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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
07/31/2023 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
07/28/2023 Gold Stocks Need To Turn Higher Now  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
07/28/2023 Gold Takes A Hit: What Now?  captainewave  321gold 
07/28/2023 Gold Stocks' Autumn Rally 8  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/26/2023 Blackrock Silver Gets Two Swings for the Fences  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
07/25/2023 The Fed & China: Rally Time For Gold  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/25/2023 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
07/21/2023 Gold Stocks: Buy This Dip With Size?  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
07/18/2023 Gold & Silver: Correlations That Matter  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/17/2023 West Red Lake Gold is Ready for the Summer Rally  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
07/14/2023 Gold Surges & Silver Surges More  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
07/14/2023 Gold Stocks' CPI Surge  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/11/2023 Gold Charts: An Array Of Buy Signals  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/10/2023 SKI #290 Gold Stock Update  Jeff Kern  321gold 
07/09/2023 Precious Metals – Time for a Bounce  Bob Hoye  321gold 
07/07/2023 A Hawkish Fed: Gold & Stk Mkt Tactics  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
07/07/2023 Gold Technicals Bullish  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/05/2023 Does the West End in a Bang or a Whimper? Zelensky, Graham and Blumenthal Know   Bob Moriarty  321gold 
07/05/2023 Gold, Stocks, & Miners: The Markets Get Wilder  Stewart Thomson  321gold 

External News

07/31/2023 Geopolitical Chessboard Shifts Against US Empire   UNZ 
07/31/2023 CBDC & the Fall of Western Society   AE 
07/31/2023 All Bubbles Pop   OTM 
07/31/2023 The myth of an overheated planet   AE 
07/30/2023 The Empire is Over & the Globalists Are Going to Fail! |  Bob Moriarty  GAE 
07/30/2023 Air Pockets, Free Falls, and More Cowbell   HussmanFunds 
07/30/2023 Fed's Balance Sheet Going To $20 Trillion In The Next Big Print: Larry Lepard   QTR 
07/30/2023 Reasons why food inflation isn’t going away   AOTH 
07/30/2023 Central Banks Could Be Planning Something Huge for Gold Investors   BG 
07/29/2023 Four Precious Metals Megatrends Are Rapidly Unfolding   MoneyMetals 
07/29/2023 CBDCs: A Weapon for Debanking the Banked   QTR 
07/29/2023 Without Actually Pronouncing “6%,” Powell Said 6%. Inflation Not Vanquished in June. Even if the Fed Cuts Rates Next Year, QT Could Continue   WS 
07/29/2023 Trillions of Dollars in Uninsured Deposits Are Now a Serious Albatross Around the Necks of the Mega Banks on Wall Street   WSOP 
07/29/2023 Decoupling: Washington's Plan to Kneecap China's Economy   UNZ 
07/28/2023 The Most Destructive Crash in Financial History |  Bob Moriarty  YT 
07/28/2023 Entire Housing Market, Buyers and Sellers, May Have Shrunk by 20% to 25% because of the 3% Mortgages   WS 
07/28/2023 Yuan exceeds dollar in China's bilateral trade for first time   AN 
07/27/2023 Fed Hikes by 25 Basis Points, to 5.5% Top of Range, Highest since 2001, More Rate Hikes on the Table. QT Continues   WS 
07/27/2023 Artificial Intelligence: Adapt or Be Terminated   FS 
07/27/2023 The Soft Landing Charade   QTR 
07/27/2023 Economic Cycle Set To Improve But Are Bulls Too Bullish?   RIA 
07/27/2023 Federal Reserve raises interest rates to highest since 2001   Yahoo! 
