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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
02/25/2022 Gold Stocks & War: Wild Technical Action  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/25/2022 Gold Stocks' Spring Rally 7  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/25/2022 Gold – Reaching for a High  Bob Hoye  321gold 
02/22/2022 Gold Stocks: Some Profit Booking Is Prudent  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
02/21/2022 Never Hunt Mosquitos with a Shotgun  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/21/2022 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
02/18/2022 Gold Stocks Surge As War Concerns Rise  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/18/2022 Gold Thrives in Rate-Hike Cycles  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/16/2022 Cabral Keeps Releasing Bonanza Grade Gold Results in Brazil  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/16/2022 US Stk Mkt: A Tidal Wave Of Doom  captainewave  321gold 
02/16/2022 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
02/15/2022 Gold Stock Diamonds: Everyone's Best Friend  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
02/14/2022 SKI #266 Signals Marking Friday-Monday  Jeff Kern  321gold 
02/11/2022 Oil & Gold: Short Term Concerns  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/11/2022 Gold Stocks Still Coiling  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/09/2022 More Low Hanging Fruit from the Golden Delicious Tree  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/08/2022 A Key CPI Report & Winds Of War  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
02/07/2022 Secova Metals to Begin Small Scale Production Q4 2022  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/04/2022 Gold Is Steady While US Stk Mkt Crashes  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/04/2022 Gold Investors Returning  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/01/2022 A Dying Fiat Empire & Gold  Stewart Thomson  321gold 

External News

02/28/2022 War, Stocks, and Metals – All in One  Bob Moriarty  PAP 
02/28/2022 Fiat Currency Zero Hour: Russia And China Might Collectively Challenge The Dollar's Reserve Status   QTR 
02/28/2022 Did NATO Just Declare War on Russia?   UNZ 
02/28/2022 Geopolitics and Degrowth   OTM 
02/28/2022 Real Personal Income Declines for the 8th Time in 9 Months   MishTalk 
02/27/2022 Why Putin Went to War   CN 
02/27/2022 Understanding Military Conflict is now Part of Your Job as an Investor   TM 
02/27/2022 Tin and the Dollar: A Curious Relationship  Tom McClellan  McOscillator 
02/27/2022 The limits to growth: Why the West will struggle to find enough metals to supply simultaneous demand drivers   AOTH 
02/27/2022 Even the Fed’s Lowball Inflation Measure Goes WOOSH: Fodder for 50-Basis-Point Rate Hike in March   WS 
02/26/2022 Our Financial System Is Optimized for Sociopaths and Exploitation   OTM 
02/26/2022 Energy Shock: Ukraine Crisis to Push Inflation Higher   MoneyMetals 
02/26/2022 How Ukraine Fits Into the Global Jigsaw   LR 
02/26/2022 Shareholders and analysts shocked by ‘messy’ exit of Agnico CEO Tony Makuch after only 16 days   TheGlobeAndMail 
02/26/2022 Inventory of New Houses Highest since 2008 amid Stalled Projects & Worst Spike in Construction Costs Ever Recorded   WS 
02/25/2022 Is 4% the “Magic Number” for Mortgage Rates to Prick the Housing Market (and Stocks)?   WS 
02/25/2022 UK Dept. Of Health Official Admits They Got EVERYTHING Wrong About Pandemic — Lockdown Did More Harm Than Good   EV 
02/24/2022 UVA to study Ivermectin…   CFP 
02/24/2022 The Next Step for the World Economic Forum   BI 
02/24/2022 Ride the Inflationary Rollercoaster with Wolf Richter  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
02/24/2022 Buyers’ Strike Sets in: Used-Vehicle Supply Balloons, First Dip in Crazy Prices. But New-Vehicle Shortages Persist   WS 
02/24/2022 Here comes $7 gas prices….Russian/Ukrainian crisis will fuel more inflation… and cause deep recession?   IWB 
02/23/2022 Gold & Silver Set To Soar As Bank Accounts & Crypto Wallets Come Under Threat...  Clive Maund  CM 
02/23/2022 What Canada Means for Crypto   DB 
02/23/2022 The Gathering Storm in the West   AG 
02/23/2022 Buying Russia…   AIC 
