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04/23/2008 Riots May Kill Inflation
05/04/2007 Hedge Fund Leverage - Worse...
12/18/2006 Modern Day Alchemy
09/28/2006 Metals Bull Alive: Sticking with GLD & SLV
07/20/2006 CNBC To Become Pro-Gold?
06/23/2006 Gold & Silver Accumulation Ramps Up
06/15/2006 Congressman Discusses P.P.T. & Gold
06/07/2006 Will the Fed Kill Gold?
05/23/2006 Gold Is Not Finished - Here's Why...
05/03/2006 Gold: It's Not Iran, Stupid
04/25/2006 The Soft Underbelly of Mining Stocks
04/05/2006 Hype Machine Ignores Gold & Silver
03/17/2006 Just How High Can Gold & Silver Go?
03/03/2006 Silver Zoom Ignored
02/17/2006 Gold: Phase II Is Here
01/28/2006 Silver ETF Packs Punch
01/23/2006 Gold & Silver At Risk?
01/04/2006 Smashes Dollar in 2006
12/16/2005 Former Nat. Sec. Advisor Speaks About The Dollar
12/02/2005 Gold To Correct Soon?
11/05/2005 Powerful Silver ETF
10/25/2005 Misreading Bernanke
10/14/2005 Gold Loves Trouble
09/22/2005 Re-Armed Japan Threatens The Dollar
09/08/2005 Gold Quietly Emerging
08/05/2005 Greenspan's $500/oz. Legacy
07/22/2005 China Gives Green Light to Gold
07/12/2005 The Saudi Succession Pipeline
07/08/2005 Why Today's Employment Number is FALSE
07/01/2005 Soviet Economics
06/23/2005 Backstreet's Back (Time to Sell)
06/15/2005 Silver ETF May Cause Spike
06/03/2005 How to Value a Gold Mining Stock
06/03/2005 How to Value a Gold Mining Stock
05/26/2005 Emperor Greenspan has No Clothes
05/13/2005 Why we like those Wretched Gold Stocks
05/03/2005 The Public Has Yet To Discover Gold
04/26/2005 Greenspan Fading Away
04/15/2005 What's going on with gold & the dollar?
04/14/2005 Trying to understand the Pain at the Pump
04/06/2005 Interest Rates (& Gold) Going Up Up Up
03/18/2005 All Roads Lead to Gold and Silver
03/08/2005 The Politics Behind the US Dollar
02/25/2005 Reminder Greenspan is gone in nine months
02/18/2005 America on a Collision Course with Russia
02/16/2005 The Psychology of Gold & Silver
02/01/2005 Will Silver Lag or Lap Gold?
01/27/2005 Gold ETF Continues to Flex Muscles
01/14/2005 It Certainly Feels like 1929
01/04/2005 Deflation: Great for Gold
12/23/2004 Home (Equity) for The Holidays
12/17/2004 Even Hijackers Shun Dollars
12/10/2004 Gold Manipulation is a Blessing
11/25/2004 Silver ETF - Shock & Awe
11/22/2004 China's Foot on America's Throat
11/16/2004 The 3 Stages of a Dollar Collapse
10/22/2004 Gold Bull Market: Just the beginning
10/15/2004 China Dumps Dollars for Oil & Gold
10/11/2004 U.S. Dollar beginning to look ill
09/29/2004 The Dark Side of Alan Greenspan
09/18/2004 Currency Crisis Means Bull Market for Gold & Silver
09/06/2004 Silver Poised to Skyrocket
08/27/2004 Is the So-Called Recovery a Hoax?
08/13/2004 America's Addiction to Asian Credit