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Chelation, Fires, iPhones

Richard Russell - snippet
Dow Theory Letters
Oct 26, 2007

Extracted from the Oct 25, 2007 edition of Richard's Remarks

Dear Richard,

I have not heard you talking about chelation for a long time. Have you lost faith on it? I am a chelation Doctor in Toronto, Canada. Honestly, based on what I have observed in my practice, it is indeed something you should continue to promote worldwide. It is miraculous.

-Fred Hui, M.D.

Russell Answer -- I get a chelation treatment every month without fail. Been doing it for 20 years... or ever since my quintuple bypass. After the bypass, my surgeon told me, "You'll be back for a second bypass within ten years." He was wrong. It's been 20 years, and I haven't been back.

Today, I have more faith in EDTA chelation than ever, and I'm convinced that it's kept me alive.

People are hard to figure. A year ago I talked to one of the wealthiest men in La Jolla. He was up for a heart bypass. It was not an emergency situation, he could have had the operation a month or two later. I told him, "Why don't you get into chelation. Go three times a week. You might find that you don't need the bypass operation. Chelation could clean out your vascular system."

So what happened? The usual -- his cardiologist told him that chelation has not been proven to be effective. The American Heart Association didn't recommend it. So this gentlemen elected to have a bypass operation rather than even try EDTA chelation. As I said, people are hard to figure.


Just an Omen? Southern California is staggering through the worst season of fires in its history. The fires seemingly came out of nowhere. A million Californians have been driven from their homes, and as I write many of the fires are still burning. Is this a warning, a message of things to come? Is this "the fire next time"? Well, I hope not.


iPhone -- Faye is a big Apple fan. She read a lot of stuff regarding the iPhone, some good, some fair. Then she read an article in Wired magazine that really liked the iPhone. That afternoon the Fay-zer ran out and bought an iPhone. Being an electronic nerd, Faye immediately programmed the iPhone, and now she raves about it (my nickname for Faye is "Electronica"). Next, Faye bought me an iPhone, and I must say it's a sexy little machine, very beautiful, and I like it. It's a phone, it's an e-mail machine, it's a camera, it gets you on the Net, it tells the time, it's a calculator, and best of all (for my purposes) you can get stock quotes.

So call me an iPhone fan. But I still have a lot to learn about its various and many functions. I think if you like the iPhone it helps to be gadget-happy or a teen-ager or both. But I keep trying.


Here's a problem. I've always used Lotus Notes instead of Microsoft Word in writing these sites. Lotus Notes is extremely secure. But I have a problem. Nobody seems to know how to get Lotus Notes to default to a certain size fount. My Lotus Notes always defaults to size 13 fount, and I want it to default to size 17. Lotus Notes is owned by IBM. The guy who invented Lotus Notes has moved to Microsoft, and I believe he is now their chief technician. Any Lotus Notes experts out there? If so -- HELP!

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Oct 25, 2007
Richard Russell
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