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Bob Hoye
Institutional Advisors

posted December 10, 2003


The rally has been likely to be accomplished this week.

  • Momentum () - overbought on the CCI (8).
  • Price - not at the 422 target, but close enough.
  • Timing () - the most likely time for the high would be this week.
  • The Correction - could be quick (around 2 weeks) or leisurely to mid-January.

Gold Shares

  • Senior gold stocks became measurably overbought on November 28 and have been anticipating a correction in gold.
  • The next up-phase should be stronger than the last one.
  • Buy the weakness.

Bob Hoye
December 9, 2003
Institutional Advisors
Website: www.institutionaladvisors.com


Institutional Advisors' research into the fundamentals of "New Financial Eras" was completed in 1980 and our advice began with monthly publications in early 1982.

In the gloom of rampant inflation, the observation that "No matter how much the Fed prints, stocks will outperform commodities." was controversial.

Our models, based upon the fundamentals of a financial boom and its contraction, cover the yield curve, credit spreads, metal prices, and the stock market. These have anticipated most of the significant trend changes - usually with enough time to determine policy. As the time for each reversal approaches, its probability is confirmed by sophisticated technical analysis. The combination is a conservative "Belt and Suspenders" approach.

Published weekly under "Pivotal Events,' the long term strategies provide a tidy package for the CIO, portfolio managers, and high net worth accounts. On the shorter term, published opportunistically under "The ChartWorks;" stock, bond, and metal trading desks have found our tactics useful.

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