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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
02/07/2016 GLD Assets Show Resurgent Interest in Gold  Tom McClellan  321gold 
02/05/2016 US Dollar Meltdown & Gold Surge  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/05/2016 Gold, Miners Rocket Higher  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/04/2016 Have the Miners Bottomed?  Avi Gilburt  321gold 
02/03/2016 A Titan Opportunity in Oil  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/03/2016 Gann Update on the Bottom in Gold  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/02/2016 Gold Stocks: Spectacular Charts In Play  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
02/02/2016 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
02/01/2016 We’ve seen the Bottom in Gold  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/01/2016 These New Numbers Show A Major Threat To Gold Is Disappearing  Dave Forest  321gold 
02/01/2016 BBBBB This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 

External News

02/07/2016 US Consumer Is The Last Defense Against Strong Dollar Drag On The Economy   MDN 
02/07/2016 The Opaque Process of Collapse   OfTwoMinds 
02/07/2016 Time running out for China on capital flight, warns bank chief   Telegraph 
02/07/2016 What Deutsche Bank’s Plunging CoCo Bonds Just Said about the Bank’s Future   WolfStreet 
02/07/2016 The World’s Most Famous Case of Deflation (Part 1 of 2)   VisualCapitalist 
02/06/2016 Something Has Changed in Gold Stocks   TDG 
02/06/2016 Dollar tumbles as Fed rescues China in the nick of time   Telegraph 
02/06/2016 Offshore Gold Ownership is Essential to Any IRA   SWP 
02/06/2016 Office Market in Houston Croaks   WolfStreet 
02/06/2016 The UK voting to leave the EU 'would open Pandora's box' in Europe   BI 
02/06/2016 Ten years after the Greenspan Fed - Peter Diekmeyer   SprottMoney 
02/05/2016 Five of Europe's big banks are in danger, warns expert   Express 
02/05/2016 The Global Economy Could Fall Farther and Faster Than Pundits Expect   OfTwoMinds 
02/05/2016 Red Ponzi Ticking   DSCC 
02/05/2016 Epic Battle: Hedge Funds Versus China   DollarCollapse 
02/05/2016 World's First Robot-Run Lettuce Farm to Produce 30,000 Heads Daily   GEA 
02/04/2016 Capital Controls Won't Save the Yuan   INO 
02/04/2016 US Stock Market & the Gold Sector   NFTRH 
02/04/2016 Would You Risk Going to Jail to Fix the Fix?   PerthMint 
02/04/2016 The U.S. isn’t Rome. It’s not going to fall. But it could slide like 19th century France   NationalPost 
02/04/2016 US Economy: On a Knife’s Edge   MDN 
02/04/2016 Unsocial Insecurity   MB360 
02/03/2016 The Gas Pedal Is Useless When The Spark Plugs Are Gone   HussmanFunds 
02/03/2016 Gold and Gold Stocks – A Meaningful Reversal?   acting-man 
02/03/2016 Central Bank Created Silver Rally   DI 
02/03/2016 Inflation and 10Y UST Headed Lower   FRA 
02/03/2016 The COMEX Meme That Won’t Die   KDW 
02/02/2016 IT BEGINS… Primary Silver Mining Company To Cut Production 25% In 2016   SRSReport 
02/02/2016 The Gold Miners Are Acting Like This Time May Be Different   EAG 
02/02/2016 Silver Update: Killing It Softly   DollarCollapse 
02/02/2016 Who Pays for the Italian Banking Crisis?   WolfStreet 
02/02/2016 Advance of the Cashless Meme?   TDB 
02/01/2016 Elites set to wipe out shorts before next downwave...   CliveMaund 
02/01/2016 Gold Leading the Pack through January   Demeadville 
02/01/2016 The crash in oil prices might be about one simple thing   BI 
01/31/2016 F(r)actions of Gold   AP 
01/31/2016 No Change in Outlook for Gold & Silver   TDG 
01/31/2016 Gold Bullion: Useless in Greek Crisis?   BullionVault 
01/31/2016 Bamboozlement of Bank Runs as World Goes Cashless   TDB 
01/31/2016 Being within a mile of Whole Foods or Trader Joe's will make your house more valuable   BI 
01/31/2016 Why The Gold Market Is Glittering Again   ETFDN 

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