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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
06/28/2024 The PCE Report: A Low For Gold?  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
06/28/2024 Gold Miners' Record Quarter  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
06/27/2024 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
06/25/2024 The PCE Report, War, & Gold  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
06/22/2024 Bird flu response is now an inflation (and gold price) driver  Clif Droke  321gold 
06/21/2024 Gold & Silver Stocks: Let The Good Times Roll  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
06/21/2024 Gold Stocks Reloading  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
06/19/2024 Pacific Empire Targets Copper Porphyry After Geophysics Trial  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
06/18/2024 Dedollarization & Deglobalization: Got Gold?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
06/16/2024 Gold, Crypto, & Oil  captainewave  321gold 
06/14/2024 Tectonic Metals Hits on 100% of Gold Holes Drilled in Alaska  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
06/14/2024 Gold & Silver Stocks: It's Time For Some Buys  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
06/14/2024 Gold Consolidating High  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
06/14/2024 US Dollar, Precious Metals and S&P  Bob Hoye  321gold 
06/11/2024 Gold: Tactics For CPI & FOMC Surprise  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
06/10/2024 Core Assets Now Drilling CRD and High-Grade Porphyry in BC  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
06/07/2024 The Jobs Report: A Low For Gold?  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
06/07/2024 Gold Summer Doldrums '24  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
06/06/2024 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
06/04/2024 Gold $2300-$2265: The Buy Zone Of Champions  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
06/03/2024 Labrador Gold Does Extraordinary Deal With New Found Gold  Bob Moriarty  321gold 

External News

06/30/2024 11 Signs That The US Economy Is In Far Worse Shape Than Most People Think   ZeroHedge 
06/30/2024 Corporate Profits by Major Industry, Q1 Update: “Greedflation” Hits Ceiling in Some Industries but Still Thrives in Others?   WS 
06/30/2024 Crisis in the Making    EP 
06/29/2024 Joe Biden's Last Debate Ever   QTR 
06/29/2024 Housing to Remain Locked in Deep Freeze   TDD 
06/29/2024 Yen Drops to 161 against USD. -34% since 2020, -53% since 2012. Currency Collapse Comes to Mind. Bank of Japan Finally Gets Nervous about its Crazed Monetary Policies   WS 
06/29/2024 Historical Comparisons for Gold Right Now   TDG 
06/29/2024 James Clapper, Mr. October Surprise: How Obama's Intel Czar Rigged 2016 And 2020 Debates Against Trump   ZeroHedge 
06/29/2024 Crash Alert: An Unbalanced Market In Three Charts   rubino 
06/28/2024 John Hussman: 'The Speculative Market Advance Since 2009 Ended Last Week'   AT 
06/28/2024 Sky's The Limit For Our Debt And The Money Supply   QTR 
06/28/2024 NY Fed article explaining how doomed the Financial System is when the next 2008 GFC sized crisis occurs   CWR 
06/27/2024 Fmr Marine Pilot Bob Moriarty: 4 1/2 Wars Are Ongoing - 72 Minutes Could End Them All  Bob Moriarty  YT 
06/27/2024 Trump Wins 2024; Chaos to Follow with Martin Armstrong  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
06/27/2024 Inflation in Canada Throws Another Curveball: Core CPI Spikes Month-to-Month by Most since 2022   WS 
06/27/2024 Why Are You So Negative? Good Question. Here's the Answer: Real Life   OTM 
06/26/2024 GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Moriarty Is Unbothered by Precious Metals Corrections  Bob Moriarty  GS 
06/26/2024 JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon warns of potential U.S. “hard landing” amid stagflation and persistent inflation   CWR 
06/26/2024 Hedge Fund CIO: We're Approaching The Debt Super-Cycle Endgame   ZeroHedge 
06/26/2024 Inflation Keeps Coming in Waves, but Economist Can't Even Get on their Surfboards   TDD 
06/26/2024 Ford F-150 Falls off Cliff in Q1 Registrations, Toyota RAV4 Leaps to #1, Tesla Model Y Gains Share, Still #2 Bestseller in the US   WS 
