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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
09/29/2023 Rally Time For Stocks & Gold?  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
09/29/2023 GDX's Chronic Undervaluation  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
09/28/2023 DSI Says Gold and Silver to Bottom Soon, Dollar to Top Soon  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/26/2023 A Blowoff For Rates & A Surge For Gold  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
09/22/2023 After The Fed: Gold & Silver Stocks Update  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
09/22/2023 Gold, Miners Weather Fed  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
09/21/2023 Rates, Oil, & Gold: Key Wave Counts  captainewave  321gold 
09/19/2023 Gold: Til Death Do Us Part  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
09/19/2023 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
09/18/2023 Lithium South is a Real Deal Lithium Company  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/15/2023 Gold Overcoming Dollar  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
09/14/2023 Gold Stocks: A Higher Final Low?  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
09/12/2023 Two Extraordinary Stories: West Red Lake Gold and Dynasty Gold   Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/12/2023 CPI & FOMC Prime Movers For Gold  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
09/08/2023 A Double Bottom For The Miners?  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
09/08/2023 Gold Stocks Still in Game  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
09/07/2023 Sierra Madre Plucks Silver Mine and Mill for Pennies    Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/05/2023 Eloro 43-101 Explained      Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/05/2023 Yields At 4.10%: A Sticking Point For Gold  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
09/01/2023 US Jobs Report: Gold Stocks Look Good  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
09/01/2023 Gold Shorting Spike Bullish  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
09/01/2023 FYI Labor/Labour Day Holiday Schedule   321gold 

External News

09/30/2023 Concerning: The similarities to 2008 keep piling up!   CWR 
09/30/2023 The Psychology of Inflation: What Makes You Say, No Way Am I Paying That?   OTM 
09/30/2023 Oil Price Tops Highest Level Since Summer of 2022, What About the SPR?   MT 
09/30/2023 The Comics of Bidenomics: All Revisions Go Down ... All the Time!   TDD 
09/30/2023 The Costco Gold Indicator   QTR 
09/29/2023 Is the Fed Screwing Us Over as Usual? John Rubino Exposes the Truth  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
09/29/2023 S&P 500 Equal Weight Index Dips into Red Year-to-Date. Shows Entire Market Depends on 8 Giants, but They’re Swooning Too   WS 
09/29/2023 Bill Gates Suddenly Abandons Climate Doom Narrative   EN 
09/28/2023 It’s the Smart Money that Took a 77% Loss on Instacart, Not Retail Investors   WS 
09/28/2023 ‘Trust the Experts’: 1,600 Scientists Sign Declaration Denouncing Climate Change Hoax   AP 
09/28/2023 Faster bonds sell off the greater collateral hit and impairment to Global liquidity. Hedge funds cut stock leverage at fastest pace since 2020 crash   CWR 
09/28/2023 Was Washington's Bio-Weapon Attack on China a Success?   UNZ 
09/27/2023 Mark Jeftovic: Cash Isn't The Solution To CBDCs   rubino 
09/27/2023 My “Wealth Disparity Monitor” of the Fed’s Money Printer Era, September 2023: Now There’s Inflation, QT, and Rate Hikes   WS 
09/27/2023 Chinese Gold Demand Improved in August   QTR 
09/27/2023 The Perfect Storm Hits Big Banks: Tumbling Deposits, Rising Unrealized Losses, and Higher-for-Longer Interest Rates   WSOP 
09/27/2023 Slouching Towards Beelzebub   Kunstler MUST READ
09/26/2023 GoldSeek Radio Nugget: It's the End of the Western Debt-Based System   Bob Moriarty  GS 
09/26/2023 The Empire Strikes Back   TDD 
09/26/2023 QE Giveth, QT Taketh Away: German Home Prices vs. ECB Balance Sheet   WS 
09/26/2023 When the Wall Street Cabal Took Over America   TBP 
09/25/2023 Newfoundland Gold Discovery - The Greatest in 20 Years  Bob Moriarty  SWR 
09/25/2023 Is the AI Bubble Ending Sending a Bearish?   TJ 
09/25/2023 Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Monetary Magicians - Gold Flowing Quietly From West to East   JCC 
09/25/2023 The Fed is Uncertain About Uncertainty, So Why the Forward Guidance?   MT 
09/25/2023 Flying High   DB 
