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Jan 21 Major Markets at Turning Points  DI   
Jan 21 In Search of the New World  MA   
Jan 21 Gold’s 50-DMA Breakout  Przemyslaw Radomski 321gold   
Jan 20 Gold Market Tactics: Tighten Profit Locks  Morris Hubbartt 321gold   
Jan 20 Donald J. Trump New US President, Welcome  321gold   
Jan 20 Gold Futures Looking Bullish  Adam Hamilton 321gold   
Jan 20 The Dollar, “the Most Crowded Trade,” Gets Less Crowded  WS   
Jan 20 Populism; the Danger? What About Debt?  BMI   
Jan 19 Trump Deficits Will Be Huge  Peter Schiff 321gold   
Jan 19 Euro Crisis Deepens  BATR   
Jan 19 The Endgame, Trump & Gold  Darryl Robert Schoon drschoon   
Jan 18 RJK Climbs out of the Ashes  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
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Jan 13 Nexus Scores on Gold, Misses on Press Release  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Jan 13 L@@K Amazon Kindle Books by...  Bob Moriarty 321gold   < - - - -
Jan 12 Explor Hits in New Brunswick  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Jan 09 MX Gold Adds Another Gold Project  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
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Jan 02 SKI #180 Gold Stock Update: Bottom's In, Correction's Complete Jeff Kern 321gold
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$$$ The US National Debt  ...to the Penny PublicDebt   
Jan 20 HOT COTs CFTC Commitment of Traders Reports  Gold  Silver  Plat
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Jan 20 Luminor [web] Announces Appointment of Daniel Cloutier to its BoD...  Yahoo!   
Jan 20 Black Dragon [web] Clarifies and Restates Certain Disclosures  BDG   
Jan 19 Redstar [web] Significantly Expands Strike & Depth Extent of High-Grade Gold Mineralization...  RGC   
Jan 19 Genesis [web] Commences Geological Modeling at Chevrier  GIS   
Jan 19 Aton [web] Egypt’s golden opportunity: Mining for the 21st Century  Enterprise   
Jan 19 Gold Standard Ventures [web] New drilling connects North Dark Star & Dark Star Deposits....   GSV   
Jan 18 Eguana [web] And LG Chem to Expand Energy Storage Partnership  EGT   
Jan 18 Novo [web] Extends the Gold Spec Shoot at its Blue Spec Gold-Antimony Project  NVO   
Jan 17 Rise [web] New Sponsor, Welcome  UPP   
Jan 17 Black Dragon [web] New Sponsor, Welcome  BDG   
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Jan 21 Another Retailer Goes Bankrupt, Shutters Stores  WS   
Jan 21 Political Revolution Sprouts New Shoots Outside Goldman Sachs  WSOP   
Jan 20 The “war on cash” has nothing to do with fighting crime  TSI-Blog   
Jan 20 How Trump Could Unwittingly Gut Boeing’s Global Business  WS   
Jan 19 Swiss SNB's vice president says negative rates key for monetary policy  4-Traders   
Jan 19 Will Our Grandchildren Wonder Why We Didn't Build a Renewable Power Grid When It Was Still Affordable?  OfTwoMinds   
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BEARS: The Daily Reckoning TDR
BEARS: Daily Market Wrap Up FSO
The Forever WarCost of War      

   Jan 21 German Journalist Who Blew Whistle on CIA Media Control Drops Dead at 56  RI   
   Jan 20 An Inauguration Day Surprise?  AW   
   Jan 19 America’s War Based Economy Hidden In Plain Sight  WHTT   
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Jan 21 Archaeology Graduate Discovered Lost City of Trellech After Using Life Savings to Buy Field  AO   
Jan 20 Hoard of gold discovered in piano in Shropshire  BBC   
Jan 19 10 life lessons we learn too late  MW   
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"...past thirty years Americans had thirty wars, spent $14.2 trillion dollars. The money going there; if they spend part of that money on building of infrastructure helping the white collar and blue collars..."
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