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Fear and Greed

Richard Russell (snippet)
Dow Theory Letters
Feb 12, 2009

February 11, 2009 Gold -- There's only one item that is bought through both fear and greed. That item is gold. Are you worried about the viability of the dollar? Then buy gold -- (fear). Are you afraid that the gold market is getting away from you? Then don't wait -- buy gold (greed).

Those subscribers who have heeded my advice -- "buy gold." They are doing OK today. Of course, for years I advocated buying gold coins and hiding them away and never looking at them or thinking of selling those little beauties. Now if you want gold, you have to buy "paper gold" in the form of GLD. Which is probably OK. Below we see an up-dated chart of GLD. And we see the breakout today at 92.29. This completes a huge base, which started at the 69 box and since has been building and building.

Note the numerous down-columns, these are the "wipe-outs" which periodically scare people OUT of their gold. Today, with the upside breakout at the 93 box on the P&F chart, we're forced to buy gold in the 944 (April futures) area. For those who missed out on gold when it was in the 700s and 800s, this is a scary proposition. So question -- is it too late to buy GLD or high-premium coins if you can find them?

As I see it, the frenzy, the speculative phase of gold, the rush of a frightened public -- lies ahead. Big bull markets always find a way to keep you frightened and OUT. Big bull markets are devils with no conscience -- to get in you have to "close your eyes, and just do it." Not easy, but in this business nothing is easy except losing money. Which is why I've always loved the gold coins. You buy 'em, you're not tempted to trade 'em, they look great and they feel great. And they're not made of paper, nor can they be created with a computer. Ultimately, "There's no fever like gold fever." And I'm beginning, just beginning, to feel the fever now. When I look at the chart, I can sense the fever rising.

Fiat paper fans and the Fed denigrate gold. They fear gold and despise it. They prefer the Federal Reserve Notes that they can manufacture at will. But as gold rises, they must face the fact that the Notes they manufacture are being devalued. You see, for thousands of years gold has been the standard against which all assets and currencies are measured. When the big bear arrives and everything faces the fire, "gold will be the last man standing, not dollars, not political talk or Presidential promises -- the only survivor will be the eternal and ultimate safe asset -- gold.

Notice the difference in gold trading during the day? Very little profit-taking. Buyers are buying gold to hold rather than to grab intra-day profits.

Richard Russell
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