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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
02/27/2024 Newmont Went Down 7% One Day a Week Ago. Here is Why  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/27/2024 Stock Market Icarus Vs The Gleam Of Gold  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
02/23/2024 Gold Stocks: Bullish But No Signal Yet  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/23/2024 Gold Futures Reloaded  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/22/2024 Silver Bullet Firing Blanks  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/22/2024 The PCE Report: A Rocket Launch For Gold?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
02/21/2024 Oversold Gold and Miners  Bob Hoye  321gold 
02/21/2024 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
02/19/2024 Cantex Reports Bonanza Grade Germanium  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/19/2024 Taxes Will Bite the Stock Market  Tom McClellan  321gold 
02/16/2024 Gold Stocks: The Charts Are Impressive  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/16/2024 Dollar Throttling Gold  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/16/2024 FYI US/Canada holiday market trading schedule for Monday   321gold 
02/15/2024 Pacific Empire Bets on the Future  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/13/2024 Gold: Is It Time To Get More?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
02/13/2024 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
02/12/2024 Nevada King Delivers   Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/09/2024 Gold Stocks Buy Signal Is Almost Here  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/09/2024 Gold Miners' Q4'23 Preview  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/06/2024 Gold $1973: The Buy Zone Of Champions?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
02/05/2024 Westhaven Gold Still Absurdly Cheap    Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/02/2024 Gold: A Fresh Buy Signal  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/02/2024 Gold Resists Fed Chair  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/01/2024 Aztec Minerals Expands the Oxide Gold Cap at Cervantes   Bob Moriarty  321gold 

External News

02/29/2024 Double-Bottom In Silver And A Silver Explorer With A Lot Of Torque   CEO 
02/29/2024 U.S. Electricity Generation by Source in 2023: Natural Gas, Coal, Nuclear, Wind, Hydro, Solar, Geothermal, Biomass, Petroleum   WS 
02/29/2024 Deep Troubles Lurk Beneath the Surface   TDD 
02/29/2024 Why Are Billionaires Selling Off Stocks And Building Massive Survival Bunkers?   CWR 
02/29/2024 Markets Are In A Speculative Blowoff    AT 
02/28/2024 Prices of New Houses v. Prices of Existing Houses: Why Sales of New Houses Hang in there as Sales of Existing Houses Plunge   WS 
02/28/2024 Genocide Is US, IMF Funds Netanyahu's Eviction of Palestinians to Egypt   AH 
02/28/2024 Red Sea Crisis and OPEC+ Cuts Support Oil Prices   OP 
02/28/2024 Bank Collapse Imminent: 90% Facing Risk Of Failure – Bank Collapse Spells Doom for Housing Market and Economy   AMG 
02/28/2024 Unwise Politicians and Their Consequences – Argentina Disaster – Currency Collapse – Japan and UK Recession – Israel Economic Collapse – IMF Warning   AP 
02/27/2024 What’s Next When Policy Makers Can’t Hide Their Sins?   GS 
02/27/2024 U.S. Sees Notable Rise in Home Foreclosures Amid Cost-of-Living Crisis   CWR 
02/27/2024 IRS Told to Prepare to Shoot US Citizens   AE 
02/26/2024 The End Of The American Empire: Bob Moriarty Unfiltered |  Bob Moriarty  QTR 
02/26/2024 Nvidia Declares AI a ‘Whole New Industry’, a Chip Stampede is On   MT 
02/26/2024 Nvidia, the WTF Chart of the Year. Tesla also Had WTF Charts of the Year before Shares Plunged   WS 
02/26/2024 Home Price Still 30-40% Too High    AT 
02/26/2024 Ingredients for Huge Rally in Gold Stocks   TDG 
02/25/2024 US Hit with Greater Trouble Auctioning its Debt   TDD 
02/25/2024 £Gold.The End or a New Beginning?    RI 
02/25/2024 Largest Covid vaccine study yet finds up to 3 times greater risk   DM 
02/25/2024 We Have a Boom in Reverse Stock Splits to Keep the Ballooning Imploded Stocks Listed a While Longer   WS 
02/25/2024 How the Economy Changed: There's No Bargains Left Anywhere   OTM 