06/25/2024 Are advanced economy central banks giving up on the U.S. dollar?   Kitco 
06/25/2024 Double Nickels on the Dime   EP 
06/25/2024 The US Debt Is Near $1,000,000 Per American: That Seems Like A Lot   TSI 
06/24/2024 Bond Market Signals Major War Coming! - Shane Williams and  Bob Moriarty  YT 
06/24/2024 Another Marquis Building Underwater. Collapse of 2024 set off by Commercial Real Estate. The $90M loan tied to the building traded for $35M   TSI 
06/24/2024 Weekly Market Recap: We're Due For A Correction   AT 
06/24/2024 What do bonds know?   CWR 
06/24/2024 A Door Closes, A Window Opens   Kunstler 
06/23/2024 Gold's Bull Run: Just Getting Started?   Gorozen 
06/23/2024 Wall Street Cabal Doesn't Want you to know this fact   TBP 
06/23/2024 Home Sales Sag Further, Hit by Mortgage Rates. Price Cuts & Active Listings Surge. Median Price Skewed by Surge in High-End Sales   WS 
06/23/2024 NY Fed warns of risk to major U.S. banks, 'something amiss in the banking system,' says Soloway   Kitco 
06/23/2024 If Hackers Can Shut Down 15,000 Car Dealerships, Is Your Bank Next?   rubino 
06/22/2024 The Foreign Holders of the Ballooning US Debt: They’re Buying, But Don’t Keep Up   WS 
06/22/2024 Costco Is In Deep, Deep Trouble As CEO Warns About Major Challenges   CWR 
06/22/2024 If China's economy keeps stumbling, it won't just take down Beijing — the whole world will collapse with it   BI 
06/22/2024 Over 60% of american households and 82% of individuals can’t afford a new car. Car prices crash by 60% but the worst is yet to come   CWR 
06/21/2024 Why Does the USA Steal Other Nation's Gold?  Bob Moriarty  YT 
06/21/2024 Economic Collapse is Stalking us Like Death   TDD 
06/21/2024 The Collapse of the EV SPACs: Fisker Joins the Bankruptcy Party, Others on the Verge    WS 
06/20/2024 Millions of Debt Slaves, Created Right Before Our Eyes   rubino 
06/20/2024 Hot Wage Growth Bedevils Wishlist for ECB Rate Cuts   WS 
06/20/2024 282 banks at risk   CWR 
06/20/2024 The Silver Market is Experiencing a Deficit for the Third Consecutive Year   TM 
06/20/2024 As Dominoes Fall, Gold Will Stand Stronger Than Ever   GS 
06/19/2024 GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Normal Correction Expected for Gold and Silver  Bob Moriarty  GS 
06/19/2024 More De-Dollarization – Tanzania Seeks to Limit Use of the Dollar   MoneyMetals 
06/19/2024 The Deeper Dive: Why the Fed's Inflation Fight is Far from Over   TDD 
06/19/2024 The Coming Supercyclical Crisis   ME 
06/18/2024 Junta of Mega-Cap Stocks Rules. Rest of the Market? Russell 2000 Hits Jan 2021 Level, S&P 500 Equal Weight Hits Jan 2022   WS 
06/18/2024 Weekend Report…In Depth Look At Silver   Rambus1 
06/18/2024 Currency Devaluation: Impact on Your Investments   YT 
06/18/2024 Short Squeeze Blows the Roof Off Stocks   RA 
06/17/2024 De-Dollarization Update: Saudis Cancel The Petrodollar   rubino 
06/17/2024 Ontario’s skyrocketing insolvencies herald an economic storm, foretelling devastating job losses   CWR 
06/17/2024 FBI Whistleblower Exposes Israel’s Chokehold on American Politics   ICH 
06/17/2024 The Disconnect Between Gold And Silver Price Action Versus Precious Metals Stocks   EP 
06/17/2024 This Bull Market Rally Is As Thin As A Playing Card   QTR 
06/16/2024 Flights of Fantasy Everywhere You Look   TDD 
06/16/2024 G7 vs BRICS. NATO vs Russia & China. One Side has The Brains and The Gold. The Other Side Has A lot of Karma Debt   TP 
06/16/2024 Beneath the Skin of CPI Inflation: A Stunning Outlier Services CPI Drove Down Everything Else   WS 
06/16/2024 Pepe Escobar : Russia Readies War With NATO   YT 
06/16/2024 Sick Of and Done With   Kunstler 
06/15/2024 Used Car Wholesale Prices Continue Plunge, Gave up 59% of Pandemic Spike. But still up 35% from Jan 2020: EVs +72%, ICE Vehicles +34%   WS 
06/15/2024 US commercial real estate faces a crisis: 19% office vacancy rate hits record highs, $1.7 trillion of debt maturing soon. 2/3 of all CRE loans held by small banks   CWR 
06/15/2024 Is LTCM Replaying Itself Out in US T-bills?   BT 
06/15/2024 The US Dollar or Silver: Make Your Choice  Hubert Moolman  HM 
06/15/2024 Like Exploration? Buy Gold & Silver Producers   TDG 
06/14/2024 Fitch Doesn’t See Bottom of Office CRE Mess, Sees CMBS Delinquency Rates Spike Way Past Financial Crisis Peak in 2025   WS 
