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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
07/30/2021 Eloro Delivers Universe Class Results  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
07/30/2021 Gold Stocks: Upside Breakout With A Gap  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
07/30/2021 FYI 321gold is 20 years old today   321gold smile
07/30/2021 Gold Stocks' Autumn Rally 6  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/27/2021 Gold Stocks: Fundamentals Versus Price  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/27/2021 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
07/26/2021 Ivermectin Tales from the Crypt  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
07/23/2021 Gold, Oil, & Stock Market Update  captainewave  321gold 
07/23/2021 Gold Stocks: Candlesticks Offer Hope  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
07/23/2021 Gold Investors Wavering  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/21/2021 Gold – Slow, But Steady Advance  Ross Clark  321gold 
07/20/2021 Gold Stock Investing: Rules That Matter  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/20/2021 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
07/19/2021 Provenance Gold is Cheap  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
07/16/2021 Rally Time For The Miners?  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
07/16/2021 Gold-Stock Upleg Rebound  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/13/2021 Gold Stocks: Should Investors Be Concerned?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/13/2021 Energy Curiosities: Update  Bob Hoye  321energy 
07/12/2021 Underestimating Eloro  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
07/12/2021 SKI #256 Gold Stock Update: Unique Recent Behavior  Jeff Kern  321gold 
07/12/2021 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
07/10/2021 Condo and Currency Collapse  Keith Weiner  321gold 
07/09/2021 Gold Stocks: Down But Not Out  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
07/09/2021 Gold Stocks Coiling Post-Fed  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/06/2021 Gold & Fiat Dependence Day  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
07/05/2021 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
07/05/2021 FYI Canada Day & 4th July Holiday Schedule   321gold 
07/02/2021 Gold: The Candlestick Action Improves  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
07/02/2021 Gold Summer Doldrums 4  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
07/02/2021 Financial Markets Red Hot: But Don’t Let The Smoke Out  Bob Hoye  321gold 

External News

07/31/2021 My Thoughts on the Fed’s Back-to-the-Future “Standing Repo Facilities” Announced Today   WS 
07/31/2021 Next Catalyst for Gold and Gold Stocks   TDG 
07/31/2021 Edward Snowden: The Insecurity Industry   DC 
07/31/2021 Secular Bear Birth, Bull Death May 7, 2021   BNB 
07/30/2021 VAX Reactions from the front lines   Twitter Must Watch. Now what do we do?
07/30/2021 African Bandits Steal 66 Trucks Carrying Copper Worth Millions   ZB 
07/30/2021 Let’s Compare The U.S. Economy Before The Pandemic To The U.S. Economy Today   IWB 
07/29/2021 Gold Is About To Make A Big Move   CEO 
07/29/2021 Not Your Mother's Inflation: Why This Is the Time to Invest in Precious Metals   SWR 
07/29/2021 Motivated Reasoning About Silver   Keith Weiner  MM 
07/29/2021 America Is a Moral Cesspool, and Student Loans Prove It   OTM 
07/29/2021 The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America: July Update, Holy Moly   WS 
07/28/2021 Fed rates unchanged 0 to 1/4 percent  FOMC  Fed 
07/28/2021 2021 - The Year of the Mass Poisoning...  Clive Maund  CM 
07/28/2021 America Is a Moral Cesspool, and Student Loans Prove It   OTM 
07/28/2021 Buyers’ Strike: Sales of New Houses Plunge 32% in 5 Months, Unsold Inventory Highest since 2008, Prices Drop   WS 
07/28/2021 California Has Banned High-End Computers for Residents   IWB 
07/28/2021 Financial System Has Come to an End  Martin Armstrong  USAwatchdog 
07/27/2021 In a Hall of Mirrors You Have To Break Some Glass To See Clearly   Kunstler 
07/27/2021 Bitcoin ban in China on the cards   MB 
07/27/2021 Why Government Lockdowns Mostly Harm the Poor   AIER 