02/24/2024 Inequality In 9 Charts And One Amusing Image   rubino 
02/24/2024 B.C. government’s plan to co-manage public land with First Nations will close province for business   FraserInstitute 
02/24/2024 Walmart and Total Ecommerce Sales in the US   WS 
02/24/2024 The Fed Wants to Drive QT as Far as Possible Without Blowing Stuff Up, and it’s Working on a Plan: FOMC Minutes   WS 
02/24/2024 The Primacy of Anti-Semitism   UNZ 
02/23/2024 Another Inflation Signal: Producer Prices Unexpectedly Spike   MoneyMetals 
02/23/2024 Mortgage Rates Rise Back to 7%, Housing Market Re-Freezes, Buyers’ Strike Continues. Prices Are Just Too High   WS 
02/23/2024 War + Inflation = Gold   GS 
02/22/2024 Some of the 49 Small Banks Heavily Exposed to Bad Multifamily CRE Loans May Topple, but their Size Limits Contagion: Fitch   WS 
02/22/2024 Gold Miners Surpass Lowered Investor Expectations & A Very Constructive Setup For Precious Metals   YT 
02/22/2024 Cathie Wood's $14.3 Billion Implosion   QTR 
02/21/2024 Till Dementia Do Us Part with John Rubino  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
02/21/2024 Out Of Transmission Revisited   RB 
02/21/2024 Atlas Won’t Shrug   RB 
02/20/2024 Gold at $2350: Mitsubishi Reiterates Our Most Bullish Call for 2024   ZeroHedge 
02/20/2024 Hartnett: Is The Mag 7 Bubble Ready to Pop Yet?   VGF 
02/20/2024 Higher for Longer Inflation & Interest Rates Not Over Until the Fat Lady Sings? Waiting for the 2-Year Treasury Yield to Overshoot   WS 
02/20/2024 Turn of the Century   Twitter 
02/20/2024 The U.S. Housing Market: Rent-Serfs and Artificial Scarcity   OTM 
02/19/2024 January 2024 CPI report: Inflation ticks up in unwelcome surprise   JPM 
02/19/2024 PPI Inflation Spikes in Services and Finished Core Goods, Very Disconcerting   WS 
02/19/2024 Economic Bad News Barrels in   TDD 
02/18/2024 It Sucks Being a Retailer in January and February. But Do Retail Sales Show Consumers Cut Back?   WS 
02/18/2024 Top 1% of US Earners now have more wealth than the middle class.   Twitter 
02/18/2024 Piepenburg, Williams, Schechtman and Martin Agree: The World Is Dramatically Shifting, Gold is Essential   GS 
02/18/2024 Mainstream Money Tiptoes Into Gold Miners   rubino 
02/18/2024 Value Investor Is 'Very Happy To Take Advantage' Of Top Gold Miner At Historical Discount   MI 
02/17/2024 The Fed Hasn't Done Enough to Beat Price Inflation   MoneyMetals 
02/17/2024 The Portuguese Are Suffering Disproportionately From Too Much Climate Change   ZeroHedge 
02/17/2024 Digital Service Dumpster Fires and Shadow Work   OTM 
02/17/2024 Failing Imperium   Myrmikan 
02/17/2024 Speed. . . and. . . Action   JHK 
02/16/2024 Inflation Soared, Stocks Plummeted   TDD 
02/16/2024 Defusing the Derivatives Time Bomb: Some Proposed Solutions   EB 
02/16/2024 The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in Canada: National Price Drops Further in January -18.3% from Peak. End of Easy Money   WS 
02/15/2024 For anyone depending on a state pension…financial health by state…some are broke   CWR 
02/15/2024 A Growing Number of Economists Are Joining the Fight to Rein In the Big Banks   truthout 
02/15/2024 'Brink of Catastrophe' As Federal Interest Payments Reach $750 Billion   QTR 
02/15/2024 Let’s Talk ‘Inflation’, Post-CPI   NFTRH 
02/14/2024 The Deindustrialization Of Europe In Five Charts   RB 
02/14/2024 Think About It   JHK 
02/14/2024 Even Banks in Asia-Pacific (APAC) on the Hook for US Office CRE: Fitch   WS 
02/14/2024 Investors Sentiment Is So Bullish It Is Bearish   RIA 
02/14/2024 Commercial Real Estate Implodes Across the News   TDD 
02/13/2024 GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bob Moriarty Says the Fed Tries to Be Confusing  Bob Moriarty  GS 
02/13/2024 The $2 Trillion in Goods the US Exported in 2023: Led by Energy Products, Capital Goods, Pharmaceuticals, and Automotive   WS 
02/13/2024 Financial Big Brother is Watching You   Racket 
02/12/2024 Our Drunken Sailors’ Credit Card Balances, Burden, Delinquencies, and Available Credit   WS 
02/12/2024 Tang Ping in the Year of the Dragon   EP 
02/12/2024 Mail-In Ballot Fraud Study Finds Trump 'Almost Certainly' Won In 2020   ZeroHedge 
02/12/2024 The Vladimir Putin Interview   TCN 
02/11/2024 S&P 500 Sets a Record on Wednesday as Banks Continue Tanking   WSOP 
