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Deer Horn Moves Toward Tellurium Production

Bob Moriarty

Apr 12, 2019

I first wrote about Deer Horn back in January of this year. The company has a primary tellurium project in northern British Columbia, one of only four primary mines in the world.

Tellurium is an interesting metal used primarily in the production of solar panels and steel. In general the metal is produced as a by-product of high grade copper refining. Tellurium is also used in thin film solar panels. The market is estimated to grow from $8 billion today to $30 billion in five years. Thin film solar consumes about 40% of total Te production.

Deer Horn has both a 43-101 resource and a PEA completed only ten months ago. Just recently they announced a partnership with Fenix Advanced Materials to advance the use of ultra-high purity tellurium for use in solar energy and telecommunications for both commercial and military markets. Fenix sees a dramatic increase in the demand for tellurium as a result of a supply deficit "as of 2020 could be as big as a staggering 370 metric tonnes."

On April 10th Deer Horn Capital announced a partnership with the First Nation mineral exploration entrepreneur Allen Edzerza. Deer Horn will own 49% of the new company and Mr. Edzerza will own 51%. He will be responsible for getting First Nation approval on potential properties Deer Horn and he find prospective. They will select attractive land, do follow up geological work and when they receive satisfactory results they will go to the First Nations for approval.

It's a new approach that should make land acquisition in Northern BC more streamlined. Mr Edzerza brings his extensive contacts in government and with the First Nations and investment funds who feature green energy investing.

The purpose for Deer Horn is the fast track potential projects to become a bit of a project generator in a highly attractive area of BC. An interesting side line of this approach is that it brings in the First Nations into the decision making process far earlier than is the case today and will reduce potential opposition from those who would feel their views were not taken into account. It's an interesting approach.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Deer Horn is trying to fast track their tellurium project into production under the "small mines" designation. The PEA shows an IRR after tax of 42% and capex required of $28.3 million to production.

Deer Horn is an advertiser. I have participated in their private placement. Please do your own due diligence. Their fact sheet is located here. Read it.

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