02/23/2022 Reality Honks Back   TU 
02/22/2022 When Boring People Turn Dangerous: Canada's Insane Power Grab   Taibbi 
02/22/2022 Jayant Bhandari – Exchange Rates, Gold, Arbitrage, Philosophy   PAP 
02/22/2022 The Winter of Our Discontent: Hubris Is Ascendent   OTM 
02/22/2022 Weekly Commentary: Made the Decision   CBB 
02/21/2022 Fourth Turning 2022-Bad Moon Rising (Part Four)   TBP 
02/21/2022 Who Bought the $6.5 Trillion in Treasuries Piled on the Incredibly Spiking US Debt in 22 Months?   WS 
02/21/2022 What are Vacant Office Towers Worth?   WS 
02/20/2022 As Trudeau cracks down, the left drives protesters into the right’s arms again   JC 
02/20/2022 Striking Evidence of Covid Vaccines Failure   LR 
02/20/2022 How cryptocurrencies could trigger a financial crisis   CNN 
02/20/2022 Soaring Rents Eat Americans’ Wage Increases – And Then Some   DC 
02/20/2022 The Cost Of Living In The United States Is Rising To Absolutely Absurd Levels   IWB 
02/19/2022 Why inflation is ‘baked in the cake’ and gold is moving up   AOTH 
02/19/2022 The Unmasking   Kunstler MUST READ
02/19/2022 How Much Will the Fed Hike? 40 Years of History Shows the Brick Walls   MishTalk 
02/19/2022 Former Harvard Prof. Martin Kulldorff: 'Science and Public Health Are Broken'   ZeroHedge 
02/19/2022 Americans Spent Money Like Drunken Sailors, But Did They Outspend the Raging Inflation in Durable & Nondurable Goods? Um, No   WS 
02/18/2022 Notes From Underground: Is It George Bailey or Henry Potter?   Yragharris 
02/18/2022 When Will the Brutal Spike in Rents Drive Up CPI Inflation? How Much Will it Add to CPI?   WS 
02/18/2022 Just Watch Me   Doomberg 
02/17/2022 Rather Than Sink Main Street by Raising Interest Rates, the Fed Could Save It. Here’s How.  Ellen Brown  WoD 
02/17/2022 Juggling Sticks of Dynamite: Our Fatally Distorted Sense of Risk   OTM 
02/17/2022 What I See Ahead for the Chip Shortage & Used Car Prices   WS 
02/17/2022 El Salvador President on Ukraine: ‘The Real War Is in Canada’   Breitbart 
02/16/2022 Solis Minerals: Cheap Copper Junior Swinging For The Fences in Chile   THH 
02/16/2022 Copper, lithium, graphite: Electrification demand strengthens as supplies tighten   AOTH 
02/16/2022 The Collapse of the EV SPACs: Retail Investors Got Fleeced Swiftly and Spectacularly   WS 
02/15/2022 Catastrophic Crash Is Here - Stocks, Bonds & Cryptos  Bob Moriarty  YT 
02/15/2022 Acclaimed Expert says Probability High for US Market Crash & Economic Depression   BNB 
02/15/2022 Brutal Stock Deterioration: 46 Percent of Nasdaq Stocks Are More than 50 Percent Below their 52-Week High   WSOP 
02/15/2022 Scapegoating Inflation Will Only Make It Worse   AIER 
02/15/2022 Mortgage Rates Hit 4.02%. Two-Year Yield Spikes by Most since 2009. Ten-Year Yield Goes over 2%. All Heck Breaks Loose   WS 
02/14/2022 The Great International Convoy Fiasco   RWM 
02/14/2022 Eloro Resources’ drilling reveals ‘world class’ silver-tin deposit in Bolivia   FP 
02/14/2022 What is the Fed's Game Plan?   CC 
02/14/2022 Crypto has no value, it's 'not even a tulip,' warns India's central bank governor   Kitco 
02/14/2022 As US national debt hits $30 trillion, higher borrowing costs & negative real yields will make it harder to finance   AOTH 
02/13/2022 What Happens When Soaring Prices Collide With Tapped-Out Consumers?   DC 
02/13/2022 Fiscal Policy and Inflation   AIER 
02/13/2022 Top Dollar For Top Dollar   HussmanFunds 
02/13/2022 US Trade Deficit Exploded in 2021: The Price of 30 Years of Rampant Globalization   WS 
02/13/2022 Debate over MMT takes a dumb but not surprising turn   HotAir 
02/12/2022 “I’ve Never Seen as Many Deaths.. It’s Around a 500 or 600% Increase” – Funeral Director in UK Reveals Increasing Number of Thrombosis Death in Vaccinated Young Adults   RF 
02/12/2022 Your Gold Macro Playbook for 2022   TDG 
02/12/2022 The Crapification of the U.S. Economy Is Now Complete   CBB 
02/12/2022 Are You Ready for $100 Oil? We’re All Canadian Truckers Now with John Rubino  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
02/12/2022 Welcome To The Third World, Part 32: A Trillion Dollars Of Drug Overdoses   DC 
02/12/2022 European Electricity Prices Soar After France Cuts Nuclear Output Forecast   ZeroHedge 
02/11/2022 European Electricity Prices Soar as France Cuts Nuclear Forecast   Yahoo! 
