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"The Silver Solution"

Steve Doré
February 3, 2005

Hi Bob, I am a daily reader of your site and a gold and silver bug for sure. And a musician.

While at the 2004 Silver Summit, I got to know the David Bond group up in Wallace, ID. After playing a little boogie woogie piano at a bar and making new friends, I saw the need for a song that focused on this great Silver revolution that is upon us.

I have since written and recorded this "Silver Solution" song with my band and sent it to them. Also sent a copy David Morgan and the Puplava group and anyone who is into Silver (or should be). I've gotten great responses to say the least.

I think it fits right in with the articles that you post. It is definitely pro Silver and upbeat and there isn't a lot of precious metal music out there just yet. :-)

Thanks for your time and consideration... and work on 321gold.com.

You got silver?

February 3, 2005
Steve Doré
Note: new site & email Dec 2006:

email: steve@inflationnation.us

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