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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
10/18/2017 Nothing Lasts Forever  Nell Sloane  321gold pdf
10/17/2017 Amazing Energy Produces from 70,000 Acres in the Permian  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
10/17/2017 Gold: Textbook Pullback In Play  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
10/16/2017 SKI #193 Gold Stock Update  Jeff Kern  321gold 
10/13/2017 Gold Bulls Have Slight Technical Edge  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
10/13/2017 Gold Miners' Q'17 Preview  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
10/12/2017 Future Headlines  Jeff Thomas  321gold 
10/11/2017 Gold in Q3 2017  Arkadiusz Sieron  321gold 
10/10/2017 What Happened to the Crow?  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
10/10/2017 Gold's Technical Line Of Concern  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
10/10/2017 L@@K Amazon Kindle Books by...  Bob Moriarty  321gold < - - -
10/09/2017 FYI US/Cda Holiday Market Schedule   321gold 
10/09/2017 The 44 year economic cycle  Ron Rosen  321gold 
10/07/2017 Another Narrow Range for McClellan Oscillator  Tom McClellan  321gold 
10/06/2017 Jobs Report: A Turning Point For Gold?  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
10/06/2017 Gold Readying to Rally  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
10/06/2017 Are They Really Out to Get Me?  Jeff Thomas  321gold 
10/05/2017 Gold (snippet)  Tom McClellan  321gold 
10/04/2017 Will Crude Oil Drop under $50 in Coming Week?  Nadia Simmons  321energy 
10/03/2017 Novo Starts Major Test Program  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
10/03/2017 Gold: Demand Vacuum Has Silver Lining  Stewart Thomson  321gold 

External News

10/18/2017 Peak Gold Output Is Looming for World’s No. 2 Producer   Bloomberg 
10/18/2017 Carlyligarchy   PEUReport 
10/18/2017 How the oligarchy wins: lessons from ancient Greece   Guardian 
10/18/2017 Why Have Investigations of Wall Street Disappeared from Corporate Media?   WSOP 
10/17/2017 Become a blockchain expert in 1,384 words   BI 
10/17/2017 ECB Suffers from “Corporate Capture at its Most Extreme”   WS 
10/17/2017 Is Britain ready to go cashless?   Telegraph 
10/16/2017 Why Market Valuations are Not Justified by Low Interest Rates   HussmanFunds 
10/16/2017 Gold Market Update  Clive Maund  CM 
10/16/2017 Gold, the stock market and the yield curve   TSI-Blog 
10/16/2017 US Dollar Outlook and What it Means for Gold   TDG 
10/16/2017 Global Markets Will Revert Back to Local Markets   WNO 
10/15/2017 The Endgame of Financialization: Stealth Nationalization   OTM 
10/15/2017 The Market Is STARVED For Discoveries   Sprott 
10/15/2017 Americans have Never Been More Overweight then they are now - New Survey Finds 40% of U. S. Adults are Obese   BN 
10/15/2017 Italy’s parallel fiscal currency: all you need to know   Gefira 
10/15/2017 The psychology of gold and why it has that allure   CNN 
10/14/2017 Update on Q4 Pivot View for Stocks and Gold   NFTRH 
10/14/2017 Danger! Synchronized Swimming   MA 
10/14/2017 Can A Company Be Great And A Great Short?   DC 
10/14/2017 It’s Over for Sears Canada   WS 
10/13/2017 Gap Between College Costs and Inflation   BATR 
10/13/2017 Hotel California and the Federal Reserve   DI 
10/13/2017 The bubble economy is set to burst, and US elections may well be the trigger   SCMP 
10/12/2017 Updating gold’s true fundamentals   TSI-Blog 
10/12/2017 Advertisers’ Dilemma: Figuring Out How to Target Millennials, Now the Largest Demographic   MishTalk 
10/12/2017 Gold Stock Volatility Near Historical Lows   VAT 
10/12/2017 Yuan pricing of oil is coming, economist says   CNBC 
10/11/2017 What I Told Corporate Investors about “Weak” Gold Demand—and How They Reacted  Jeff Clark  SWP 
10/11/2017 Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  CM 
10/11/2017 Migration of the Tax Donkeys   OTM 
10/11/2017 The Big Amazon Subsidy is Doomed   WS 
10/10/2017 Gold Market Update  Clive Maund  CM 
10/10/2017 Nobody knows what will happen   FUW 
10/10/2017 US Non-financials have repeated their 1995-2000 ‘Irrational Exuberance’ run to the last Tech Bubble top   IWB 
10/09/2017 10 Factors to Propel Gold 10 Fold   GOLDswitzerland 
10/09/2017 Why Market Valuations are Not Justified by Low Interest Rates   HussmanFunds 
10/09/2017 World’s Biggest Ever Junk Bond Bubble in Pictures: What Hath Draghi Wrought?   MishTalk 
10/09/2017 The Gold Worm on the Yuan Hook  Hugo Salinas Price  plata 
10/08/2017 Miners Snooze While US Equities Soar   Kitco 
10/08/2017 Rationality Versus The Market   DC 
10/08/2017 Sprott Enters Agreement to Acquire Management of Central Fund of Canada   MW 
10/08/2017 When the Snowball Reverses   WS 
10/07/2017 Digital Fools Gold: Bitcoin Alchemy   PVC 
10/07/2017 Comparing the cost of living between 1975 and 2017   MB360 
10/07/2017 Puerto Rico Bonds Collapse to 36 Cents on Dollar following Trump Comments   WSOP 
10/06/2017 Puerto Rico’s Debt Is Quietly Sitting in Mom and Pop Mutual Funds as Trump Says It Will Be Wiped Out   WSOP 
10/06/2017 What If the Tax Donkeys Rebel?   OTM 
10/05/2017 The Gold Coin Dilemma, Politics and Nonsense   DI 
10/05/2017 Tax Reform: Implications for Gold   MERK 
10/05/2017 I Know What the Economy Did Last Summer Part 1 : Carmageddon and the Retail Apocalypse   TGR 
10/05/2017 An Accountant Smells a Rat in Our Global Credit Bubble   WS 
10/04/2017 Prospects for Gold II  Hugo Salinas Price  plata 
10/04/2017 Precious Metals Monthly Charts   TDG 
10/04/2017 The US Economy Is Failing  Paul Craig Roberts  PCR 
10/04/2017 Debt-Slave Industry Frets over Impact of Mass Credit Freezes    WS 
10/03/2017 Why Lithium, Why Now?   SS 
10/03/2017 57% in Australia Cannot Afford An Extra $100 if Interest Rates Rise, Stress in Wealthiest Areas   MishTalk 
10/03/2017 Why Only One Top Banker Went to Jail for the Financial Crisis   IWB 
10/02/2017 Blissful Delusion   HussmanFunds 
10/02/2017 Gold vs Mines   Crottaz 
10/02/2017 Spanish debt will spin out of control if Catalonia declares independence   Gefira 
10/02/2017 I Thought I was Middle Class   TBP 
10/02/2017 When the Snowball Reverses   WS 
10/01/2017 Coppock Curve for DJIA Getting Up to High Level  Tom McClellan  McOscillator 
10/01/2017 Ponzi Finance and Gold Stocks   GoldStockBull 
10/01/2017 Upon The Next Crisis, The Rules Will Suddenly Change   PP 
10/01/2017 “We’re Reducing our Exposure to Retail” – Landlord’s View   WS 
10/01/2017 San Francisco Bay Area Pending Home Sales Plunge, California’s Drop too, and It’s Not a Blip   WS 

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