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'Twas The Death Of The Dollar

Poem by:
J. Kent Willis
AGAPI Financial
November 16, 2004

'Twas the death of the dollar and all through the land

Not a greenback was traded for more than a Rand.

The paper was shoveled with nary a care

With hopes that inflation would not soon be there.

My children sit quiet and await the sad tale

Of the day that the Dollar Standard had failed.

In the quaint days of old when money was good

We bought nothing with debt and saved as we should.

But Lord Father Keynes had preached to the crowd

That paper was good and honest and proud!

We've no need for metal like silver or gold

Such thinking and bias is foolish and old.

We'll print all we need and make not a fuss

The lessons of history apply not to us.

Reserve Notes were hailed as safe from the fate

That befell all nations both humble and great.

Then oceans of ink and forests of trees

Were forged into money by sovereign decrees.

The world emerged from her shackles of rust

The barbarous relics were tossed in the dust!

Dreaming we had beaten the liquidity trap

We all settled down for the Kondratieff nap.

When straight from the East there arose such a stink

The unmistakable scent of paper and ink.

We've seen these before, we sent them to you,

How terribly rude to refuse I.O.U.s!

With credit for you and credit for me

There's no cause to work for the things that we need.

Our friends in the East are happy to loan

Their savings back West, but it's us they shall own.

Their factories were built by the sweat of the brow

And their people were fed from the fruit of the plow.

The things that we bought they shipped them all here

Prices are low, so there's nothing to fear!

Our presses of print glowed white from the heat

Once cut loose from gold there is no retreat.

So the banks of the world stacked them twenty feet high

Locked safe in their vaults away from the eye.

Its funny, you know, that they guard them with care

They sold out their gold to make room for them there.

Protected by buzzers and bells that alarm

Believing that this made them safe from all harm

While so far away to the debtors delight

A fresh batch just like them appeared in the night!

While in the short term the sad joke was on them

They planned and they plotted the payback of men.

They graciously smiled when we handed them more

Knowing full well they'd be back on our shore.

At first they bought Treasury Debt by the ton

It kept the game going; it's all in good fun!

But the more that they loaned the more they got back

Their grand plan had failed, it's time to attack!

We know what we'll do, we'll dump them en masse

We'll buy all the gold and the silver and brass.

Right at the mine with our briefcase of bills

We'll buy it all up then head for the hills.

Whatever is left we will dump on the floor

With metal in hand we'll need them no more.

I remember the fear in the pits on that day

The index had tumbled, all support went away.

She opened no bid and was down for the count

No one was buying in any amount.

The bottom had fallen below the last floor

The traders and hedgers all rushed for the door.

Where was the fabled Japanese boost

When the chickens aplenty had come home to roost?

Elliott's disciples who worshipped the waves

Were blinded by graphs and so they behaved

By dumping their gold when reading twin peaks

They regretted their choice at the end of the week!

A six-pack of Joes arose from the din

They wondered whatever had done the buck in?

With her intaglio portraits of leaders of yore

And shifty black ink that seemed green just before.

Its counterfeit proof was the Treasury song

It only requires that the world play along.

The sheeple did bleat with their handfuls of cash,

Shell-shocked and seeing their wealth was now trash.

The Maestro who had turned his back on his youth

Could no longer hide from the rod of the truth.

Our masters are cruel and their judgment is right

It's very dismal for all, and to all a cold night!


J. Kent Willis
November 16, 2004
AGAPI Financial
J. Kent Willis is a Financial Advisor, Licensed General Securities Representative and the President of AGAPI Financial, LLC. He specializes in tangible assets, biblical faith-based investing seminars and balanced life strategies. He has traded gold and silver since the mid 1970's and resides in Kentucky. He can be reached at This work may be reprinted and distributed freely to all hard money, gold-bug and related websites.
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