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Posted Oct 5, 2017

Gold has a more urgent date with a catalyzing event, as seen in the chart below. As I have noted in the past, full moon dates tend to mark turning points or acceleration points for gold prices. I encountered this during an effort I undertook to prove that no such relationship could exist; I failed in that effort.

(Click on image to enlarge)

The big problem is that I have not figured out any way to tell in advance the exact sort of importance that a particular full moon will have. You sort of have to wait until it is about to arrive, and then look at the price data to make a guess. Sometimes that is harder than others.

The last full moon was pretty easy, as prices were racing up into it. The actual price top was 2 days late, which sometimes happens.

Now prices are racing 1270 down toward Thursday’s full moon date. So again, it seems pretty easy to make the call that this one should turn out to be some kind of bottom, especially with stock prices doing the opposite of gold lately and presumably topping this week. But just when you think things are getting easy, that’s when the market decides to make your life more interesting.


Written Oct 3, 2017
Tom McClellan
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