09/24/2023 Inflation To Explode; Hyperinflation Endgame   Bob Moriarty  YT 
09/24/2023 A Time Capsule from the 1930s: What's Different Now   OTM 
09/24/2023 Demand for Existing Homes Falters Further. Price Cuts, Days on Market, New Listings Rise. Prices Languish below 2022 Peak   WS 
09/24/2023 The vast majority of NFTs are now worthless, new report shows   TG 
09/24/2023 Blobitis   Kunstler 
09/23/2023 Six Reasons Why Corporate Profits Will Fall 50%   OTM 
09/23/2023 Treasury Market Gets Memo with Subject Line: “Higher for Longer” but Someone Scribbled next to it, “Maybe Forever?”   WS 
09/23/2023 Tensions Flare at UAW in Shawn Fain’s Quick Update Tweet   MT 
09/23/2023 Gold – Tenacious Correction Not Definitely Finished   MidasTouch 
09/23/2023 Flying on a Wing and a Prayer   EP 
09/22/2023 Boldly Into the Chaos   Kunstler 
09/22/2023 Almost Half Of All Young Adults In The United States Are Living With Their Parents   TECB 
09/22/2023 What If Disinflation Turns Out To Be Transitory?   TFR 
09/21/2023 Gold Is Doing Great -- In Other Currencies   rubino 
09/21/2023 Congrats, America, We Made it! Government Debt Spikes past $33 Trillion: +$1.6 Trillion since Debt Ceiling, +$2.2 Trillion from Year Ago   WS 
09/21/2023 Fed’s Balance Sheet Liabilities: RRPs Plunge, Reserves Rise after Bank Panic, Currency in Circulation Dips after Pandemic Spike, TGA Gets Refilled   WS 
09/21/2023 No Worries, Mate   DB 
09/20/2023 Central Bankers Wandering in the Woods   HussmanFunds 
09/20/2023 Fed rates unchanged at 5-1/4 to 5-1/2 percent  FOMC  Fed 
09/20/2023 Gold Starting New 13-1/2 Month Cycle  Tom McClellan  McOscillator 
09/20/2023 The Fed Has to Pivot, Sooner or Later with Craig Hemke  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
09/20/2023 The 'Climate Emergency' Is A Hoax   ZH 
09/20/2023 President Xi Declares No More Double Agents in the BRICS Alliance   SWA 
09/19/2023 Bidenomics In 3 Charts! Net Cash Farm Income Growth Negative, Office Vacancy Rate Now Higher Than Financial Crisis, 19% Growth In Federal Debt And $194 TRILLION In Unfunded Liabilities   CWR 
09/19/2023 Trudeau Liberals handing out millions to help put crickets on menu   TorontoSun 
09/19/2023 The BRICS nations now account for 31.5% of global GDP, outpacing the G7’s 30%, and are set to collectively control 80% of global oil production   CWR 
09/18/2023 A Second Black Swan For Markets Emerges   QTR 
09/18/2023 Mortgage-Rate Buydowns by Homebuilders Are Now All the Rage to Prop Up Sales, Lowering Effective House Prices in a Big Way, but Don’t Get Picked Up by House Price Data   WS 
09/18/2023 Saudi Arabia’s crown prince looks to metals as new source of wealth   Mining 
09/18/2023 Will Climate Stakeholders Engineer an Economic Depression to Save the Planet From Global Warming?   IC 
09/17/2023 The Federal Student Loan Pause Is Finally Ending   Reason 
09/17/2023 How to Kill Hard Rock Mining in the US   Kitco 
09/17/2023 Our Drunken Sailors Splurged at Stores & Auto Dealers amid Lower Prices of Durable Goods, Partied at Eating & Drinking Places, and Paid an Arm and a Leg at Gas Stations   WS 
09/17/2023 The Conundrum   Kunstler 
09/16/2023 The Lag Effect Unveiled   RIA 
09/16/2023 US banking crisis has gone quiet, but not away   AOTH 
09/16/2023 The New Stock Market Mathematics & An Intriguing Setup In Gold   CEO 
09/16/2023 Why Inflation is a Problem, and Why It’s Only Going to Get Worse with John Rubino  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
09/15/2023 Documenting History with Coins   AE 
09/15/2023 The Acceleration of Inflation in the Second Half Has Begun, “Disinflation” Honeymoon Terminated   WS 
09/15/2023 Deflation, Stag or Crack-Up Inflation?   NFTRH 
09/15/2023 Inflation Swings on Bumpin' Biden's Relationship with Saudi Crown Prince   TDD 
09/14/2023 How Will Gold Play a Role in a Divided World?  Bob Moriarty  YT 
09/14/2023 Timing the coming US recession   TSI-Blog 
09/14/2023 Tesla Price Cuts, Followed by other Automakers, Plus Surging Incentives, Hit Average Transaction Prices, after Toxic Spike   WS 
09/14/2023 That Simply Doesnt Make Sense: Lead Author Of Cochrane Mask Review Responds To Faucis Dismissal Of Evidence   ZH 
09/14/2023 Here's Why Housing Is Unaffordable for the Bottom 90%   OTM 
09/13/2023 The Greatest Discovery in the Past 20 Years  Bob Moriarty  SWR 
09/13/2023 Charting America’s Import Reliance of Key Minerals   VGF 
09/13/2023 Hartnett: The Endgame Is If The Next Recession Sends Yields Higher, Not Lower, As Markets Discount Fiscal Policy Panic   ZH 
09/13/2023 The Mills of the Gods   Kunstler 
