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Come on in, the water's fine

Bob Moriarty
October 14, 2002

I wrote two pieces recently urging caution with the gold stocks if not actually getting a little lighter in anticipation of a general stock market collapse.

(1) Sep 30 The Apocalypse is not scheduled for Tuesday and

(2) Sep 20 Gold Stock Alert

We had our predicted test of the lows in the market and the general market has rebounded. The gold stocks had their 20-30% decline.

I'm cheering. Not because I wanted to see the gold stocks come down but people were getting absurdly optimistic and when that happens, the danger flags fly.

Gold stocks are again an excellent buy, many of them coming down to levels not seen since January. We remain in a gold bull market which should continue for years. We will do our best to come up with occasional comments on how I see the market but for now, the water's fine and it's safe to jump in again.

-Bob Moriarty
October 14, 2002

Before buying or selling any stock, the investor should do his own due diligence.

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