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W K Darcy
Posted Mar 15, 2018

For the last two decades, a common theme amongst “non pro-government” journalists and writers has been the comparison of the W^2 duumvirate to the Roman Empire citing the parallels, excesses, corruption, more corruption, MORE corruption and EVEN MORE! Corruption and breakdowns which are part of the life-cycle of all empires.

Since WWII, but greatly intensifying under the reign of Bush the First (after the fall of the Soviet Union), Washington and its deep-state complex have consistently created wars around the world to justify the continual expansion of deep-state spending and military actions to threaten and intimidate any country which does not bow to their demands.

And just as with Rome, France of the 18th and early 19th centuries, and Germany in the 20th century, the W^2 duumvirate is on course to destroy what remains of the former united states and possibly the world if it goes nuclear.

With a government reported debt of over $21 Trillion and climbing, with the real unemployment rate at 96 million unemployed, prices inflating far beyond what the propagandists at BLS are reporting, but with Wall Street profits and bonuses in the stratosphere, the economic and societal crisis is already upon us.

All empires crumble when they run out of what people will accept as money. W^2 has exceeded the typical life expectancy of empire with the fiat petro-dollar, their non-GAAP accounting methods, and re-defining words, procedures and laws to suit their needs to borrow ever more without limit.

No empire can conduct intergenerational war on the scale that we’ve witnessed since Vietnam without constantly expanding its revenues either through conquest or looting or borrowing or…... "piracy" ? (….could involve the deployment of U.S. Coast Guard assets to perform vessel board, search and seizure (VBSS) duty…….. in international waters, which could be construed as an act of war.)

Hence, a large part of the $21 Trillion government debt. Especially when any denizen of the white house can send $50 Million (or more) worth of missiles on a whim (killing scores of civilians resulting in more hatred of NATO) and the cost of maintaining 1 soldier in Afghanistan for 1 year is now $2.1 Million (up from about $1 Million in 2012).

Especially noteworthy is the cost to get one gallon of energy into the war machines inside Afghanistan and the methods and routes of delivery.

Which brings us to Rome, France and Germany. The reader can do their own research, but in summary Rome, France and Germany reached their expansion limits due to lack of real money, insufficient energy (whether food for troops and animals or fuel for tanks, airplanes and ships), and logistical limits to supply their militaries.

Rome stopped at Hadrian’s Wall, Napoleon’s 500,000-man Grand Army was stopped at Moscow (with only 20,000 returning to France), and Germany’s defeat in both wars was a direct result of over-stretched supply lines (as well as a depleted treasury).

W^2 has over-stretched its military, plundered the economy and populace , and still not understanding that there is a limit to everything, is spending even more money for war in space with the outlook to be generations into the future!

Patience of the countries (including North America) which have suffered from this W^2 hegemony, bribery, corruption and aggression (both military and financial), I believe, has now reach its limit.

There is defiance from the most servile of W^2 lapdogs, Angela Merkel, doing what is in the best economical interest of Germany, as well as getting the middle finger from a former ally who W^2 has used and abused in its Afghanistan debacle. And the EU is not only wanting to diversify their energy dependence away from Russia, but also the expensive LNG from North America.

Just as a school-yard bully will have his followers who rally around him due to his strength and success, he eventually meets some spunky little guy who not only defies him, but puts up one hell-of-a-fight showing that the bully is not so tough after all (even if the little guy takes a “whoop’in”). This is when the bully starts losing his support and the small-fry unite against the bully.

China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Qatar, ( Saudi Arabia will eventually) are now by-passing the US Dollar for conducting trade.

Even Caribbean nations are cozying up to Eurasia and Russia. And if you look at and understand the history of the “Banana Wars”, and other W^2 aggressions, it becomes quite clear that W^2 has worn out its welcome in these smaller countries.

As the petro-dollar continues to lose its primacy for creating dollar “demand”, W^2 has been doing everything possible to create a new “Energy” dollar, by artificially creating demand for North American LNG and coal exports (even when the natural gas boom resulted primarily because of artificially low interest rates last two paragraphs) while attempting to restrict supplies of LNG and Coal from competing countries by using ENERGY SANCTIONS as a weapon against countries which are not subservient to W^2.

The world may even be on the verge of an “energy war” in the eastern Mediterranean which would certainly restrict competing sources while spiking prices and profits significantly.

And W^2 foments many of the sources of these situations and conflicts with no consideration for long-term consequences (as Australia is experiencing) of creating “artificial” demand, only short-term profits and re-election to power.

W^2 has violated treaties, broken its promise not to move NATO closer to Russia’s borders, and has conducted subversive campaigns against Russia and other countries through the use of W^2-funded NGO’s.

With the W^2 empire buying off the politicians in smaller countries while trying to isolate Russia, as well as the intense vilification of Russian emanating from W^2 and its vassal states, Russia is now drawing a line in the sand regarding nuclear retaliation if Russia or their allies are attacked.

What is to prevent Russia from sending weapons to the Taliban (if they haven’t already started) to fight against W^2, just as Reagan sent weapons to the Taliban to fight the Soviet Troops in the 80’s? How long before Pakistan shuts down land and air access to the W^2 forces in Afghanistan? Russia closed the supply route through their country in 2015.

Will the W^2 forces find themselves facing the same fate as the British Retreat from Kabul in 1842?

Or will the young men and women of the W^2 forces go on strike as the French Army did in 1917? Or will the troops start “fragging” their officers (as in Viet Nam). Will sons and grandsons be fighting the same war 10? 20? 30 years from now? For the profits of military contractors? How many deaths and maimed service men AND women must be sacrificed? Ask Major General Smedley Butler.

And now W^2 is recruiting foreigners for military service with the promise of citizenship in as little as 6 months. Rome in the making?

If the “dispensable” countries of this world are held hostage with nuclear annihilation to keep the dollar afloat in this “military first” economy, this “slow-burn” of destruction for profits may continue for the foreseeable future.

How long can this W^2 empire continue to bleed money, lives and resources? As long as they and the Fifth-Column media can manipulate the minds of the populace to support/fear W^2.

But logistics, lack of real money, and insufficient/too-costly energy will kill the W^2 empire, just as surely as those which preceded it.

Encourage the youths in your life to read this article and the historical links it contains. Teach them the history they need to see the future….and change it.


Mar 4, 2018
W K Darcy
email: w.k.darcy@protonmail.ch

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