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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
08/09/2022 Gold & The Intensifying War Cycle  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
08/08/2022 Stuhini May Provide the Gold for You to Wear at Europe’s Funeral  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
08/06/2022 Gold Stocks Deeply-Undervalued  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
08/05/2022 Gold & Silver Stocks: Key Tactics Now  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
08/04/2022 Buy Signal in COT Numbers in Gold  Bob Hoye  321gold 
08/02/2022 Gold: A Six Week Rocket Ride  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
08/02/2022 L@@K Amazon Kindle Books by...  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
08/01/2022 SKI #274 Gold Stock Buy Completed  Jeff Kern  321gold 

External News

08/09/2022 1/6 homeowners in Canada own 4 or more properties   IWB 
08/09/2022 Global Planned Financial Tsunami Has Just Begun   LR 
08/09/2022 Get Ready For Democrats’ October Surprise: Here Comes The Chaos   TBSC 
08/09/2022 Are Federal Student Loans Even “Loans?”   WS 
08/08/2022 The Decline and Fall of the Western Empire   TS MUST READ
08/08/2022 Why We Lost Trust in the Expert Class   VH 
08/08/2022 The “Under-Demanded” Office Market   WS 
08/08/2022 Government mandates cutting fertilizer emissions threaten to reverse the ‘Green Revolution’   AOTH 
08/07/2022 Bill Gates Developing Vaccine That Spreads ‘Like a Virus’ To Vaccinate People Without Consent   IWB 
08/07/2022 Signs of Capitulation Everywhere   Sprott 
08/07/2022 Trip Back to Reality Starts: Mortgages, HELOCs, Delinquencies, and Foreclosures in Q2   WS 
08/07/2022 Chris Irons: Gold is Going to Go!   Palisades 
08/07/2022 A recession by any other name   TM 
08/06/2022 Trudeau Had No Scientific Basis for Ban on Unvaccinated Travelers in Canada, Court Docs Reveal   MP 
08/06/2022 Gold ETFs Being Shunned During Price Upturn   McOscillator 
08/06/2022 SF Fed President Mary Daly: I Don't Feel the Pain of Inflation Anymore.   MishTalk 
08/06/2022 Hyper-Vaccinated Australia sets new record for Covid deaths…   CFP 
08/06/2022 People Trying to Dodge Legal Usury: Credit Card Balances, Delinquencies, Third-Party Collections, and Bankruptcies in Q2   WS 
08/05/2022 Rally Targets in Gold & Gold Stocks   TDG 
08/05/2022 Markets Are “Fighting the Fed”   WS 
08/05/2022 The Corrective Contraction   AIER 
08/04/2022 The World According to Martin Armstrong  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
08/04/2022 It’s Time To Get Greedy In The Energy Sector, Part Tres   TFR 
08/04/2022 SPAC Zombie Mergers: Nikola, Whose Shares Collapsed 92%, Buys Battery-Pack Maker Romeo whose Shares Collapsed 98%   WS 
08/04/2022 Australia’s Housing Downturn Accelerates: In Sydney, Sharpest Price Drops “in Almost 40 Years”   WS 
08/03/2022 Can We Export Inflation? Yes We Can, Yes We Are   OTM 
08/03/2022 A 1,000+ Year Old Idea is the Latest Cryptocurrency Trend   SM 
08/03/2022 Atonement   Kunstler 
08/03/2022 World Economic Forum Calls for End to “Wasteful” Private Car Ownership   IWB 
08/03/2022 Tanking Housing Market a Red Flag for the Broader Economy   DC 
08/02/2022 The Money Revelation - Bob Moriarty on sound Money - Satori Traders  Bob Moriarty  vimeo 
08/02/2022 Meta Plunged from 5th Most Valuable Stock to 11th, behind Visa. In 10 Months, $647 Billion Vanish   WS 
08/02/2022 Now We Know What It’s like To Live Among Lunatics   Brownstone 
08/02/2022 American Consumers Are Tough: Inflation Eats Their Income, But No Problem, They Still Outspend Inflation   WS 
08/01/2022 Liftoff   Crescat 
08/01/2022 Silver demand to exceed supply again this year   AOTH 
08/01/2022 10-year minus 2-year has gone negative again. This has been a reliable predictor of bad economic times in a 6 to 18 month horizon   IWB 
08/01/2022 An Easy Decision, but Fed Watches for Gathering Clouds   JH 
08/01/2022 Dare to be different   USAgold 

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