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Gold $1000 Is Already Here

Stewart Thomson
Dec 20, 2011
  1. The Dodo bird, native to Mauritius, was approximately 20kg in weight, and very friendly. Human beings and our domestic animals wiped it out. The Dodo bird was famous for proving that humans could cause extinction.

  2. Click here now to view what is becoming the gold market’s version of the Dodo bird. As with the bird on Mauritius, the cause of extinction is human beings. In the gold community, you are now watching greed turn to fear, in a very big way.

  3. Mark Hulbert apparently reported a week ago that 99.7% of gold timer money has come out of gold and gold stocks, and, incredibly, it seems he made that report before the enormous selling frenzy took place last Wednesday and Thursday! I believe that his numbers now likely show the average gold timer is short gold.

  4. For all practical intents and purposes, is there is anyone left with gold to sell, to drive prices lower, that hasn’t sold already?

  5. Many investors think gold is going down to around $1400, and then to $1000, and they plan to buy at those prices. Then gold will rise to new highs, making them happy.

  6. Perhaps that will occur, but perhaps at gold $1000, numbers like $300 and $400 an ounce will be discussed very seriously by the pundits, creating even greater levels of fear amongst amateur investors.

  7. I don’t believe that most amateur investors are capable of buying into the kind of “get it cheap later” scenarios they are now painting for themselves, because they have not properly thought about the kind of news flow that will be occurring at those lower prices.

  8. Are you really capable of buying into a situation like the lows of 2008? I know what it feels like to do so, and it is nothing like the picture that most gold investors are fantasizing about now.

  9. If gold does go to $1000, panic selling will be the theme, with most investors absolutely sure that gold is going to $680, which it might well do, if we go to $1000. If you can’t handle the fear present when buying $1550, I would argue there is no way on this earth that you will handle buying the exponentially greater fear and demoralization that would be present if gold $1000 were to occur.

  10. There is only today, not tomorrow, and today gold, silver, and gold stock are on sale, in an environment of great negativity. Get into the groove of a buyer’s mindset. Talk of “cheaper later” is really just placing a veil on fear, your fear, and will produce no wealth.

  11. The “banksters” are buying almost everything sold by the leveraged speculators on the comex. Think very hard about their action. Compare it to all the “you’ll get it cheaper, later, I promise” talk that is now coming from most gold analysts.

  12. Gold is the world’s lowest risk investment, today, not just at gold $1400. The banksters, Indian, Chinese, and Mid-East physical buyers are laughing at your unfounded fears, as they buy. Remember when the Dow was a buy “forever” in 1999? When it really did go on sale, how many of the buyers of “Dow forever” stepped up to the on-sale plate and actually bought even one share of Dow stock?

  13. Let’s not repeat their errors, in the much lower risk gold market. The biggest risk in the gold market could be your own mind.

  14. The dollar bugs and gold bears have their friends. Gold bullion has a few friends, too. Click here now to say hello to one of them.

  15. Wheat is one of the greatest assets of all time. As I write these words, many deflation fans are writing their supposedly great analysis about lower commodity prices, while eating a piece of toast, made from wheat.

  16. In the food market, if price drops low enough, farmers stop planting and deflation fan club members start starving to death. Wheat will raise the victory flag against the dollar bugs, in this epic crisis. Do the dollar bugs really understand the power of their opponent? No.

  17. Wheat and corn may jump start gold to higher prices against the dollar, and do it by January, 2012. Technical indicators are not confirming wheat’s downside price action, and now price itself is starting to press towards the upside of a massive and bullish wedge pattern.

  18. Click this corn chart now. Corn prices are down, yet technical indicators and oscillators are not confirming the latest price moves down. I’m long and strong, both corn and wheat, and have absolutely no fear of any dollar bug’s deflationary analysis. I’m long and strong corn and wheat, and expect them to provide a high-powered jump start to my gold and silver bullion holdings, against the dollar.

  19. Drawing a myriad of scenarios on a gold chart isn’t necessarily going to build you any wealth. Click this back to the basics gold chart now. Gold is chewing at the resistance highlighted by the horizontal black line at about $1610, and trading in an enormous range between about $1540 and $1920.

  20. How important is the next intermediate dollar price move for gold? There is some importance to it, but I think it is far more important that you maintain a buyer’s mindset in the $1500-1600 area than you try to predict your way to $1000-$1200 with a fantasy idea that you will be capable of buying that price area in size.

  21. All you are thinking about in a scenario of gold at $1000-1200, is likely in the palm of your hand right now at gold $1500-$1600, but almost nobody understands what gold really is, so the obsession with flipping it to make dollars goes on and on, like crackerjack box prizes being inserted into the box on the assembly line.

  22. The winning transaction is in the palm of your hand, today. Your dollars have risen against gold and you are not booking a profit on any of these dollars, because you still believe gold serves you, like it did in the 1970s, to make you dollars.

  23. This is not the 1970s. This is 2011-2012. The dollar is best used to build you ounces of gold wealth. Few understand, and most are living a pipedream from the past.

  24. Click this key oil chart now. There is a widely followed double top pattern between about $103 and $95, which has activated with a break under $95. What isn’t widely followed is the massive head and shoulders bull continuation pattern that I highlight here, which has an incredible upside target of about $130, and dwarfs the double top pattern in size. If this head and shoulders pattern activates, oil could join wheat and corn in creating one of the greatest short-covering rallies of all time in….gold!

Dec 20, 2011
Stewart Thomson
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