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Attention Gold Juniors: Report To Launch Pad

Stewart Thomson
Sep 6, 2011
  1. Last night the gold punisher officially destroyed the latest crew of gold top callers and dollar bugs. Click here now to view their financial carcass. Thank-you.

  2. After ripping down the dollar bugs’ door at $1900, gold roared to a new all-time high at about $1920 last night, before going on a huge $75 night time sale for you, but only briefly, for those with powerful alarm clocks.

  3. Click this link now to view the massive volatility theme once again dominating the gold trade last night. Only those with limit orders had any sane chance of buying anything into the lows near $1840.

  4. In the spring, I asked you all to just hold on for that last bit of time, inside the gold stocks gulag, as I believed the gold bullion price would rise enough to start institutional liquidity flows into gold stocks. The release of the gold stock prisoners (you) is now underway.

  5. It begins with the seniors. The spry young juniors will be last to be released, but they will be released. GDX made an all-time high on Friday. Do you really think GDXJ and won’t follow, and make new highs of their own?

  6. The theme right now, for gold market professionals, is party time! Few understand. Most want to continue drawing squiggly trend lines. Others are holding contests to see who has the worst understanding of the long term monthly chart MACD oscillator. It’s pretty much an all-way tie.

  7. Others claim to be RSI indicator wealth creation specialists, top calling you out of gold and into dollars of wealth, in the greatest financial crisis in world history. Something just doesn’t sit well with me, with their wealth building plan.

  8. Click here now for your gold MACD and RSI reality check. In the late 1990s, the monthly chart MACD for the DOW went to a level of about 1000, and it is still at around 500.

  9. Look at the 12,26,9 series for the MACD on gold bullion. It is sitting around 175. Who says it can’t go to 200, 500, 1000, or 2000?

  10. Have the gold market MACD and RSI specialists really built you any additional wealth in this crisis, or have they turned you into more of a nervous wreck, and actually cost you wealth? Going forwards, the plight of the timers and their flock may worsen dramatically.

  11. Click here now to view the DOW horror chart. It’s going to require strong mettle on your part to resist temptation here. This is a crisis, not a betting shop. Buying put options on the DOW is a bet on the dollar. 

  12. The dollar is the main item in trouble in this crisis, so please don’t waste serious dollars betting the DOW falls, dollars that could buy gold. You aren’t buying an asset. You’re buying a bet on the dollar, and you’ll never outperform those who are long gold, with “short the DOW, bigtime!” schemes.

  13. The horrible positioning and action of the DOW is an indication of the accelerating nature of the crisis. It takes serious mettle for the pro to understand that while the DOW looks bad, the possibility of a parabolic move in gold is far more real than the possibility of you ever making serious dollars shorting the DOW, let alone building serious wealth. Ounces, not dollars, are your key to victory.

  14. The DOW’s chart indicates that you should take insurance action against the financial system being closed down, not that DOW put options are nirvana.

  15. Silver bugs got another lesson last night that the crisis has phases, and that silver is not the object of central buy programs. Gold is the object of those programs, and when the reflation phase begins, then the silver and foods rockets  will blast off, and probably far into the stratosphere. The time is near. Wait for it, rather than inventing reasons for your personal demands to happen before their time.

  16. There are times when charts and analysis are very important in markets, particularly in ranging markets. They can serve to build emotional strength when yours is weak. At other times, like now on the cusp of the parabola zone, these tools can destroy your wealth like a chainsaw on a water balloon. Trying to predict your way through the gold parabola zone with chart tools is not going to work to make you richer.

  17. The pros accept the pop to their egos. The amateurs get their wealth popped. You decide which team you want to align your wealth with. Is it team chart, or team patience?

  18. I think gold bullion could probably drop $500 an ounce from here, and gold stocks could still accelerate higher, while that happens. You need to understand the mind of an institutional money manager, not tick charts. Once gold attained the $1400-$1500 level for time, liquidity began to flow into gold stock, albeit very lightly to start. Institutional money managers aren’t much interested in flipping positions, because “gold might have a correction”.

  19. Once the decision has been made to place risk capital, that capital is placed, and it is done so for a fairly long period of time. A commitment is made to an asset class, not to a bet. Click here now to view the GDX rocket chart.

  20. If you want a pecking order, in terms of asset price movements, here it is. First, gold bullion skyrockets. You can put a checkmark beside that event, even though it may rise by hundreds of percent from here.

  21. Second, gold senior and intermediate stocks begin to move. Take a hard look at the GDX chart I annotated, and do so once a day, from a distance. These stocks are next in line for blast off.

  22. Click this ultra bull GDXJ chart now. As gold leads “everything related to gold” higher, the gold juniors look set to not just rise, but soar past GDX, in an almost vertical move.

  23. Look carefully at the positioning of the oscillators. Unlike the charts for gold bullion, price has not yet moved into the cusp of the parabola zone, so the “technicals” are still very useful.

  24. I really don’t think you could ask for a more bullish set-up on a weekly chart than what sits in front of you for GDXJ. Tens of thousands of gold community citizens have paid your dues, for many years, in the gold juniors gulag. Fear no more, the punisher is on the scene, and you are not only about to be set free, but follow the punisher as she pounds your dollar bug captors all the way to the breadline! Look at the shorter term oscillators like Williams. You want to see these shorter term oscillators high, while the slower ones are on huge buy signals at lows levels. That’s the situation that sets gold juniors up for rocket time, space helmet time, and the only question I have for you this morning is, on the side of your space helmet, does it say, “gold juniors passenger, and 100% proud of it!”? Let’s get going, gold juniors tigers!

Sep 6, 2011
Stewart Thomson
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