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The Rosen Market Timing Letter
Mother Nature

Ron Rosen
Jul 16, 2014

Mother Nature does not lie or deceive. She speaks the ultimate truth regardless of any manipulative attempts by any source. This monthly gold chart is and will continue to be the absolute truth as told to us by Mother Nature. The numbers in the squares at the top and bottom of this gold chart are the predetermined natural time periods when gold must make its highs and lows.

This chart shows us that #1 high, #2 low, and #3 high arrived in their proper predetermined time period as determined by Mother Nature. Each number has a standard deviation time of arrival and a maximum 100% time of arrival. It is obvious that #4 low arrived within its maximum allowed 100% time of arrival. The natural law is that #5 will be the next high and it must arrive no earlier than its 100% allowed time of arrival. The earliest it is allowed to arrive is April 2014.

[Editor's note: The wording of the above, re mention of a future event -- ie: April 2014 -- that is already in the past, is IMO very confusing. However, I did speak on the tel. with Ron Rosen, and he assures me that readers will not think that it is a typo. Hmmmm]

However, the most important thing that Nature tells us is that #5 high must be the highest high since #4 low arrived. You can see that the highest high since #4 low arrived was $1,434.00 in August 2013. The earliest #5 high can arrive is April 2014. Therefore, without a doubt Mother Nature is telling us loud and clear that #5 high when it arrives must be higher than $1,434.00.This natural process also applies to silver, the HUI, GDX, GDXJ, and other items.


Join my crew for $35.00 a month and you will have the natural turning points for the precious metals complex, stock indexes, and other important items.

16 July, 2014
Ron Rosen
email: rrosen5@tampabay.rr.com

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