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The Next False Flag

W K Darcy
Posted Aug 3, 2018

With Washington Wall Street (W^2) slowly but surely losing their power to intimidate Western European countries which are following the leads of Russia, China, Iran and others who want to “make business, not war”, the reaction from W^2 is likely to be another false flag attack in an effort to preserve their power, influence and the USD as a reserve currency.

As energy, war materials and rent-a-soldier are the only substantial products being proffered by the former united states (FUSA) these days, getting the price of energy back up to or beyond $100 BOE will be one goal, the other will be to create “justification” for even more minor military “actions” and government spending in general.

Having milked the Syrian cow for everything possible, the question now is what will be the next staged crisis to scare the people into rallying around W^2?

A significant false flag attack (or maybe several options) against the “interests” of FUSA with “some” deaths of Americans has very likely already been planned, using the Pentagon supercomputers to “war-game” the outcome.

Three attacks are most likely:


With economies and military critically dependent upon instantaneous communications, the destruction of one or more satellites, communications centers or undersea cables would certainly wreak havoc and create panic among the denizens of the west. However, the impact to the economy may cause far greater pain than W^2 wants to inflict.  It also may be difficult to control the cascading effects of such a communications outage, especially if satellite debris starts falling to earth or damaging other satellites in orbit.

For propaganda purposes, an attack on communications does not provide the video and “eye-witness” testimonials of death and destruction with which to titillate and shock news audiences.


Facing a shortage of cannon fodder, consuming 10X the resources of the Russian military complex and not having won a military campaign since WWII, FUSA MIC is too fragile, inefficient and preoccupied with “Social Engineering” 1 to get into a serious confrontation with any formidable opponent such as Russia or China2. And going up against Iran would certainly drag Russia directly into the conflict while very likely China would use such a distraction to grab the South China Sea it wants so badly and MIC believes it must “patrol” relentlessly. FUSA is “scattered” with too many locations around the globe with too few friends and not nearly sufficient merchant vessels to support the logistics for a major campaign.

Outside of pumping arms to its vassal states and fomenting “regime change”, the MIC will continue to surreptitiously attack and undermine defenseless countries while spending billions (trillions?) to do it.


A single attack on an isolated energy facility or resource, either within the 48 states or near the coast, could provide a spectacular fireball for the news cameras, limit the damage and control the number killed/wounded while producing eye-witnesses to enhance the video propaganda.

This seems to be the most likely “American Interest” to use for a false flag attack.

Such a scheme would:

  • not directly resemble 9-11
  • instantly give W^2 an excuse to ram through an emergency authorization for more war-time actions in and around North America
  • require massive additional MIC spending
  • immediately send energy prices skyrocketing to $100+
  • very likely insure the re-election of incumbent politicians (November 18’ anybody?)
  • open restricted areas to exploration and drilling such as Alaska and offshore California

There would be additional benefits, depending upon the choice of scapegoats. If the perpetrator of the attack was portrayed as:

Iranian Submarine

With recent statements from Iran threatening retaliation against the FUSA if the Iranian oil exports blockade is re-imposed, a scenario of an “Iranian Suicide Submarine”seeking revenge upon the Great Satan would certainly “fit the script”.

It would also provide arguments to “tighten the screws” on Iran with possibly a total blockade of shipping to/from Iran or total isolation from financial transactions. The MIC may even mount “limited” air strikes against Iranian energy facilities “in retaliation”. 

Such “retaliation” against Iran would undoubtedly threaten the Straights of Hormuz, but this is why the UAE has already built an overland pipeline to the Indian Ocean (and could build additional lines if needed). 

Such actions would very likely keep the price of oil above $120 USD, provide new impetus and finance for increasing production in the West and force Europe to buy more energy from North America.

Russian Submarine:

As the Russians have already demonstrated the ability to transit their nuclear submarines through the Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico without the US Navy being aware of their presence, this scenario would fit well with the current “Russia-phobia” that is so pervasive amongst the denizens of W^2.

However, a direct accusation against Russia could escalate into an uncontrollable direct conflict. 

Therefore, the MIC would report only that an “unidentified vessel/object” was detected (by satellite or sonar) near the “disaster”. 

The mainstream media would then be tasked with fomenting discussions/tantrums asking: from where did the “unidentified vessel” originate? The conclusions, of course, would point at Russia.

The talking heads would ramble for months, Trump’s efforts to reduce tensions with Russia would be destroyed and the war-hawks would ride this issue to political wins whether Democrat or Republican. And the MIC would ride this issue to higher profits and bonuses for its executives.

The Target:

To limit damage, provide shocking video coverage (there will be news crews covering some other event with cameras pointing in the right direction to “inadvertently” capture the disaster on video), and minimize deaths, an LNG Tanker will be destroyed either shortly before arriving (oh yes, the FUSA is also importing LNG these days to east coast states) or shortly after departing from a port in North America.

Although the LNG shipping lines have a stellar safety record, some professionals within the LNG industry have discussed and speculated about the possibility of terrorist attacks against LNG tankers and compared the destruction of an LNG tanker as having similar effects of a “small nuclear explosion”.

A tsunami would cause some deaths and destruction along the coastal areas near the explosion for added effect.

The Results:

There would be endless speculation as to false news, conspiracy theories and the possibility of a technical malfunction (short circuit in a fuel transfer pump?) having caused the explosion. And with the wreckage at the bottom of the sea (and little remaining of the vessel after such a catastrophic explosion) there would be no forensic investigation, only speculation and accusations with “expert” opinions on how such an attack was carried out. As shown in this WWII drama/documentary, covert attacks on shipping are nothing new.

If the attack occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, W^2 would likely declare the Gulf and Caribbean to be “Mare Nostrum” (Our Sea) and prohibit (or at least restrict) the entrance of vessels from questionable countries.

The MIC and W^2 would develop every excuse imaginable for why nobody saw this coming (nobody would be fired) and consultants would spring up with proposals for new parasitic plans, products and contracting services to prevent a future disaster of this nature.


Although W^2 claims to be putting more pressure on “aggressive Russia”, “bellicose China” and “untrustworthy Iran”, economic and political instability against the US Dollar and W^2 itself are the reasons behind W^2 aggressive actions and propaganda.

More False Flag Attacks are coming. The only questions are what, where and when.

#1 Paragraph: “Here’s a more likely scenario”

#2 "Do not go fighting with your land armies in China".


Jul 27, 2018
W K Darcy
email: w.k.darcy@protonmail.ch

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