06/14/2024 Carbon Credits Are the Biggest Scam Since Indulgences—How You Can Avoid Being Fleeced   IM 
06/13/2024 Restaurant Apocalypse: The Do-Gooders Created All the Destruction! Every Bit of it   TDD 
06/13/2024 President of Serbia: We Will Have World War within 3 to 4 months   HTRS MUST READ
06/13/2024 A NYC office building at 321 W. 44th St. is set to be sold for less than $50 million. 67% Off What it sold for a few years ago   TSI 
06/13/2024 T-Bill and Chill? Naw Bro, We Got Gold…   DC 
06/13/2024 TEOTWAWKI   RFS 
06/12/2024 GoldSeek Radio Nugget - China's Gold Misunderstanding, Market Opportunity  Bob Moriarty  GS 
06/12/2024 Fed rates unchanged at 5-1/4 to 5-1/2 percent  FOMC  Fed 
06/12/2024 Saudi Arabia to End Petrodollar Pact   Gesera 
06/12/2024 Covid, Economy & Election: QTR On Peak Prosperity   QTR 
06/12/2024 Gold is Misunderstood, Alright   NFTRH 
06/12/2024 It’s Not 2000. But There Are Similarities   RIA 
06/11/2024 Over the past 32 trading days, NVDA has gained more than $1 trillion in market cap   X 
06/11/2024 The Bull Market Just Died   QTR 
06/11/2024 If Wishes Were Fishes — a Teachable Intermezzo   Kunstler MUST READ
06/11/2024 Longer-Term Trends of Employment by Industry Category   WS 
06/11/2024 Global Economy on Edge - Kam Hesari   YT 
06/10/2024 Commodities And The Boom-Bust Cycle   RIA 
06/10/2024 The delinquency rates for personal loans, credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages are all climbing   CWR 
06/10/2024 Jobs Headfake Again!   TDD 
06/10/2024 Gold Hit With One-Two Punch   rubino 
06/09/2024 The US Dollar or Silver: Make Your Choice   HM 
06/09/2024 Little By Little, The Economy Has Declined To A Point Where Almost Everyone Is Struggling   CWR 
06/09/2024 Chinese demand is driving gold and silver   GoldMoney 
06/09/2024 Gold is Defying Traditional Relationships as Demand Grows   CMEgroup 
06/09/2024 Rick Rule: The U.S. Will Inflate Away Its Obligations - As It Did During the 1970s Commodities Cycle   YT 
06/08/2024 Pretiorates' Thoughts 33 - A surprising development in the gold market   PT 
06/08/2024 Rodeo Clowns   DB 
06/08/2024 Rare-earth elements could be hidden inside coal mines   LS 
06/08/2024 This Recession Won’t Stop It   EP 
06/08/2024 'Crypto is eating junior resources' lunch' - Peter Grandich on how mining lost ground to Bitcoin   Kitco 
06/07/2024 The Next Big Breakout in Gold   TDG 
06/07/2024 Up in Smoke   TDD 
06/07/2024 Our Crisis of Competence   OTM 
06/06/2024 Bad Breadth, Rigged Trials, & Buying Gold For $12/oz  Bob Moriarty  EAG 
06/06/2024 Summer Storms Are Arriving   TDD 
06/06/2024 Deviations From Long-Term Growth Trends Back To Extremes   RIA 
06/06/2024 This Labor Market Is Still Tight, Just Not as Crazy-Tight as it Was   WS 
06/05/2024 The Rise Of Hard Assets   SA 
06/05/2024 James Grant: Expect 'Higher For Much, Much, Much Longer'   AT 
06/05/2024 Is America Losing?   VG 
06/05/2024 CRE Industry Now Frets about Next Existential Threat to Office Towers: AI   WS 
06/05/2024 Which Movie Will It Be?   Kunstler 
06/04/2024 Market’s Insanity Is Tightly Scripted   RA 
06/04/2024 Spiking Interest Payments on the Ballooning US Government Debt v. Tax Receipts and Inflation: Q1 Update   WS 
06/04/2024 Vaclav Smil Calls Bullshit On Net Zero   RB 
06/04/2024 Rate-cut-mania soothed the pain, but it’s over   TSI 
06/03/2024 Commodities versus Gold   TSI-Blog 
06/03/2024 Deflation v Inflation v Stagflation – Misconceptions Clarified   AE 
06/03/2024 Are Stocks about to Crash?   TDD 
06/03/2024 It's Falling Hard Now   TDD 
06/02/2024 50 Years of Failed Doomsday, Eco-pocalyptic Predictions; the So-called ‘experts’ Are 0-50   HTRS 
06/02/2024 Copper’s had it run but equities still need to catch up - Société Générale   Kitco 
06/02/2024 Inflation to the Nines   QTR 
06/02/2024 How to Build 300,000 Airplanes in Five Years   CP 
06/02/2024 Argentina Libertarian Boom Taking Off with Doug Casey  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
06/01/2024 Banks Have A Commercial Property Blind Spot, Study Warns   FA 
06/01/2024 On Poking Dragons   FredOnEverything 
06/01/2024 Japan Death Spiral Update: Now Inflation Is Spiking   rubino 
06/01/2024 Steves Forbes Believes the Gold Standard Is Coming Back   BG 
06/01/2024 'Kohllapse': Retailer Routed As Consumer Turnaround Stalls    ZeroHedge 

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