabbed up a couple of Canadians for espionage—who were quietly returned home this week.

'RealPolitic' (without any regard for justice and human suffering), works, but only for as long as the rest of the world can be huffed and puffed into line. With major adversaries, China and Russia, our actions have engendered hostility that may come back with a vengeance when we find ourselves no longer able to contain up-and-comers.

Just as the US federal government uses BS interpretations of the 'commerce clause' in the Constitution to gain control over the States and the citizens, US foreign policy uses a rational of 'vital interests' to attack the sovereignty of nations, and free trade.

But this stops when we come up against 'vital interests' of our adversaries. Notice that it didn't work with the NordStream 2 pipeline. Pompeo huffed and puffed, but with something 'vital' for Europe and Russia—they just said no—reducing US stature.

Facts about China are known by few Americans—understood by less. So, which 'vital interests' of our adversaries are going to be dead-ends for the US? Taiwan: Taiwan is not a nation. The US has no embassy in Taiwan—the island has been one with China for 1000 years—until Douglas MacArthur wanted it as an 'unsinkable aircraft carrier' off the coast of China. That said, all diplomacy between the US and China since WW2 has been based on a 'One-China' policy—which is also how Taiwan is seen at the UN.

That mess in Hong Kong was caused by dollar interests. Hong Kong is China— Britain stole it for 100 years, until 1997, for opium trade. Yet, US senators marched for independence in the streets Hong Kong. Imagine our response to Chinese politicians demonstrating in the streets—with ANTIA—to assist Portland in gaining independence.

How about Chinese warships patrolling between Catalina and SoCal—as we do in the Straights of Taiwan, 'to secure 'trade routes' in the South China Sea'. Whose trade routes are they? China's. Has China ever shut-down trade routes or curtailed free trade on the open seas? Not yet—but, like Huawei doing what the US already does, they could—they might. We do 'rules-based' piracy—does China? 'not yet', but might they?

The fact is that US foreign policy cares for nothing but US elite interests. It's about 'real politic' control by coercion and force. We don't give a damn about Taiwan, but we do give a damn about controlling other nation's trade routes and sea lanes, when, in fact, we are one of a few nations who have not signed on to UN maritime rules.

What motivates the US? 'Top dog'—hellbent on remaining top dog. The least desirable thing for the US is 'international law', so we use US 'rules-based-order'—as if it actually means something other than Ken Kesey's 'Great Notion'—"never give an inch".

Our opinions about China haven't been gotten on our own. Reportedly, the US has allotted $300 million a year for 7 years to anti-China propaganda, and in that process enlisted Australia (if they can break-away from throwing old ladies down into the street and pepper-spraying them), to go after China with cyberattacks and possibly, hot war.

Even though AUS, militarily, is but a gnat on China's ass, US neocons want war in the South China Sea. If you don't think so, acquaint yourself with a 2015 Rand Corporation study, financed by the US Government—finding a window of a few years to defeat China in limited war on the South China Sea. These geniuses are likely among the those that gave us Libya, Syria, and certain regime-change for oil-rich Venezuela? Will Russia sit by and watch China taken down. Our will they deduce they are next?

This madness would not be limited to the South China Sea. And we would sacrifice our kids (maybe by the millions), to satisfy delusions, of the clinically insane.

Am I a China lover? No, I'm an American patriot—and China is a tyranny. But others: Bolton, Bannon, Pompeo, Hillary, Blinkin—and many more are unpatriotic to the 'republic'—to the Constitution—to the Bill of Rights. What about you? Distrusting government over the 'virus' and 'vaccines'—knowing a federal/corporate/Fed alliance destroyed America—are you willing to blame and attack China and Russia—'give it a go'?

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