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All Mouth and No Trousers
Gordon Brown poster'

November 19, 2002

A poster showing Gordon Brown with his trousers around his ankles is to be displayed
worldwide as part of an exhibition of UK political images.

The poster was commissioned by Christian Aid to highlight the issue of Third World debt in 1999.

It shows G7 finance ministers, including Mr Brown, wearing national flag Y-fronts and carries the slogan 'All mouth.' The British Council exhibition, Up Front and Personal; Three Decades of UK Political Graphics, opens in Seoul, South Korea, tomorrow and will travel to British Council premises in cities around the world.

"At the time the rich countries of the G7 had promised to cancel $100 billion of Third World debt but had done very little to put their words into action," said Kate Phillips of Christian Aid. "Christian Aid had been campaigning vociferously on debt cancellation so it seemed like the right moment to deliver a humorous reminder to the G7 that they must fulfil their promises. We could run our 'All mouth' poster again today and it would still be true. Some of the ministers' trousers may now be pulled-up to knee level, but most are still resolutely all mouth on the issue of debt," she added.

November 19, 2002

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