07/26/2023 Fed rates raised to 5-1/4 to 5-1/2 percent  FOMC  Fed 
07/26/2023 A Few Trillion Here, a Few Trillion There…   RP 
07/26/2023 Hard Landing Alert with Lobo Tiggre  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
07/26/2023 The US Reserve Currency & Commodities   Gorozen 
07/26/2023 Fire Sale   RB 
07/25/2023 Seth Klarman on the current markets   Twitter 
07/25/2023 The Façade of the Student-Athlete   JG 
07/25/2023 The BRICS Won’t Kill the Dollar, US Policy Will   GS 
07/24/2023 Freedom Movements are On the Rise, Global Elite Won't Win This War |  Bob Moriarty  YT 
07/24/2023 It's Mourning in America   OTM 
07/24/2023 The Looming War Against China   UNZ 
07/24/2023 Millennials are hoarding more gold than boomers and Gen X-ers as recession risks loom, State Street says   BI 
07/24/2023 Ukraine’s counter-offensive is failing, with no easy fixes   TT 
07/23/2023 Gold Stocks: Nothing Special   NFTRH 
07/23/2023 The Killing of Common Sense   QTR 
07/23/2023 Cheat Codes   DB 
07/23/2023 Rick Rule’s Top 3 Criteria for Gold & Silver Stocks   TDG 
07/23/2023 Housing Market Faces Reckoning: Price of Used Houses now the Same as Price of New Houses   WS 
07/22/2023 The dirty little secret that could bring down Big Tech   BI 
07/22/2023 The coming implosion of the Fed’s Housing Bubble 2.0 will be the catalyst for Great Financial Crisis 2.0   CWR 
07/22/2023 Gold: The Answer To Being Debanked?   ZH 
07/22/2023 Recession Watch: Real Estate And Manufacturing Seize Up   rubino 
07/22/2023 Why the dollar is finished   GoldMoney 
07/21/2023 Swiss Government Plans to Lock Away Secrets on Credit Suisse Collapse for 50 Years   WSOP 
07/21/2023 The WHO Is A Real And Present Danger   ZH 
07/21/2023 The ultimate debunking of “solar and wind are cheaper than fossil fuels.”   AE 
07/20/2023 “Green” Jobs At Ford And GM Will Cost Taxpayers As Much As $7.7 Million Each   RB 
07/20/2023 The bell tolls for fiat   GoldMoney 
07/20/2023 I Love how Tesla Wreaks Havoc: Ford Slashes Prices of Electric Pickup Trucks, after 3 Big-Fat Price Hikes. Let the Price Cutting Continue   WS 
07/20/2023 The Truth About Ukraine’s Failed Counteroffensive   AE 
07/20/2023 Top 10 Gold And Precious Metal Mining Stocks Ranked By Free Cash Flow Yield   USfunds 
07/19/2023 Goodbye Dollar, Hello Gold...  Clive Maund  CM 
07/19/2023 5.5% Rate on T-Bonds Coming, but Then What?   RP 
07/19/2023 Will BRICS Implement a Gold Backed Currency in August?   DB 
07/19/2023 Massive US Oil Caverns Sit Empty in Threat to Energy Security   CWR 
07/19/2023 Evictions Will Double From Current Levels As Rental Market Apocalypse Intensifies   CWR 
07/18/2023 US Dollar’s Status as Global Reserve Currency on Slow Long-Term Decline, but Not Going Down in a Straight Line   WS 
07/18/2023 Bank earnings next week may show deteriorating conditions… Since the Spring bank run, nothing has changed   CWR 
07/18/2023 Gold vs. Gold Stocks, An Unresolved Incongruity   Sprott 
07/18/2023 A Catastrophic Debt Implosion can be Incredibly Quick   GS 
07/17/2023 RT (Russia sponsored TV) says the new BRICS-currency will be gold backed   Twitter 
07/17/2023 The Fed’s Liabilities: QT Pushed Down Reserves & RRPs by $865 Billion. TGA Gets Refilled. Currency in Circulation Hits Record   WS 
07/17/2023 Gold. Liberator or Enslaver?   VF 
07/17/2023 Something or Nothing?   DB 
07/16/2023 Companies Now Hiring Faster than Laying Off: A Favorite Recession Indicator Has Now Backtracked for 3 Months   WS 
07/16/2023 Are You Willing to Starve for the Greater Good?   EP 
07/16/2023 Interest rates reach Financial Crisis levels, causing tight monetary policy headwind in H2 2023   CWR 
07/16/2023 Inscrutable Sanctions   CN 
07/16/2023 Rust Belt on the Rhine   P 
07/15/2023 Bank of America Ran Illegal Racket    TDD 
07/15/2023 How Big is the Market for Crude Oil?   VisualCapitalist 
07/15/2023 OVERWHELMING PROOF that the COVID-19 Plandemic was officially planned out and executed by the U.S. Federal Government (and other state actors)   TBP 
07/15/2023 Talks of Fed pulling off a fabled “soft landing” still premature   AOTH 
07/15/2023 A Fun Day   Kunstler 
07/15/2023 Roundtable Discussion on the Energy Markets ft. Adam Rozencwajg   Gorozen 
07/14/2023 Open Borders, Chaos & Violence   AE 
