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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
09/16/2019 Israel Made the Attack on the Saudi Oil Fields  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/16/2019 SKI #225 Gold Stock Correction  Jeff Kern  321gold 
09/15/2019 Trump Thinks He Wants Low Rates Like Europe, But Be Careful What You Ask For  Tom McClellan  321gold 
09/14/2019 Weak Payrolls, September FOMC and Gold  Arkadiusz Sieron  321gold 
09/13/2019 When Will it be Safe to Jump Back Into the Gold and Silver Pool?  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/13/2019 L@@K Amazon Kindle Books by...  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/13/2019 Gold Stocks: Negative Candlesticks In Play  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
09/13/2019 Gold-Futures-Selling Overhang  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
09/12/2019 Do Two Weekly Declines Make a Case for Lower Gold Ahead?  Przemyslaw Radomski  321gold 
09/10/2019 Gold: Investor Tactics In A Stagflationary Era  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
09/09/2019 RIP Barbara Moriarty: It is with the greatest regret...  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/07/2019 The Missing Piece to the Puzzle  Mark Yaxley  321gold 
09/06/2019 Gold Explorers Will Lead The Next Rally  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
09/06/2019 Gold Stocks Very Overbought  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
09/05/2019 Silver, Gold and Platinum are Due a Break  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/04/2019 This ETF Is the New Gold Standard  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/04/2019 Asset Inflation vs. Consumer Goods Inflation, Report 1 Sep  Keith Weiner  321gold 
09/03/2019 The 1970s Stagflation: Is History About To Repeat?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
09/02/2019 Crude Oil’s 10-Year Message  Tom McClellan  321gold 
09/02/2019 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 