07/26/2021 Doctors Raise Awareness on Ivermectin Treatment for COVID-19   TET 
07/26/2021 #gold #silver #Miners 52 weeks low all around, buying opportunity !   CF 
07/26/2021 While Fed Blows Off Inflation, Hawkish Bank of Russia Shocks & Awes with Rate Hikes, Sees “Persistent” & “Prolonged” Inflation   WS 
07/26/2021 Bulls “Buy The Dip” But Is The Risk Really Over? 07-23-21   RIA 
07/25/2021 Top 10 Soul-Crushing Facts About Unemployment   Listverse 
07/25/2021 Quantitative Easing: A Boon or Curse?   GoldCore 
07/25/2021 ShadowStats’ John Williams: Why inflation now is really 13.5% and will go higher (Part 1/2)   MS 
07/25/2021 Bank of international settlements chief talks “absolute control”   FXstreet 
07/24/2021 The Bad and the Very Bad   AIER 
07/24/2021 Gold Stocks Headed to Significant Low   TDG 
07/24/2021 Biden Shrugs As Inflation Skyrockets! Millions Out Of Work & Massive Collapse On The   IWB 
07/24/2021 The Morlocks Milk Covid® for All Its Worth So That They Might Inherit the Earth   TBP 
07/24/2021 Society is right on track for a global collapse, new study of infamous 1970s report finds   LiveScience 
07/24/2021 Boiling The Frog In South Africa   TAC 
07/23/2021 “No Resistance” to Price Increases   WS 
07/23/2021 This Is a Very Dangerous Market   TM 
07/22/2021 Compromised Visibilty   HamburgersStand 
07/22/2021 Inflation under the Biden admin is even worse than you thought…   IWB 
07/22/2021 According to MIT Study, Covid-19 Skeptics are Highly Informed on the Data   IWB 
07/22/2021 How Breakdown Cascades Into Collapse   OTM 
07/22/2021 Treasury 10-Year Yield Plunges Below Widely Watched 1.2% Level   IWB 
07/21/2021 Watching China: Anatomy of a Suicide   UNZ 
07/21/2021 The American Descent into Madness   AG 
07/21/2021 Record inflation levels are coming with no growth, 'the worst of all worlds' - Steve Hanke   YT 
07/21/2021 Ethereum's co-founder says he's done with crypto because it's too risky   BI 
07/20/2021 Plunge of Retail Inventories, Collapse of New & Used Vehicle Inventories: The Shortages Depicted in Charts   WS 
07/20/2021 Dollar’s Fans Needn’t Fear Biden SDRs   RickAckerman 
07/20/2021 Investors Are on the Lookout for a Crash, But Prices Keep Going Up   IWB 
07/19/2021 An ‘Epic Mistake’? Former NY Fed Exec Worries About Federal Reserve’s Ongoing COVID Response   PBS 
07/19/2021 “America’s CEOs couldn’t say it any louder: We’re about to charge you more”   IWB 
07/19/2021 Gold marches higher following dovish Fed comments   AOTH 
07/19/2021 Billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach warns that inflation will continue to soar and says it threatens to bring down a house-of-cards stock market   NNUSA 
07/18/2021 Bitcoin's end: Tether, Binance and the white swans that could bring it all down   S&E 
07/18/2021 A Drunken Saylor   DB 
07/18/2021 How the Covid “Pandemic” Was Orchestrated Paul Craig Roberts   PCR 
07/18/2021 Bank of Canada Cuts Bond Purchases for 3rd Time   WS 
07/18/2021 Thanks For Your Concern, Mr. Fink   DC 
07/17/2021 CDC’s biased undercount of COVID-19 breakthrough infections   TSN 
07/17/2021 This “Temporary” Inflation Is Turning into an Inflation Spiral   WS 
07/17/2021 And Now the WTF Spike in Transportation Costs   WS 
07/17/2021 Will the US Stock Market's Worsening Breadth Matter?   NFTRH 
07/17/2021 Retiring Boomers Are Deflationary, Right?   DC 
07/16/2021 Glenn Greenwald: Nancy Pelosi Making Millions Trading Stocks of Companies She Regulates   DC 
07/16/2021 Cheated or Greedy? Bitcoin Bettors Want Their Money Back   MishTalk 
07/16/2021 Consumers Expect Red-Hot Inflation to Crush Their Earnings: Fed’s Survey   WS 
07/15/2021 Why a Rising $USD is a Major Issue for the U.S.   IWB 
07/15/2021 Impending Financial Crisis 2.0? Matt Taibbi Hears Echoes Of 2008   YT 
07/15/2021 Goldrunner: Gold Could Jump To $1,900-$2,100 In Next 30 days – Here’s Why   MK 
07/15/2021 Evidence of Inflation’s Inferno is Everywhere, but President Can’t Feel the Heat   TGR 
07/15/2021 Time is Running Out for the Banks   IWB 
07/14/2021 Gold Stocks are Oversold, But…   TDG 
07/14/2021 Pursuing Illusions   NOR 
07/14/2021 Chills all over me   Twitter 
07/14/2021 I am Betting My Blog (Once Again) on My Inflation Predictions Being Right!   TGR 