07/14/2023 Nobel Prize winner denounces alarmist climate predictions: ‘I don’t believe there is a climate crisis’   LSN 
07/14/2023 The top 4 banks face bond asset losses totaling $205 billion, with the overall banking sector suffering losses totaling $2 trillion; the Fed intends to hike rates, compounding losses    CWR 
07/13/2023 The Mainstream Media Is Not Telling You The Truth About Inflation   TECB 
07/13/2023 FBI Colluded With Russian-Infiltrated Agency In Ukraine To Censor Americans   TF 
07/13/2023 The Inverted Yield Curve and Next US Recession   QTR 
07/13/2023 End of Easy Money: Financial Conditions Loosen Again for Junk-Rated Companies. But Some that Long Teetered Finally Go Over the Bankruptcy Cliff   WS 
07/13/2023 The Fed Needs Inflation to Survive, U.S. Is Living on Borrowed Money and Time   YT 
07/12/2023 A global financial crisis FAR worse than 2008 is approaching…   CWR 
07/12/2023 The Blob Begins to Quiver   Kunstler 
07/12/2023 Kakhovka Dam Breach in Ukraine Caused Economic, Agricultural and Ecological Devastation That Will Last for Years   NCap 
07/12/2023 The Epocalypse: We Are in the Throes an Economic Apocalypse   TDD 
07/12/2023 Base Metals: A Decade of Shortages Ahead   Gorozen 
07/11/2023 The Long View of Job Growth by Industry: Some Gained Jobs; at Others, Jobs Got Crushed   WS 
07/11/2023 Welcome to the Era of Targeted Bailouts   EP 
07/11/2023 De-Dollarization Just Got Real, Part 2: BRICS To Introduce Gold-Backed Currency In August   rubino 
07/11/2023 A New Non-NATO Gold-Backed Currency is Coming   SKWA 
07/10/2023 Gold-Backed BRICS Currency Amid Collapse Of The West |  Bob Moriarty  YT 
07/10/2023 ALERT: Europe Now Taking Steps To Move To Cashless Society   KWN 
07/10/2023 Fed’s Balance Sheet Drops $667 Billion fr. Peak to $8.3 Trillion, Below Aug 2021, as QT Continues, Bank Panic Support Unwinds   WS 
07/10/2023 Jerome Powell: Misunderstood Angel or Open Devil?   GS 
07/10/2023 All Dreams End: The Collapse of Keynesian Economics   OTM 
07/09/2023 Thou shalt not (censor)   AB 
07/09/2023 CRE Nightmare for CMBS Holders: Office Mortgage Delinquency Rate Has Biggest Six-Month Spike Ever. It’s just the Beginning   WS 
07/09/2023 Naked Allegiance   JG 
07/09/2023 A Game No One Can Win: China Retaliates Against Biden’s Chip War   MT 
07/08/2023 More Than 20,000 Military Members Became Sterile After COVID Vaccination   ALRN MUST READ
07/08/2023 Heavy Electric Vehicles Cause TWICE the Road Damage than Their Petrol Equivalents   BB 
07/08/2023 Zoltan Pozsar: New World Monetary Order, Dedollarization and the Role of Gold   GoldBroker 
07/08/2023 Father of Our Country   Kunstler 
07/08/2023 ECB Balance Sheet Plunged by €1.6 Trillion (-18%) from Peak. Bond Roll-Off Speeds Up WS   WS 
07/07/2023 GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Gold and Silver Headed Much Higher  Bob Moriarty  rumble 
07/07/2023 Life In The UK Is Becoming Completely Unlivable - Brexiteer Farage Is Being Systemically Un-Banked   ZH 
07/07/2023 Our Drunken Sailors Are in No Mood to Give Up Spending, and They Can Afford it   WS 
07/06/2023 Who Wins and Who Loses in a Deep Global Recession?   OTM 
07/06/2023 Take That, Internet Censors!   Taibbi 
07/06/2023 Waiting for the Promised Recession: Economic Growth even Stronger than Feared, Treasury Yields Spike   WS 
07/06/2023 Blueprint for the End of The Dollar and the BRICS New Currency   YT 
07/06/2023 Are You Gambling with Your Retirement Account?   EP 
07/05/2023 A Closer Look At Gold Miner Seasonality   CEO 
07/05/2023 The Make-or-Break Fork in the Road Ahead OTM    OTM 
07/05/2023 As Prices of New Houses Drop, Sales Jump: Cut the Price and They Will Come   WS 
07/04/2023 Modern Currency Policy: Nations Compete, Citizens Suffer   GS 
07/02/2023 Has the Fed Really Paused? with John Rubino  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
07/02/2023 Gold Market Will Turn When This Happens   TDG 
07/01/2023 Which Of These Currencies Will Collapse First?   rubino 
07/01/2023 A New Third World Debt Crisis?   UNZ 
07/01/2023 A Catastrophic Implosion . . . of the Rule of Law   AG 
07/01/2023 Jim Grant Just Issued This Warning About Business And Credit Conditions In The US   KWN 
07/01/2023 UKRAINE RECONSTRUCTION BANK – BlackRock and JPMorgan Chase Own Ukraine AE    AE 

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