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Dec 08 Dolly Varden Buys Homestake Ridge From Fury  Bob Moriarty StreetwiseReports   
Dec 08 Will Biden’s Covid Mandates Be an Economic Multiplier?  AIER   
Dec 07 Taking Gold Candy From A Fiat Baby  Stewart Thomson 321gold   
Dec 07 This past week in gold  Jack Chan 321gold   
Dec 07 Doctor Tells The Truth About Graphene “Razor Blades” In COVID Shots  UN   
Dec 06 An Oversold 10% Trend of Daily A-D  Tom McClellan 321gold   
Dec 06 Mayhem Beneath the Surface of the Stock Market  WS   
Dec 06 You Can’t Stop a Tidal Wave So You Might As Well Try  TBP   
Dec 05 Study Linking C-VVV’s To Massive Increase In Heart Attacks Is Being Totally Ignored  TLB   
Dec 05 Stocks Tank, Gold Jumps: A Glimpse Of The Future?  DC   
Dec 05 The Long Cycles Have All Turned: Look Out Below  OTM   
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Dec 03 In April I Predicted SSR Would Take Over Taiga  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Dec 01 Aurania Resources in a Fire Sale  Bob Moriarty StreetwiseReports   
Dec 01 L@@K Amazon Kindle Books by...  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Nov 29 Defense Metals Delivers Excellent PEA  Bob Moriarty StreetwiseReports   
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Nov 22 SKI #262 Gold Stock Update Jeff Kern 321gold
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$$$ The US National Debt  ...to the Penny PublicDebt   
Dec 03 HOT COTs CFTC Commitment of Traders Reports  Gold  Silver  Plat
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Dec 08 Max Resource Corp [web] Identifies 5 Drill Target Zones and Reports New Assay Results from DT-3 at URU, CESAR Project  MXR   
Dec 08 White Rock Minerals [web] Out to raise $11 million for Woods Point Gold Project exploration  YT   
Dec 08 Tax Loss Silly Season: “Sell Button” Thrown Away  THH   
Dec 08 Defense Metals [web] In Defense of Defense Metals’ PEA for Its Wicheeda Rare Earth Elements Project  StreetwiseReports   
Dec 07 Canada Silver Cobalt Works [web] To Purchase Industrial-Zoned Property with Highway Access for Core Processing Facility  CCW   
Dec 07 Nevada King [web] Drilling Extends Gold Mineralization 200M South, Strike Length Now Exceeds 1KM  NKG   
Dec 07 Goliath Resources [web] Identifies New Outcropping Au-Cu-Ag Bullseye Porphyry Zone...  GOT   
Dec 07 South Star [web] Announces Binding Final Agreement for Graphite Project in Coosa County  STS   
Dec 07 Thesis Gold [web] Drills 13.00 Metres of 26.98 g/t Gold Including 4.00 Metres of 84.92 g/t Gold at Ranch  TAU   
Dec 07 Golden Lake [web] Expands Footprint & Thickness of the Eureka Tunnel Minertalized Zone....  GLM   
Dec 07 Golden Lake [web] Announces Additional Drill Hole Assay Plus Correction to Today's Earlier Press Release  GLM   
Dec 06 Dolly Varden [web] And Fury to Consolidate Emerging Canadian Silver-Gold District in the Golden Triangle  DV   
Dec 06 Scottie Resources [web] Announces OTCQB Listing  SCOT   
Dec 06 Neo Battery Materials [web] Announces the Launch of 3 Silicon Anode Material Products “NBMSiDE” for High Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries  NBM   
Dec 06 Sokoman Minerals [web] To Webcast Live at VirtualInvestorConferences.com December 9th  SIC   
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Dec 08 The Stock Market Casino May Soon Be Open For 24x7 Trading  MishTalk   
Dec 08 Eurozone Inflation at a Record High  AE   
Dec 07 A Brief History of Epic Mass Madness  Kunstler   
Dec 07 People Balk at Regular Old Grind, Strike Out on their Own  WS   
Dec 06 How Low Can Gold & Silver Go?  TDG   
Dec 06 After urea crisis, Korea Herald predicts China will weaponize metals  TN   
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The Forever WarCost of War      

   Dec 08 In Tense Call, Blinken Demands Israel Cease Sabotage Attacks on Iran  RS   
   Dec 07 UN General Assembly demands Israeli occupation full withdraw from occupied Syrian Golan  SANA   
   Dec 06 Warriors for Peace  Z   
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Dec 08 This Canadian 15-Year-Old Publishes Article in Medical Journal  GN   
Dec 07 The Little ‘Puffer’ That Could, and Did, Change an Industry  Smithsonian   
Dec 06 10 Things That Restored Our Faith in Humanity  Listverse   
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