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End of Empire: Part 1

W K Darcy
Posted Jan 2, 2019

As I previously detailed in 2018, Washington Wall Street (W^2) is coming to the END OF EMPIRE just as Rome, France and Germany (not to mention Britain and a host of other wanna-be “masters of the world”) met their demise.

Forever wars depleting the treasury, a parasitic aristocracy subjugating and impoverishing the peasants, bread and circuses now running out of money, and class warfare between every imaginable and unimaginable special interest group have exhausted the people and economy of the former united states (FUSA).


The recent announcement by Trump of a Syrian withdrawal (or will he yield to the special interest groups?), the discussion of withdrawing all troops from Iraq (Iraqis demanding withdrawal), the proposed withdrawal from Afghanistan and “Viceroy” Erik Prince pushing to privatize military efforts in Afghanistan to facilitate resource extraction are all indicative of W^2 hitting the end of their “purse strings” and logistical limitations (e.g. Great Britain post 1945).

Russia’s introduction of hypersonic weapons has also slapped W^2 upside the head as they suddenly realize that they are, militarily, sitting ducks and that a sizable loss (aircraft carrier or other antiquated capital assets along with thousands of personnel) could destroy the indispensable superpower propaganda and leverage they need to maintain the dollar and their piece of the military budget.

And when you consider Russia has gained the upper hand while spending 1/10 of what W^2 spends on an inept and corrupt military, those W^2 generals and defense contractors do not want to risk a humiliating defeat which would expose them as the carpetbaggers and merchants of death that they are.

Currently, there is little recent news about the embargos against North Korea, but it is clear that the world is tiring of W^2 diktats. Even South Korea is tired of being told what they can and cannot do without approval from W^2.


While the peasants are hit with ever more taxes, bureaucrats of the W^2 aristocracy will likely receive a paid vacation during the current shutdown 1 . Nobody in the private sector receives such largesse.

As the oligarchs argue over who is to blame for every ailment of the economy and how it should be manipulated (centrally planned, comrade?) to bring about economic growth, the concept of “living within your means”i.e. not borrowing a TRILLION dollars or more each year, is lost to history (much to the delight of those who collect the interest on the now $22TRILLION debt bomb).

Trump blames “lack of patriotism” for businesses moving overseas when it is obvious to every man and woman who has ever tried to start a business that there are simply too many parasites feeding off the productive denizens.


Without energy economies collapse. And regardless of where you stand on fossil fuels, environment, fuel efficiency, or alternative fuels, “the economics are settled” that energy is becoming more and more difficult and expensive to obtain (current market prices do not reflect reality).

W^2 and associated parasites, preach to the masses about reducing carbon output, and to Europe about not relying on cheap Russian/Iranian energy, while simultaneously W^2 pushes Europe and other vassal states to rely on W^2 and their favoured oligarchs for more expensive energy supplies.

So from where does W^2 obtain energy? Furthermore, while the peasants are forced to do with less of everything, W^2 maintains 800+ military bases around the world (mostly where they are not wanted), conducts war games with vassal states consuming vast quantities of fuels and to what end? More death, destruction, destabilization and arms sales to both sides.


It is not difficult to comprehend why the new fuel taxes in France were the spark which ignited the “Yellow Vest” revolts against the parasites in power. Those peasants (among the highest taxed in the world) want their share of AFFORDABLE energy and more discretionary income as they have hit their limit of privation.

For as the oligarchs and their aristocracy squander ever greater quantities of energy (whether in the form of carbon fuels or taxes), less and less is available for the peasants to save, invest, and consume. And without consumers possessing discretionary income/energy, (as well as hope and confidence of a better life) who is going to buy products/stimulate the economy?

Protests in other countries convey the same message:

Governments are broke, quagmired with impossible-to-pay debts and desperate, but so are the peasants. Not just those young peasants in Europe and third world countries, but in the former united states as well.

No, the dissolution of W^2 will not happen overnight (unless the nuclear button is pushed). It will very likely be a slow burn, but much faster than Britain after WWII.

Economies and energy consumption throughout the world have changed drastically in the past decades, forcing people and businesses to adapt. Today’s governments are usually too fossilized and inept to comprehend that they are en route to extinction unless they too adapt by drastically reducing their energy consumption habits and eliminating parasites.

Most 2 of them will join the dinosaurs.


1) When Congress typically funds federal workers’ back pay when the government re-opens.  https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/shutdown-barter-advice-773539/

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Jan 1, 2019
W K Darcy
email: w.k.darcy@protonmail.ch

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