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The Next False Flag - Part 2

W K Darcy
Posted Sep 11, 2018

As I wrote on August 3rd, the former united states (FUSA) is desperate to prevent the collapse of the petro-dollar and will very likely instigate (whether they themselves or by proxy) another False Flag Attack to "justify" their "reaction" (aka: long-planned attack).

Recent developments include China and India announcing that they will continue buying Iranian crude oil, but on a CIF (Cost Freight Insurance) basis. So, the Iranians must provide ships and insurance to deliver the oil to China and India.

What could possibly go wrong with this scenario?

FUSA has already developed plans for the US Coast Guard to perform Vessel Boarding Search and Seizure Operations in international waters against ships carrying fuel to North Korea.

If Trump (and his war-hawk cabinet) has truly burned-out a bearing and attempts to have the FUSA military intercepting and boarding / seizing Iranian tankers, Iran will have no choice but to block the Straights of Hormuz.

This sort of conduct by FUSA would very likely be condemned by European and Asian nations as a deliberate provocation and act of piracy, further isolating the FUSA. Additionally, India and China could possibly step into the fray by providing naval escorts to these tankers, resulting in a direct confrontation with FUSA military forces.

However, as I noted on August 3rd, this drama/documentary demonstrates that covert attacks on shipping can create the desired deterrent while at the same time giving "plausible deniability" to the perpetrators.

Sending 2 or 3 Iranian tankers to the bottom of the Indian Ocean would certainly put a chill on Iran's oil sales, but would very likely not be sufficient to raise and sustain the price of oil needed to keep the shale oil ponzi scheme going through the 2020 election cycle.

So, the focus will have to be "How to get the Iranians to fire the first shot or at least make it APPEAR that they have fired the first shot!". And to do that, "western interests" will have to be physically attacked (sacrificed).

Although a False Flag Attack in the Middle East cannot be ruled out, a spectacular disaster in or around North America would have the shock and propaganda effect needed to cow the sheeple into accepting more spending, more privation and more forever war to insure war hawk re-elections (Democrat Republican or whatever) and Christmas bonuses for the Congressional Military Industrial Complex (CMIC) executives.

For those who would discount this theory, stop to consider:

Why do the final and most drastic sanctions against Iran coincide (November 4th and 5th) with the 2018 FUSA congressional elections (November 6th) when all 435 congressional and 35 senate seats are to be contested? Not to mention numerous state offices?

And the recent coordinated attacks by Apple, YouTube, Twitter et al to silence those who disagree with, or are the targets of, the Washington Wall Street (W^2) propaganda clearly demonstrates the goal to control the narrative prior to and during the coming conflict. YouTube

And let's not forget that closing the Straights of Hormuz would not only drastically raise the price of oil, but natural gas as well because Qatar, the largest exporter of LNG, would be cut off from the world.

It is also a very real possibility that if Trump and cronies cannot stop the Russian gas pipeline Nordstream 2 (under the Baltic Sea from Russia directly to Germany), from being built, then the Russians can expect covert attacks on both pipelines, Nordstream and Nordstream 2,

Europe would then be at the mercy of the FUSA oil and LNG companies and the American sheeple will wake up freezing in the dark being unable to afford to heat or light their homes as American energy will be sold to the highest bidders overseas.


Sep 9, 2018
W K Darcy
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