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Gold Starship: Family Reunion On Pluto?

Stewart Thomson
Nov 4, 2009

1. Ladies and gentlemen, we have liftoff. The gold bullion rocket has taken off. I warned those standing under the gold rocket trying to pick the next $50 move in gold, they would be vaporized. A huge contest in the gold community emerged to see who could totally ignore the Michaelangelic head and shoulders pattern, while making the greatest prediction on how low gold would go. 1000, 980, 950 were all popular predictions of the micro men. Many went short, with a genius play to make money on the way to their imaginary targets.

2. Do you really think people so focused on gold's decline really owned gold themselves? No. They blew out their core positions to play 'gold hamburger flipper.' The burger landed on the floor and the banksters just stomped on it. The flippers are dead.

3. As I write this at 4am, gold has surged to almost 1100, and the gold top callers are nothing but a pile of charcoal, buried with their systems, micro charts, and golden tiddly wink forecasting kits. They've been calling the top from 905! That's almost $200 of total failure.

4. This is the OTC derivatives show (OTCDs). Not the coming mine supply show. Not the gold jewellery show. Not "the govt is too big show," And certainly not "the top is in because some idiot sold a thousand bucks of 10 carat gold plated jewellery in a hotel room to a glorified pawn shop broker."

5. The big picture of the gold market is the deflation (to zero for a lot of it) of a thousand trillion dollars of OTCDs and gold's response to the central bank "solution" of devaluing the currency so the toilet paper OTCDs can be marked to something resembling market.

6. Soon the emails will start. They will want to get in on gold. Questions like, "what's happening, gold looks pretty good, right, Stewart?" Where were these people at 680? At 905? Others that sold out will ask, "But why is gold rising, I don't understand?"

7. This is the gold rapture. No prisoners will be taken. If you are a long term investor, the strategy now is to sit there in the corner and wait. Wait for much higher prices before selling anything. You need to decide who you are, where you sit on the investor-trader scale. Investors want to become traders on severe price weakness, and traders want to become investors into great strength like we have now. If you are a trader, selling now is as hard as buying at 905 and 680 was. It has to be done if you want to act professionally. You are selling into a price strength surge that feels like it will never end.

8. Separated from the investors and traders are the gold group I term, "the golden idiots". Those naked shorting gold (100% short or leveraged short with no longs) risk being sent to the bread line. Where they will be joined by a large number of formerly successful business owners who laughed at gold's role as the punisher. The banksters own huge piles of physical gold. In the words of Jim Sinclair, they are long "up the yin yang". Their shorts are risk free. Are yours? Those who tried to monkey around with this head and shoulders pattern with all-out short positions just got vaporized. Naked shorting the world's lowest risk investment is not a smart strategy in most times, but against the backdrop of the hyperprinting of money to revalue a thousand trillion dollars, it's outright madness. Naked shorting gold is a plain and simple death wish. If the value of the derivatives was revealed, all markets would trade at zero tomorrow morning. All would close. That won't happen. The problem will be printed away. The price of that solution is decades of a lower standard of living. Why? Because the taxpayer will pay off the hundred trillion dollar winners of the OTCD trades, the banksters, over decades. The taxpayer has a mortgage payment, a car payment, utilities payment, and now a regular OTCD payment. It's the biggest bill of all. And it will be paid.

9. So the tactics for traders and investors are the same. Wait. Don't join all the idiots madly buying this price strength. If you failed to buy at 680, 905, and other key lows, don't buy now. Now you say, "Stewart, I'm a human being, I just gotta get in on this. I'm like a drug addict looking at this strength, I can't sit here and watch, I need a fix!" Well, slow down and think about this: Gold's move now, will lead many other gold-related items higher very soon. Gold's blood relatives, so to speak. Some of these items are trading at rock bottom low prices. Even within the gold sector, vast numbers of gold stocks themselves are trading at low prices, but less and less so. Focus on what is low, not on what is high, on the buy side.

10. Tactically, if it's "too much" mentally to sell gold now into this strength, look at items like agricultural commodities and natural gas. The banksters understand that the closer a commodity is to a price of zero, the less risk the investor has. That's the last thing on the planet the public understands.

11. You qualify for life imprisonment in the trader's prison if you sold all your trading positions and now you are selling your core. If you ignored the head and shoulders upside potential and sold too fast, do not play with your core positions. If gold soars much higher you'll regret it.

12. The "bizarre and surreal" front has just been taken to a whole new level. Some gold bears are actually claiming gold is not in a bull market at all. They say the USD is in a bear, but gold is not in a bull market. This is total madness, yet it's a real statement made by actual live human beings. Earth to the insane asylum: By definition when one item is in a bear, the item trading against it is a bull. Or maybe the stock market never has been in a bull market once in the last hundred years. All that's happened is the dollar has been in a bear. This is idiocy. Vast corporations with giant product lines have been built, but using the same logic the gold bears are using now with gold, the Dow has never had a bull market. The dollar just fell. Then again, if I had just been vaporized with a bag of naked gold shorts under the gold rocket, and there was nothing left of me but suicidal charcoal dust, maybe my mind would work like that too.

