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Harry Schultz Life Strategies
~ For THINKING humanoids ~ (in 80 nations)

Harry Schultz
extracted from HSL #650, dated Oct 30, 2005 - DJIA 10,403
posted Nov 21, 2005

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Permanent Tourist

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A wise old PT hand sent me this valid comment: "All countries are unfree in different ways. So a PT will pick a place that is easy on his/her proclivities & harsh on things they don't care about. Depending on your lifestyle, there are probably many places far freer for most people than the leading Anglo Saxon democracies. U just have to look around & test the waters before settling in for a few years of good fishing."

••••• It gets ever harder to write PT copy, especially as Anglo Saxon nations follow like cowardly sheep behind Washington's neo cons, who continue to delete individual freedoms & impose ever more restrictions. Yet, on a trip to Switzerland 3wks ago I found free-spirited people are fighting back, but with more subtle approaches. Freedom is hard to smother to death. This requires U read between the lines, from now on. Eg, new types of credit cards are available that don't have your name or address & not your bank (but some bank). If U surf the Net U may find them, or via some small Swiss banks which now offer them to clients (only).

We entered a new slave age in about 1970, which escalated sharply in the 80's, 90's & went ballistic since 2000. Our political masters want us to have zero liberty, privacy, choice. That is not conjecture. They require that in order to control us, which may be a subliminal need for some of them. They've achieved much of this aim. U have to think further out of the box now. Becoming a free man/woman (PT) via "Permanent Tourist" was always the best route, however U implement it. Some leave their country & return later to a different location to make a fresh start with no ties to the former city. Some leave & only return for short visits. Some never return. Many change (or set in motion to change) citizenships, though that's optional, except for Americans, Filipinos & some Scandinavians.

PT is a broad category that U may wish to employ only in regard to sending funds abroad so it's out of reach of where U live. History says that's prime wisdom. Some employ certain PT tactics just to be low profile, & stay put. Some prepare a nest abroad just in case, & prepare to leave on 1-day notice. Some keep citizenship but prefer to live abroad in a safer or freer environment. Etc.

•••Using E-mail to communicate sensitive, private subjects is very non-PT. It ranges between stupid & ridiculous + lazy. Even if encoded; in fact, coding can attract attention. Snailmail (post) is most private. Faxing is a compromise, as is courier.

Sending funds offshore, wherever U live, is now not optional. It's now essential - to preserve your buying power, safety & accessibility. And, whereas before that was just with a nestegg sum, now it should be the majority of liquid assets. Feel free to ignore this counsel; it's your life! U want to start all over again? U feel snug as a bug in a rug? Bugs get vacuumed.

Since creating the PT concept decades ago, it has spread far & wide. Many young Turks have taken up the reins from me, retired from the field. I get a chuckle when I see my prior copy coming back on the Net from young bucks. One such is David MacGregor, Sovereign Life Enterprises, 126 Aldersgate St, London, EC1 A4JQ, UK. I don't know him, but he writes interesting copy. Here is one such bit, regurgitated: "This strategy is often known as being a 'PT' - which means Perpetual Traveller. It can also mean: Permanent Tourist; Prior Taxpayer; Possibility Thinker; Post Tyranny; Privacy Tactician, & any other positive label U can think of that spells 'PT'."

•••• If U want legal/structural advice from a real PT lawyer/advisor, in Channel Isles, contact Hslm Stefan Gomoll at SG@SGLAW.CO.UK. Fax +44 1481 832802.

•••• I hear that ultimate PT book by 'grandpa' will be out by Xmas. Will try to get details for next HSL.

••••Meantime, be a Positive Thinker to be a Prosperous Trader or Timetraveler. .

PT #2
Rare coins solve some PT problems for US readers says US coin dealer Hslm Ed Lee. He says "U can privatize a big % of your assets via collectibles like rare US coins. Why? No gov reports needed on buy or sell so it's private, & portable (unlike heavy bullion coins). Not subject to confiscation. US gov values rare coins at face value upon US exit (vs bullion coins at mkt value). Rare nickel just sold for $4.15 mil; can take in carry-on luggage, & 100% legal. Rare coins also offer legal tax-deferred/tax-free trading for other rare coins, as with real estate, except property trades require a gov report. A rare privacy opportunity. Only buy rare coins from reputable dealers w/low overhead, & all must be lab-graded by NGC or PCGS. When sold, $ can be wired to any nation U choose for PT life. Some feel US gov will move against non-rare gold as terrorists can use. For more info contact me (47 yrs coin experience). Free consult re the above. OK mention hsl. Edlee2001@aol.com. Tel 603-429-0869/ 800-836-6000; fax: 603-429-2095."

Uncle Harry D (for Demystifying) Schultz

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Get a FREE issue of HSL. If you haven't seen it already do watch the HSL movie from Uncle Harry. You can get a free issue of HSL by clicking on the link at the end of the movie.