09/13/2023 Gann Global Financial Webinar Signup for Thursday Sept 14   GG 
09/12/2023 Silver Market Update - How it will perform during a stockmarket crash...  Clive Maund  CM 
09/12/2023 Has The Market’s Black Swan Just Arrived?   QTR 
09/12/2023 Rising Oil Prices Might Be What Tips US Into Recession As Biden Drains The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (Crude Oil Reserves Lowest Since 1985)   CWR 
09/11/2023 Gold Market Update - How it will perform during a stockmarket crash...  Clive Maund  CM 
09/11/2023 “Unrealized Losses” on Securities Held by Banks, Oh Dearie, the Whole Schmear: +8%, to $558 Billion   WS 
09/11/2023 A massive credit card debt catastrophe is coming   CWR 
09/11/2023 Rising Oil Prices Might Be What Tips US Into Recession As Biden Drains The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (Crude Oil Reserves Lowest Since 1985)   CWR 
09/11/2023 Bill Gates Is Funding a Scheme to Cut Down 70 Million Acres of Forests in North America   GR 
09/10/2023 Debt to GDP Alarm Bells Ring, Neither Party Will Solve This   MT 
09/10/2023 Cop-Out   DB 
09/10/2023 Gasoline Prices Rise Year-over-Year for First Time since Feb 2022: CPI Inflation to Feel the Heat this Year   WS 
09/10/2023 Government Gave Millions To Top Reproductive Health Org To Promote COVID-19 Vaccines To Pregnant Women   ZH 
09/10/2023 Is Growing Inequality Nearing The Breaking Point?   TFR 
09/09/2023 Maui's wildfire tragedy caused by “green” policies, not warming   AE 
09/09/2023 Crude Oil WTI Jumps to Highest since November, as SPR Gets Refilled, Saudi Arabia & Russia Extend Production Cuts   WS 
09/09/2023 3 Reasons There’s Something Sinister With the Big Push for Electric Vehicles   IM 
09/09/2023 Fed Balance Sheet QT: -$105 Billion in August, -$864 Billion from Peak, to $8.1 Trillion, Lowest since July 2021   WS 
09/09/2023 A Theory of the Game   Kunstler 
09/08/2023 3 Reasons A Nasty Recession Will Soon Arrive   QTR 
09/08/2023 We're Living in a Neofeudal Bubble   OTM 
09/08/2023 Money Talks   DB 
09/07/2023 Why “invest” in monetized debt that’s going to be inflated away by the Fed? Cue the next banking liquidity crisis in 3-2-1…   CWR 
09/07/2023 Some Scary Shit Rick  Rick Ackerman  RP 
09/07/2023 Recession Watch: Obscure But Scary   rubino 
09/07/2023 Gold, Silver and the Fourth Turning-How It Plays Out   Rambus1 
09/06/2023 Labor Force Spikes, Wage Pressures Stuck at High Levels, Job Market Sorts Out the Distortions from the Pandemic   WS 
09/06/2023 UAW President Has “Only One True Enemy, Multibillion Dollar Corporations”   MT 
09/06/2023 The numbers are in, and we can say it with certainty: Lockdowns were worse than useless   WE 
09/06/2023 61% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck — inflation is still squeezing budgets   CNBC 
09/06/2023 Your Job Isn’t Going to China with John Rubino  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
09/05/2023 Just When You Think they Get it, they Really Don't   TDD 
09/05/2023 Higher for Longer Spells Trouble   JT 
09/05/2023 Rising GDP + Rising Yields = A MAJOR Sign of “Uh-Oh”   GS 
09/04/2023 Geopolitics and Empire Comments from  Bob Moriarty  Twitter 
09/04/2023 Over 1,600 Scientists Sign 'No Climate Emergency' Declaration   ZH 
09/04/2023 The Financial Conditions Are Tighter Than You Think   RIA 
09/04/2023 Are We Facing Lockdowns 2.0?   QTR 
09/04/2023 Curse of Easy Money: US Government Interest Payments v. Tax Receipts, Average Interest on Treasury Debt, & Debt to GDP   WS 
09/03/2023 BRICS Voted Against Western Debt-Based System |  Bob Moriarty  YT 
09/03/2023 September 1, 2025: Fed Reaches Inflation Target, Cheese Sandwich Costs $120   OTM 
09/03/2023 The West Is Losing Control Over the Gold Price   GC 
09/03/2023 Articles on China   Twitter 
09/03/2023 Following the BRICS Road to Multipolarity   LI 
09/02/2023 After some Wavering, Corporate Bond Market Adjusts to Tightest Monetary Policies in Decades and Returns to La-La-Land   WS 
09/02/2023 Gold: The Anti-Bubble   NFTRH 
09/02/2023 Geopolitics and Empire with Hrvoje Mori?   CR 
09/01/2023 This Junior Gold Miner Is Producing The Best Drill Results I’ve Ever Seen  Bob Moriarty  EAG 
09/01/2023 Massive Churn in the Labor Market Slows: Layoffs and Discharges, Voluntary Quits, Job Openings, and Hires   WS 
09/01/2023 The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America, August Update: 4th YoY Price Drop Overall, 10 of 20 Cities with YoY Drops. Month-to-Month, Selling Season Begins to Fade   WS 

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