02/11/2022 The Great Canadian Freedom Convoy    YT Must Watch
02/11/2022 The Feared 0.5% “Shock And Awe” Rate Increase Is A Joke   DC 
02/10/2022 Fed Rate Hike Will Cause Hyperinflationary Great Depression  John Williams  USAwatchdog 
02/10/2022 Fed Wizards-The Mega Manipulators   GOLDswitzerland 
02/10/2022 DOD Silent After Whistleblowers Expose Covid 'Vaccine' Injuries in Military   RAIR 
02/10/2022 Europe Unemployment. Big Government, Less Jobs   Dlacalle 
02/10/2022 A 50-Percent Decline Will Only Be A Correction   RIA 
02/09/2022 How Empires Die   OTM 
02/09/2022 Blackrock director predicts financial doomsday…   CFP 
02/09/2022 CDC Spreads Misinformation on Masking, Not Science   AIER 
02/09/2022 Rough Day in the Bond Market: Treasury Yields Spike, 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Nears 4%   WS 
02/08/2022 Low Hanging Fruit From the Golden Delicious Tree  Bob Moriarty  TAUR 
02/08/2022 More Important Ivermectin Study Results   RWM 
02/08/2022 Dave Collum Year in Review 2021 – Rise of Global Authoritarianism Part 3   PP 
02/08/2022 Containership Charter Market Sets Fresh Record   GC 
02/08/2022 Jay Taylor: This Week Had “Inflation” Written All Over It   DC 
02/07/2022 Silver and Gold Will Treat You Well When Viewed as Insurance First, Profit Second   SilverSeek 
02/07/2022 “One And Done?” Is The Fed Trapped At Zero   RIA 
02/07/2022 Israeli study offers strongest proof yet of vitamin D’s power to fight COVID   TimesOfIsrael 
02/07/2022 Weekly Commentary: A Changing World   CBB 
02/06/2022 2021 Year in Review: Crisis of Authority and the Age of Narratives  David Collum  PP 
02/06/2022 China and India Definitely Do Not Believe that Gold is Dead   SKWA 
02/06/2022 Brits Told to Reduce Living Standards as Government Spends £4.7 Million Per Day on Housing Refugees in Hotels   SN 
02/06/2022 Global Tightening amid Raging Inflation: February Update   WS 
02/06/2022 The Die-Off Is Here: Life Insurance Payouts Skyrocket 258% as Post-Vaccine Deaths Rapidly Accelerate   LR 
02/05/2022 Video: Johns Hopkins Prof. Slams Media, Own Institution For Hiding Bombshell Study That Found Lockdowns Are INEFFECTIVE   SN 
02/05/2022 The Bear Awakens    OTM 
02/05/2022 The Next Recession is Here!   TGR 
02/05/2022 A Gold-Concentric Macro View   NFTRH 
02/05/2022 Evergrade Collapse To Trigger Biggest Financial Crash Since 2008   IWB 
02/04/2022 Incredibly Spiking US National Debt Hits Monstrous $30 Trillion   WS 
02/04/2022 Marc Faber: There’s a risk of a much deeper downside move in stocks   IWB 
02/04/2022 “The System Is Broken”: Boots-on-the-Ground View by a US Manufacturer on the Supply Chain Chaos   WS 
02/03/2022 Five Reasons Resource Stocks Will Head Higher in 2022 with Rick Rule  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
02/03/2022 What Happens Before Major Bottoms in Gold Stocks   TDG 
02/03/2022 Big Pharma’s Siege of America   DR 
02/03/2022 Skyrocketing Fertilizer Prices Could Spark Widespread Global Famines Unlike Anything We Have Seen In Modern History   IWB 
02/03/2022 Schwab – The Madman of Davos Changing the World   AE 
02/02/2022 Price Controls?!   AIER 
02/02/2022 Military Database Shows Alarming Increase in Adverse Medical Conditions After Forced Covid Vaccination   TCT 
02/02/2022 Dear Mr. Fed Chair Powell Sir, Rents Are Blowing Out and People are Hurting   WS 
02/02/2022 The New York Fed Has Quietly Staffed Up a Second Trading Floor Near the S&P 500 Futures Market in Chicago   WSOP 
02/02/2022 No Wonder the Market Is Skittish   OTM 
02/01/2022 Truth or Covid? (or, “why we know everything they’re telling us is a lie)   OG 
02/01/2022 Hard Assets: Are They A Trap In The Making?   RIA 
02/01/2022 Buy The Dip Versus Sell The Rally   DC 
02/01/2022 Year of Distortions, Shortages, Massive Inflation, Worst Trade Deficits Ever, and Hyper-Stimulated Growth Ends with a Bang   WS 

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