02/11/2024 US Trade Deficit in 2023 Dropped 19%, as Goods Deficit with China Plunged 29%: Imports & Exports of Goods & Services   WS 
02/11/2024 The Commercial Real Estate collapse of 2024 will make the 2008 Great Financial Collapse look like child's play   MW 
02/11/2024 Markets Could Easily Drop 30% (Or More) This Year | Steen Jakobsen   AT 
02/10/2024 Gold Wars: the US versus Europe During the Demise of Bretton Woods   GC 
02/10/2024 Used-Vehicle Wholesale Prices Give Up 55% of Pandemic Spike: Historic Plunge after Crazy Spike   WS 
02/10/2024 Kyle Bass on China: ‘This is the US financial crisis on steroids’   MS 
02/10/2024 Powell’s Countdown: The Federal Reserve’s March 11 Deadline Sparks Financial Turmoi   CWR 
02/10/2024 Housing Is Unaffordable. Dems Want To Make It Worse   RIA 
02/09/2024 Ford Lost $4.7B On EVs Last Year, Or About $64,731 For Every EV It Sold   RB 
02/09/2024 German bank braces for wave of bad loans in ‘greatest real estate crisis since the financial crisis’   CNN 
02/09/2024 NYCB Downgraded to Junk; Shocking Charts for Citigroup, Barclays and Deutsche Bank   WSOP 
02/08/2024 Auto Loan Balances, Subprime, Delinquencies, and Income: Who Are those Drunken Sailors?   WS 
02/08/2024 'Hard Landing' To Hit With 'Massive Layoffs' | Matthew Piepenburg   YT 
02/08/2024 US Office CRE Mess Is Spread Far and Wide across Investors & Banks Globally. US Banks Eat only a Portion of the Losses   WS 
02/08/2024 China’s New Year Buyers Look to Gold as Stocks and Property Crash   BB 
02/08/2024 What's Cheap -- And What's Cheaper -- In 8 Charts   rubino 
02/07/2024 How the Housing Market Split in Two, Doubts about the Taming of Inflation, and What’s Going on with New & Used Vehicles   WS 
02/07/2024 Wall Street Guns Its Perpetual Motion Engine   RA 
02/07/2024 Big Tech’s AI Hype Machine, Part Deux   TFR 
02/07/2024 The Texas AI National Guard and Economic Warfare with John Rubino  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
02/07/2024 Cluster of Woe   HussmanFunds 
02/06/2024 Blowout Jobs Plunge Final Dagger into the Powell Pivot   TDD 
02/06/2024 Eyepopping Factory Construction Boom in the US: Chip Makers on Forefront, but CHIPS Act Funds Not Even Released Yet   WS 
02/06/2024 Ray Dalio’s debt warning to America   CWR 
02/06/2024 Why History Informs Us that Gold Mining Stock Investors Should Expect Massive Moves Later This Year   SWA 
02/05/2024 Martin Armstrong’s Socrates 2024 Election and Economic Forecasts  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
02/05/2024 Great to Have a Good Job Market with Surging Wages, but Rate-Cut Mania Takes a Hit. And We Fret about Inflation Reheating   WS 
02/05/2024 The Replacement of the White American population is Intentional and well Organized. The US government is fully involved in getting rid of us   PCR 
02/05/2024 Jim Rogers gives the timeline for when the worst crash of his lifetime hits, 'the signs are all there'   Kitco 
02/04/2024 Wow, Fed’s Statement Pushes Back against Rate-Cut Mania and End-of-QT Mania. Holds Rates at 5.50% Top of Range, QT to Continue as Planned   WS 
02/04/2024 Powell Pummels Lunatic Market Mania   TDD 
02/04/2024 Global Manufacturing Rebound Could Signal A Bright Year For Copper   USfunds 
02/04/2024 US Dollar Index (DXY) is a ‘Tool’, Gold is ‘Value’, Both Are Safe Havens    NFTRH 
02/04/2024 Fed Balance Sheet QT: -$1.34 Trillion from Peak, to $7.63 Trillion, Lowest since March 2021   WS 
02/03/2024 Here’s my Powell Cocktail, Not Quite in his Own Words   WS 
02/03/2024 Our New Engine Is The End Of The Entire EV Industry!   YT 
02/03/2024 Why Contrarian Investing Works   SWA 
02/03/2024 Is All that Glitters Really… Gold?   IP 
02/03/2024 The Sound of Big Things Breaking Bad   TDD 
02/02/2024 Ford Loses $36,000 On Every F-150 Lightning Sold – Fires 70% Of EV Workers   CWR 
02/02/2024 Could the Commercial Real Estate Sector Kick Off the Next Financial Crisis?   MoneyMetals 
02/02/2024 Are gold mining stocks cheap?   TSI-Blog 
02/01/2024 Tesla Closes in on Toyota in California: The Battle for #1. Total EV Sales +46% in 2023, EV Share Hits 21%   WS 
02/01/2024 Alone in the Foxhole   DB 
02/01/2024 Market Faces Risks as Tech Sector Shows Signs of Peak, JPMorgan Warns of Dot-Com Style Concentration   CWR 
02/01/2024 Study Finds Shocking Rates of COVID-Shot-Induced Heart Ailments   CV 

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