External News

09/17/2019 Miners being valued at 100-year low, says Bernstein Research   SPG 
09/17/2019 Negative Rate Folly   Sprott 
09/17/2019 Gulf Wealth: All That Glitters Is Not Gold   LL 
09/17/2019 The Growing Threat To Paper Assets   PP 
09/17/2019 Has The Narrative Been All Priced In?   RIA 
09/16/2019 Market Report: The importance of $1500 for gold   GoldMoney 
09/16/2019 What a Relief that the U.S. and Global Economies Are Booming   OTM 
09/16/2019 Attacks On Major Saudi Oil Installations Show Urgent Need For Peace With Yemen   MOA 
09/16/2019 Who’ll Rescue Thomas Cook, the Collapsing Vacation-Travel-Airline Giant with 21,000 Employees?   WS 
09/16/2019 Medical Debt is Crushing Many Americans. Is the Health Care System on the Verge of Collapse?   IWB 
09/15/2019 Trade Wars Are a Fool's Game UNZ   UNZ 
09/15/2019 Energy Sector Reaches Key Low Point-Start Looking for the Next   TTT 
09/15/2019 If you’re in credit card debt, and cannot afford to pay the balance In full each month or at least double up on your minimums, do NOT look for a loan   IWB 
09/15/2019 The Inevitable Bursting of Our Bubble Economy   OTM 
09/14/2019 It’s The Pace Of Change That Kills You   PP 
09/14/2019 How Deep Is the Rot in America's Institutions?   OTM 
09/14/2019 When some patients don't pay, this hospital sues   CNN 
09/13/2019 Unpredictible Gold and Silver Price Bubble  Bob Moriarty  YouTube 
09/13/2019 EU Parliament & How they Protect the Bankers   AE 
09/13/2019 Negative interest rates are bad and central bankers should feel bad for trying to shill them   IWB 
09/12/2019 The Global Debt Bubble Enters It’s Blow-Off Stage   DC 
09/12/2019 ‘Protect Oneself’ From A ‘Paradigm Shift’ Akin to the 1930s With Gold Diversification  Ray Dalio  GoldCore 
09/12/2019 What’s the True Unemployment Rate in the US?   CP 
09/12/2019 Nearly all British Airways flights canceled as pilots go on strike   CNN 
09/11/2019 INSIDE THE VAULT Episode 6 Testing Gold Bars  Mark Yaxley  YouTube 
09/11/2019 How Is Negative Interest Possible? Report 8 Sep  Keith Weiner  MM 
09/11/2019 Gold and the ‘Real’ Interest Rate   TSI-Blog 
09/11/2019 Insiders are selling stock like it's 2007   CNN 
09/11/2019 Contagion from Liquidity Crunch at Junk-Bond Funds to Trigger “Material Second Round Effects”   WS 
09/10/2019 Bond Yields Stretched Far From Oil’s Message  Tom McClellan  McOscillator 
09/10/2019 Gold will be the last man standing in a currency war – Mark Mobius   Kitco 
09/10/2019 The Big Short’s Michael Burry Explains Why Index Funds Are Like Subprime CDOs   Bloomberg 
09/10/2019 The Financialization of the US Economy   WS 
09/09/2019 Is the Fed Preparing to Topple US Dollar?   NEO 
09/09/2019 Suffering the Profanity of Plentiful Cheap Money   EP 
09/09/2019 Danske Bank May Have No Business Aside From Responding To Subpoenas, But It’s A Better Place To Work Than Commerzbank   DB 
09/09/2019 U.S. audit regulator levied only $6.5 million in fines in 16 years: study   Reuters 
09/08/2019 Precious Metals were Ripe for a Pullback   NFTRH 
09/08/2019 Foreign Policy Critic Daniel McAdams Gets Kicked off Twitter   LCN 
09/08/2019 Beware of heads exploding everywhere when FACTS once again matter   NaturalNews 
09/08/2019 Consumers Are Carrying the Economy, but What If They Balk?   IWB 
09/08/2019 Sam Zell: Hard to Have a Recession When Interest Rates Are Zero   TSL 
09/07/2019 Gold and emerging markets   gold.org 
09/07/2019 Taking stock of the longest US economic expansion and bull market   Linkedin 
09/07/2019 Orders for Heavy Trucks Plunged 80% in August   WS 
09/07/2019 Will Everything Change in 2020-2025 or Will Nothing Change?   OTM 
09/06/2019 This is the worst airport in the U.S. for delayed flights   MW 
09/06/2019 Rising US Dollar Mutes Metals Moves   TTT 
09/06/2019 Bank of Mexico Raises Alarm About Mexico’s Economy   WS 
09/05/2019 28 Signs Of Economic Doom As The Pivotal Month Of September Begins   TEC 
09/05/2019 Silver Is Still A Must-Buy At These Levels   HubertMoolman 
09/05/2019 China and Iran flesh out strategic partnership   PE THIS IS BIG
09/05/2019 Labor Day Reflections on Retirement and Working for 49 Years   OTM 
09/04/2019 INSIDE THE VAULT Episode 5 Testing Gold and Silver  Mark Yaxley  YouTube 
09/04/2019 Study Discovers That If The Debt Machine Was Turned Off, The U.S. Would Immediately Plunge Into A Horrifying Depression   TECB 
09/04/2019 Mortgages & Banks   AE 
09/03/2019 Tight Rope   NT 
09/03/2019 Breaking Down The Bull/Bear Argument   RIA 
09/03/2019 Mass Layoffs Are Back. Are You At Risk?   PP 
09/03/2019 China Imposes New Capital Controls   WS 
09/02/2019 The great PMs meltup - gold, silver, platinum updates...  Clive Maund  CM 
09/02/2019 Dear Trump Advisors: Prop the Market Up Now and Lose in 2020, or Let the Market Crash and Win in 2020   OTM 
09/02/2019 How To Ride The Gold (& Silver) Bull   PP 
09/02/2019 Fiat Money & Fairy Tales   AE 
09/01/2019 These 10 reasons sum up why you’ll never be financially independent   MW 
09/01/2019 Dear Trump Advisors: Prop the Market Up Now and Lose in 2020, or Let the Market Crash and Win in 2020   OTM 
09/01/2019 Negative Yields Not Required: Even “Low” Interest Rates Screw Up the Economy   WS 
09/01/2019 The Three Big Issues and the 1930s Analogue  Ray Dalio  Linkedin 
09/01/2019 Negative interest rates and gold   GoldMoney 

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