07/14/2021 In 2030, You Won't Own Any Gadgets   gizmodo 
07/13/2021 Grant Williams on Tether   Twitter MUST WATCH
07/13/2021 Chris Christie on Sirota: “He’s Not a Journalist, He’s a Hack”   PM 
07/13/2021 Yields Plunge. Dollar Surges. The Reflation Trade Unravels. 07-09-21   RIA 
07/12/2021 The Israeli Farce   UNZ 
07/12/2021 Wells Fargo Bank Cuts-Off ALL Personal Lines of Credit - Spurs Fears the bank is in trouble   HTRS 
07/12/2021 Housing Bubble #2: Ready to Pop?   OTM 
07/11/2021 Nurse Blows the Whistle on the Medical Industry: ‘They’re Not Offering Informed Consent’   TET 
07/11/2021 Bond Baloney Everywhere! Let me help you digest it.   TGR 
07/11/2021 The Silver Bull Is Not Transitory   SWR 
07/11/2021 Was This Finally “Peak Insanity” in Used Vehicle Prices?   WS 
07/11/2021 We Are Entering The Age Of Full John Galt   BW 
07/10/2021 When Did College Turn Into Just Another Scam?   DC 
07/10/2021 Why Copper Will Help Define Silver Supply through at Least 2030   MoneyMetals 
07/10/2021 Wells Fargo tells customers it’s shuttering all personal lines of credit   CNBC 
07/10/2021 Americans See the Raging Mania: “Bad Time to Buy a Home” & “Good Time to Sell a Home” Sentiments Spike to WTF Record   WS 
07/09/2021 Crushed   NT 
07/09/2021 China and the USA Are Joined at the Hip   plata 
07/09/2021 New Study Shows Hospitals Still Gouge Those Who are Uninsured   MishTalk 
07/08/2021 What the stock market’s ‘black swan’ index hitting an all-time high tells us   MW 
07/08/2021 A Few Things About Reinforced Concrete High-Rise Condos   OTM 
07/08/2021 The Nightmare of the EU   AE 
07/08/2021 mRNA Vaccine Inventor Erased From History Books   LR 
07/08/2021 The Matrix of Market Psychology   NFTRH 
07/07/2021 REPORT: Supermarkets are stocking up on everything from sugar to frozen meat as food prices INCREASE, driving shortages and squeezing the food supply chain. – but Biden saved us 16c?   IWB 
07/07/2021 S&P 500 Price to Sales Hits New Record, Double the Average Since 1990   TSL 
07/07/2021 The Dollar’s Declining Status as Dominant “Global Reserve Currency” v. the Dollar’s Exchange Rate   WS 
07/07/2021 Technical Outlook for Gold & Gold Stocks   TDG 
07/07/2021 When will rising interest rates become a major problem for the stock market?   TSI-Blog 
07/06/2021 Canada’s Top Ten precious metals juniors   Mining 
07/06/2021 Charts For A Crazy World, July 5: Soaring Debt, Negative Interest Rates Set Up Gold’s Next Run   DC 
07/06/2021 Semiconductor Shortage Slams Auto Sales in June   WS 
07/06/2021 7 Things to Know Before You Buy Baby Doge Coin   Fool 
07/05/2021 Bread and Circuses – US Households Increase Debt in Wealth Destroying Areas   MB360 
07/05/2021 The Looming Stagflationary Debt Crisis   PS 
07/05/2021 July 4th: Sorry, America, You Lost Me   OTM 
07/05/2021 Why does anyone doubt there is a #bubble?   Twitter 
07/04/2021 The Weird Phenomena of “Labor Shortages” While 7.1 Million Fewer People Are Working   WS 
07/04/2021 LinkedIn Deletes Account of mRNA Vaccine Pioneer Who Questioned Risks of COVID-19 Shots   TET 
07/04/2021 California: Try not to recharge your electric cars, folks   HotAir 
07/04/2021 The Media May Be Responsible for Countless COVID Deaths   CM 
07/04/2021 By 2030 You’ll Own Nothing And You’ll Be Happy   BW 
07/03/2021 Witness Drops Bombshell at House Hearing: Hedge Funds Are Getting “100 Times” Leverage on Crypto   WSOP 
07/03/2021 The Systemic Risk No One Sees   OTM 
07/03/2021 It Is So Dry In California That The Drinking Water Is Literally Starting To Taste Like Dirt   IWB 
07/03/2021 Fed’s Reverse Repos Spike to $1 Trillion. Cash Drain Undoes 8 Months of QE   WS 
07/02/2021 Starvation And Food Shortage Coming As Food Prices Rise To Dangerous Levels !!   IWB 
07/02/2021 A financial shock is coming for those who jumped into the housing market during the COVID-19 pandemic   Globe&Mail 
07/01/2021 For industrial metals exploration, it’s game on   AOTH 
07/01/2021 Gold and Silver: What the hell happened after the FOMC?   AF 
07/01/2021 How Central Banks Murdered the Markets   Pentoport 
07/01/2021 The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America: Holy Moly. June Update   WS 
07/01/2021 Who Stole the People’s Money?   UNZ 

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