13. I see that Dr. Ron Paul, multi-term congressman for Texas, has issued his view that a Great Depression is more likely than a recovery. I've repeatedly said, "we've had a markets wipeout, but not an economic wipeout. That's coming." Gold is a thermometer. Every dollar that gold rises means the financial system patient is getting worse, not better. The good Doctor Bernanke has sewed a smile on the face of the emaciated skeleton of skin and bones, pumping it with gallons of botox from a tanker truck, while telling the family all is fine. 12 months from now, by Dec 2010, the reality will become crystal clear to the other 99% of the world outside the gold community, who worship the Gman instead of having respect for the gold punisher. The reality that will become clear is: They themselves are also the patient with yellow fever, and have been pumped up by Doctor Bankster with botox as a cure. Decades of personal financial horror will follow the coming awakening.

14. Gold's blood relatives include: The general commodity markets, and even the Dow. As the gold rocket soars, the food and energy market rockets will follow. So will the Dow. Some of you have written to me, despondent, saying "I missed this whole move up in gold, I blew it, what can I do?" Answer: buy what you haven't missed.

15. While the general commodities will be targeted by the govts, that will come later, in response to price rises. The govts are devaluing their currencies against gold. The other assets will rise too, as gold soon becomes a friend and ally of central banks, as they move to net buyers in 2010. These other commodities will be targeted by govts who attempt to convince people to move a sea of printed dollars into the stock market, not commodities. The volume of dollars that could flow into general commodities will become a major concern for govts, as you've seen already. The govt wants the sea of dollars to flow into the stock and bond markets, not into general commodity markets. But I believe there is a massive window of opportunity in the general commodity markets, particularly in food and natural gas. The govts will act to clamp down, but there's huge upside before that happens.

16. If you could turn back the clock this morning and buy blocks of gold at $250, would you? Of course. Gold has a lot of relatives. It's time to take a look at the golden family tree. And see who those blood relatives are. The reunion is here!

17. One of the most important gold relatives is the Dow. Unlike the coming commodity superbubble, the govt will act to support the coming Dow superbubble, not pop it. The govt knows that plunging tax revenues (a situation in its infancy) is a dire situation. The game is to increase revenues, but devalue them against gold. The standard of living will be falling as the Dow rises. But the govt deficit could actually be reduced in real terms.

18. I've repeatedly drawn your attention to the massive head and shoulders pattern that occurred in the T-bond market in the early 1980s. It vaporized the bond market bears and the diehard gold bulls. The current head and shoulders consolidation on the gold bull market is only just starting to activate.

19. The government knows what is coming. All they can do is beat down on the general commodity markets periodically with new regulations, to direct terrified investor money into the stock market and deny the semi-hyperinflation exists. In the beginning, the stupid public will believe the govt that the stock market rise indicates the banksters saved them, and their botox filled bank and brokerage accounts are saved.

20. But the banksters will work diligently to convince the public to be patient, to continue to save money, to buy bonds. The public won't want to chase the stock market, throwing good money after bad.

21. The carry trade will resume and reach an almost unimaginable size, with fund managers viewing the trade as solid as the public viewed the stock market as solid in 1997.

22. Do you believe in the gold market now? I don't think you've all been looking at your various gold charts in skyrocket mode, I know you have. Adrenaline is rushing thru your body. I would suggest it's time to put those "wow look at these" charts away and pull out Starship Gold's family tree. The sad thing is that some of you are still down on the stocks on the skyrocket charts. Because you failed to buy anything into any of gold's lows. No worries, but let's not apply those failed market tactics to Queen Gold's relatives. Do you really think Queen Gold is going to Pluto while leaving her family behind? Can you really picture gold at $2000, $3000, $5000, even $10,000, while natural gas sits where it is now? Corn? And I'm not even going to mention rare earths because you need to look out several galaxies to get a handle on how high those could go as the gold starship passes Pluto, driven by Dr. Bernanke's printing press in warp drive. In the end, it's your decision if you want to chase gold's price here. The closer a commodity is to zero, the lower your risk. Period. I am an extremely aggressive buyer of gold's blood relatives here. The family reunion is going to be on Pluto, compliments of Ben Bernanke and his magical money printing machine. I've sent you your invitation to the gold family reunion to be held on Pluto in 2011. The only question is: What are you going to do with your invitation? Don't wait for the rocket to blast off like most of you did with gold. Get serious and get mean. There is no tomorrow. Like a hungry tiger on a deer, the time is now to chew into gold's blood relatives, on the buy side!

23. I'll be on my website. To identify me: I'm the guy on the assembly line in the blue overalls. The natural gas and foods rocket assembly line. Think about me on the assembly line and me inside the gold rocket. Then look out your window from the gold rocket at the all the people (price chasers) hanging on the side of the gold rocket with suction cups banging on the window screaming, "I'm on board, I'm on the rocket!" Yes, they are. Personally, I wouldn't want to be headed on a trip to Pluto with those preparations. Do those people seem rational to you? Make sure you continue to remove cash from the banking system BEFORE staring at your gold stocks account value increases. Finish your time on the assembly line, take some cash out of the bank. Then party.


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Nov 4, 2009
Stewart Thomson
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