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This is it!

Stewart Thomson
Aug 23, 2011
  1. A maniac is dictionary-defined as a person who is either a raving lunatic or overly-zealous about something. For example, a person could be said to be maniacally obsessed with… details.

  2. I’m overly obsessed with silver and gold stock details right now. I’m obsessed with the mountain of buy orders I have in the market for silver bullion, and for gold stock. For example, as of this morning, for silver, my buy orders are now every 10 cents down.

  3. I labelled the $1462-$1478 price lows for gold as the “zone of doom”, because 93% of gold analysts were documented as bearish at the time of those lows. I spoke of the gold stocks gulag, and that phrase summed up the horrors endured by long time gold stock investors. I spoke of enduring your way to victory.

  4. Click here now to view why you endured the gulag. Party time is here. Rocket launch time is near. That’s a nice rhyme, and a nicer reality. Congratulations to all gold stock astronauts for staying in the space ship, rather than running to mommy at the photocopy machine.

  5. The weekly GDX chart shows an epic volume bar. The bottom line is that gold bullion has set up GDX…. to literally blow the doors off the US dollar. You thought you were in a gulag, but it was a spaceship on the launch pad. Welcome, champions, to the real world!

  6. Some seemed to go into physical shock as gold went near-vertical from $1478, when it was supposed to roll over dead, according to their summer doldrums kiddie script. I’ve labelled this $1478-1910 move in time and price as the pre-parabola zone.

  7. Most analysts, and investors, are trying hard to call a short term top on gold, and are labelling this area as extremely overbought. My question is, “is that really relevant, here and now, in the greatest economic crisis in world history?

  8. You need to look in the mirror and ask yourself why you’re here, as a card-carrying gold community soldier. In the parabola zone, there are going to be the biggest hits on gold yet, and they are impossible to predict. If I blow up some egos, I apologize, but you need to ask yourself if you want to predict what cannot be predicted, or if you want to get richer.

  9. I believe silver has a head and shoulders base pattern on it that is 30 years in size, and a break-out is imminent. That’s why I’m buying silver every 10 cents down. Not here or there. Every 10 cents down. I’m not looking for “strategic entry points”; I’m mauling the market with buys.

  10. Click here now to view the greatest base pattern in the history of markets!

  11. How high can a 30 year head and shoulders base pattern propel the price of silver? I don’t know, but this price pattern is arguably the largest base pattern in the history of markets, and the question is, are you onside?

  12. The tactical approach to operating in the parabolic zone is to tone down, substantially, your analysis of where price is going, and tone up your response to what actually happens. In terms of size, you need to sell like a bird on strength, and buy like an elephant on weakness.

  13. Europe is burning, the dollar is burning, and governments are burning. Elmer Fudd Public Investor won’t have any stock market investments by the time the final bell rings on this, the big show. He’s going to make the people in the 1930’s breadlines look like they were in the party zone! The bottom line is that the big picture is going out of control and ushering in the gold parabola zone.

  14. Martin Armstrong talks of hedge funds betting on the demise of European “virtual currencies”. He argues that national government bonds are being shorted by the fundsters as though they are national currencies of those nations. He worries that unless national debts are consolidated into a single Eurobond issue, dictators could arise in nations like Greece. These nations can’t devalue their currencies, and the market is devaluing their bonds like they are currencies going off the board!

  15. I’ll add that the euro horror show playing out before your eyes now, gives you a glimpse into the supreme gulag being planned for you by the banksters, with their one world government/one world currency scheme. They know the horrors it will bring to you, and plan to use those horrors to enrich themselves, all the way to the quadrillionaire zone. Yes, maybe it is a good idea to get your hand off that gold top calling button, now.

  16. Maybe it’s also time to give the tick chart technical analysis of the gold market a bit of a rest, and enjoy the ride! Don’t do to yourself in silver and gold stocks, what many have done to themselves in gold bullion already, with their failed top calls. While others talk about how low silver and gold stocks might go if the Dow crashes, I’m sucking up silver every 10 cents down, without a single missed buy. Have you missed any buys? Well, please miss some more, because that’s just more silver for me. Thanks!

  17. The price hits on gold and its blood relatives, in the parabola zone, are going to be ultra-sharp, ultra-short, and ultra-unpredictable. Note that word, “unpredictable” and keep it in mind before pressing your gold top call button. Most of you have no idea how fast the gold punisher can leave you in dollar dust, in the parabola zone.

  18. I expect gold to rise by an average of $100-$200 per day, silver by $3-$5 per day, and GDX by $5 per day, as the OTC derivatives–loaded US T-bond market implodes, in the greatest financial fireball in the history of markets.

  19. The stratospheric price point implications of the base pattern in silver are a direct indication of the size of the interest rate OTC derivatives horror. The bond market is not a safe haven. It’s a time bomb, and the banksters are making their way towards it now, with fuses and lighters. Are you sure you want to play gold top caller here?

  20. Are you sure that an OTC derivatives interest rate fireball that causes the total destruction of the American government bond market is really a reason to top call gold today? Maybe you can time your way through the coming implosion of the bond market. I say all the timers will look like microscopic glow worms, by the time the banksters finish with them.

  21. This is it! We’re on the edge of the gold parabola and, horrifically, most investors seem to be trying to top call themselves out of gold, and onto the breadline, alongside Elmer Fudd Public Investor! My suggestion, instead, is to stay strong. Sell like a bird. Don’t plop into silver or gold stocks. Buy consistently like a machine, on all weakness, with risk capital you can reasonably place. Most investors have no clue how bullish for gold the implosion of the bond market is, and the time is near. I think an event in Europe lights the whole interest rate OTC derivatives garbage dump on fire, but it could be any trigger.

  22. The Dow is almost out of control. The dollar bear market is on the verge of going out of control. The term “out of control” is the key driver of the gold parabola. Look around you, ladies and gentlemen, and you tell me while you have your finger on the gold top call button… are you doing, really, the right thing? I say that it’s the buy button you need to be focused on, and my strongest suggestion to you is that you don’t learn this key fact, the hard way!

Aug 23, 2011
Stewart Thomson
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